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How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost?


Skateboarding has become one of the most popular sports for people of all ages. Even though each person might be targeting a different skateboard type, they all have the same question: how much does a good skateboard cost?

This article will answer this question by giving you a general price range for skateboards, and then categorize skateboards based on different needs and sum up their price.  Also, there is a buying guide at the end to prepare you for the best choosing skills. Skateboard Cast!

How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost?

How much do you have to pay to get a high-quality skateboard?

How Much Do Good Skateboards Cost? 

As you might have known, advertisements on the market these days are full of tricks. They mass-produce low-quality products but offer them at such a high price at the same time. 

Therefore, it is easy to understand why people might easily get confused about which one is legit or not. Our first part about the actual production costs might be useful to you to prevent this.

In general, a skateboard that can perform smoothly and last long will cost you from $120 to $300. 

If you purchase the item directly from a local store, the cost will likely be about $200-$300. It is because apart from the actual products, you are paying full price for the brand’s name, the component quality, and the related gears.

To get a better deal, you should look up the products in online stores. The same products often have a lower price since there are no extra payments for renting places and hiring employees. Also, there will be a wider variety of options there for you to choose from.

Factors Affecting The Skateboard Prices 

There are many factors that affect the final cost of a skateboard. Knowing all the necessary elements that contribute to the value might do you some good. Therefore, we will list down some of the most important ones for you.

The Credibility Of The Manufacturers Skateboarding

The very first factor that will add up significantly to the total product price is the popularity of the store or the brand you are purchasing from. A well-established seller will display a higher price than a normal one.

A skateboard is actually not that expensive. However, when the distributors get the products from the manufacturers, they will put the items on the price tag according to the brand’s recognition.

Therefore, an expensive skateboard might not be as good in construction or design as you expect. Switching to online skateboard stores can be a more affordable way of shopping.

Recommended Skateboards Average Cost

Each type of skateboard has a different set of features, and skaters choose the one that fits their performance style most. 

Depending on the characteristic features and its functionality, the cost might vary. If you are looking for a beginner board, the price is low. On the other hand, a professional skateboard for tournaments will cause you a lot more.

Let’s dive right into details about these categories.

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Beginner Skateboard Cost

As its name implies, Beginner skateboard is specifically designed for anyone who is having the first taste of boarding techniques on a deck. 

To make things more straightforward for quick learning, its construction is fairly simple and minimal. The wheels, the decks are not equipped with any fancy gears since it is unnecessary for a beginner board. 

Besides that, because learners tend to perform only basic tricks and jumps on this skateboard type, they don’t need high-end material or impressive performance features.

For that reason, their prices are fairly affordable. A good beginner skateboard will cost you from $40 to $70. 

Classic Skateboards

Classic skateboards can satisfy skateboarders of all levels, from complete starters to pro skaters. The main reason is that it provides a wide range of techniques that fits every skating style. 

The only exception is cruising since cruising skateboards tend to have a longer body to maintain a good balance.

Due to the variety in techniques and playing levels that this type offers, the price range is considerably wide. You need to determine your current skating skills and what tricks you want to show off before making a purchase.

Generally, the price range for classic skateboards is from $60 to $400.

Street Skateboards

Anyone who is into skateboards all knows that street boards have some relatively distinctive features compared to the other types. 

When skating on the road, the ground can be rough and difficult to move. Especially when the wheels are in contact with the surface, the friction will slow down the movement and make it harder to control the deck.

To prevent that from happening, street skateboards are designed with lightweight material to reduce unwanted friction. Also, wheels are smaller to make the movement smoother.

Since a street setup needs more investment to maintain the balance and reduce wear and tear on rough terrains, it usually costs a bit more than a beginner skateboard. Prices for street skateboards range from $70 to $200.

Blank Skateboards

Some people like their skateboards decorated with multiple colors and graphic designs, while others prefer theirs to be completely blank with only a solid base color. 

Be it as it may, blank skateboards are often purchased for customization purposes. Since there are no ornamental elements on the deck or the wheels, the price is fairly lower than the decorated one.

More specifically, their price ranges are only from $50 to $100. If you are born with some drawing and coloring talents, you can opt for a blank deck and customize it to your preference.

Professional Skateboards

As the name might suggest, professional skateboards are mainly used in pro skating tournaments and competitions. They have the best quality among the other types. 

Everything from the wheels, the decks, the bearings are made from high-end materials to give the best performances. Also, with the extra gears, you can make it more appropriate for a certain trick that you play.

With the top-notched construction, the cost you have to pay will obviously be higher. Professional skateboards will cost you between $100 to $250.

Longboard Skateboards

Longboards are specifically designed for long-distance cruise skating. Since they have such characteristic features, you can easily differentiate them from the other skateboard types.

Speaking of the construction, the deck is intentionally designed to be wider and longer. The broad deck will create the acceleration needed when you cruise downhill. Also, it will give the skaters more stability in uneven terrain.

However, they are relatively limited when it comes to performing capabilities since they can’t do many tricks and techniques like the classic ones.

A bigger size means more material, so this type also offers a relatively high cost. Longboard skateboards’ prices range from $60 to $300.

How Much Does It Cost To Make The Best Skateboard Yourself? 

Now, you might have a general idea about the price of a good skateboard. What if none of the products out there can satisfy you? Go for an exceptional DIY as your signature.

It will help you to eliminate all the overpriced products in the future and, if possible, help you to customize a high-quality skateboard by yourself!

It might come as a surprise to some people that the main components of a skateboard are not expensive at all. What makes the skyrocketed price of a launched product are actually the profit and the distribution.

Let’s have a look at the actual prices of some main skateboard parts:

The Decks

When choosing the decks, you should opt for something made from a durable wood such as maple. The price you have to pay for a single good-quality deck ranges from $30 to $50.

The Trucks

Skate trucks play an essential role in rotation controlling and the overall feeling. A playable truck in the market might cost you about $20 to $40.

The Wheels

Since the wheels don’t directly affect the skateboard performance, there is no need to invest in a high-end one. Opting for a standard set of wheels is enough to prevent your board from breaking. 

Depending on the wheel sizes, the price for a pair of wheels will be between $20 to $40.

The Bearings

Bearings are positioned inside the wheels to control the movement of the wheel. A pack of eight skate bearings will cost you about $10 to $30. 

The Grip Tape Good Price

Grip Tape is more than just a decoration for skateboards. More importantly, however, is to help you avoid falling off the board when you’re skating.
Grip tape brands are not too different, so you can choose any grip tape for yourself. However, riding a lot of skateboards, you will realize the differences of each brand.
Then you will know which grip tape is right for you.
Here are some of the best grip tape brands Grizzly, Mob, and Shake Junt. It will help as you are skating with the experts.

The price level between Grip Tape brands is not different. Average price from $10 to $35.

How Much Does A Decent Skateboard Cost

The price of super skis will depend on the subtleties of each brand’s skateboard.
The best brands Element, Plan B, Girl, Zero, Creature..v..v…. Will help you ensure your safety when buying online.

The Bottom Line

This is eventually the end of our post. We have answered the question “How much does a good skateboard cost” as straightforward and informative as possible. Hopefully, after reading the article, you have figured out something useful for yourself. 

As you know, the cost of one product can depend on a number of factors. So instead of merely looking at the brand, you should do further research into its construction, material, and durability. 

Only by doing it will you be able to determine whether a skateboard is worth your investment or not. 

All in all, take care and we hope to see you in our next article!

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