How To Jump Onto A Skateboard?


Skateboarding always comes up with challenges and requires many skills. Jumping onto a skateboard is one of them. You may find it hard at first. But, the skills are on the wheels. Keep on practicing with some tips we share below. Who knows, one day you may become professional.

And now, let’s read on and learn how do you jump on a skateboard!

How To Jump Onto A Skateboard?

One of the essential skating tricks is the skateboard jump. We often call it “Olli”.  If the skateboarder does the trick perfectly, he may leap into the air while carrying the deck. The board appears to be linked to his feet.

How To Jump Onto A Skateboard?


Jump onto a skateboard 

Jumping onto the skateboard is the foundation for many other skating tricks. Hence, mastering it is essential if you want to try other, more difficult techniques.

To jump onto a skateboard, do the following simple steps:

  •  1: Lay your feet
  • 2: Bend your knees
  • 3: Raise the tail; 
  • 4: Jump up
  • 5: Snatch the front foot
  • 6: Align your shoulders and feet
  • 7: Land

Now, let’s discuss each step properly.

Step 1: Lay Your Feet

Let’s begin with your front foot. Lay your foot in the center of the decks. Place your rear foot on your skateboard’s tail.

The rear foot’s heel is off the skateboard’s surface. Remember to keep both feet pointed straight forward. Make sure your legs are not at an angle.

How To Jump Onto A Skateboard?

How to lay your feet on

Step 2: Bend Your Knees

You need to bend your knees. Make sure your feet are not getting stuck. It is, in fact, the initial step towards raising the tail.

Step 3: Raise The Tail

With your rear foot, quickly and powerfully press down on the tail of your skateboard.

When you apply downward effort to the tail, it will contact the ground, creating a strong upward motion as the board starts popping up. Consider it a light-footed slide of your ankle downwards.

If you press too fast and hard on the tail, the board will not move up in the air because your body weight will block it.

Step 4: Jump Up

Jump up as soon as you raise the tail. Ensure that your legs are straight. There will be a crash between your feet and the deck if you cannot accomplish it. As you can see, this is a critical stage in the process.

How to lay your feet on g



Raise the tail

Step 5: Snatch The Front Foot

Snatch your front foot and the board up smoothly when leaping. Not attempt to exert pressure. Move the foot to the side. Stop when you get to the end of the board. Don’t step over the line.

Step 6: Align Your Shoulders And Feet

When you hit the tallest point, put your feet below you. Make sure your feet and shoulders are aligned. Lift your knees slightly and stretch your hands wider.

Step 7: Land

Landing is crucial. If you miss this step, you risk injuring your knee. Knees should be extended toward the ground. Continue to bend your knees slightly and absorb the impact of landing. Be sure that you maintain control of the skateboard.

Tips For A Master Jump 

All the steps above may help you get familiar with the skateboard jump. To master it, you should learn more. We recommend some tips below:

  • Give more attention to step 3 than the others. You’ll be able to get a flawless leap if you can pop up higher.
  • Attempt to snatch late. You’ll be able to jump higher if you can accomplish it. Don’t attempt it at first.
  • To do this skateboard trick, choose a safe location.
  • Master the placement of your feet and the alignment of your body. It will assist you in making a professional leap.
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We have shared with you some tips about how do you jump on a skateboard. Hopefully, it was able to give you helpful information that you can put into practice effectively. 

Keep in mind that the technique necessitates progressing from a simple to a complex level. It would be best if you also put in a lot of effort every day. Best of luck!


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