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Why Are Skateboards So Expensive? The Unexposed Secret


Searching for a good skateboard is hard. It is even harder to get a great deal to save your money. Why is a skateboard so expensive? Some people wonder about that question. Others do not because they know the value of a high-quality skateboard.

To explain the reason for the pricey cost, we have listed some main factors. You can even cut down on the price with some tips. Let’s read on to discover! Skateboard Cast.


How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost? 

Why Are Skateboards So Expensive

You may save a ton of cash if you browse around and wait for great offers. A full skateboard costs anywhere from $70 to $150, based on the quality of the product. 

Different skateboards are available on the market. Each model has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Some skateboards are just suitable for street skating. Meanwhile, others are for professional skaters in competitions. These skates offer a variety of adaptable characteristics that make them ideal for a particular activity.

Choose the model that best meets your demands before deciding on the money to spend on skateboards.

If the price is out of your range, penny boards are an option. They are less expensive and will provide excellent service.

On the other hand, longboards or electric skateboards are for the posh guy who refuses to compromise on style.

Skateboard designs may provide consumers with the best skating experience possible. Skateboard manufacturers also personalize skateboards to your specifications. Yet, the upgrade would set you back hundreds of dollars for a single purchase.

Why Are Skateboards So Expensive? 

For those who are new to skateboarding, its cost may be pricey. However, professionals always avoid the cheap ones. The price can say it all. The more expensive it costs, the higher quality it is.

You should pay attention to each part of the skateboard to bring the best result. Of course, the price for each element would be inexpensive.

1. Deck Price

The cost of different decks is comparable. There are many brands, but just a few manufacturers produce all of the decks. Often, brands will use the same model but with different graphics.

Prices are dependent on materials, size, graphics, and technology.

So, how much is a skateboard deck? A skateboard deck costs around $50 on average, and you’ll get some great artwork from a renowned brand. Plain decks are the cheapest, costing between $25 and $30.

2. Wheel Price

The cost of skateboard wheels varies greatly. This is due to the high quality of the raw product and the extensive research that came into it. The most costly wheels cost around $50, while the lowest wheels cost around $20 and are still of good quality.

If you choose the lowest option, your wheels will wear out faster and require replacement sooner. In comparison to the more costly wheels, they also give a less pleasant ride.

If you are a beginner, it’s OK to get an inexpensive pair of wheels. They’ll last at least six months, giving you lots of time to save enough for a nice set of wheels.

3. Truck Price

Skateboard trucks are pricey, at least when it comes to high-quality trucks. The cheapest grade trucks cost approximately $30 (you can get two for that price) and maybe for as little as $25 on sale.

Why Are Skateboards So Expensive

There are some different types of trucks available on the market. Trucks built of aluminum or alloys are the most prevalent. We all know that alloys are expensive, right?

Skateboards often come with high-tech equipment and a skilled crew. These costs add up to the total cost of skateboards.

The trouble with inexpensive trucks is that they break as soon as you make any progress. They can’t withstand the force of ollies, and shattering them can result in injury. Your trucks are one item that you should not skimp on.

4. Bearing Price

Bearings are affordable and range in price from $15 to $200. Bone bearings are acceptable and will endure for a long period if treated properly. 

Please take full advantage of your bearings. Remember to maintain them every season and lubricate them with bone speed oil.

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Factors Impacting Skateboard Prices 

Aside from the excellent parts, other factors impact a skateboard’s cost. They are the brand, quality, type of skateboard, and the place you buy it.  

1. The Brand

The brand’s popularity greatly determines the price. Famous skateboard brands tend to sell more costly boards than those that are less well-known.

These more expensive boards may or may not be superior in terms of design and quality. It would be best if you didn’t rely on a trademark. Evaluate the board’s performance as well.

2. Type Of Skateboard

There are many skateboards for different users, including beginners, kids, street stylers, or professionals.

Each sort of skateboard has its unique set of features that influence how it works. Your decision will be contingent on your unique set of abilities as well as the goal of your board.

Do you, for example, require a skateboard to compete in contests? If you answer yes, you’ll need to invest in a professional skater. This skateboard type will likely be more expensive than other options.

3. Quality

An expensive skateboard does not always imply the better. It’s no surprise that some of the less pricey models outlast the more common ones.

Many inexpensive skateboards with all the great characteristics may be available. There are also more expensive alternatives that are well worth the money. Take these facts into consideration before you decide to purchase.

4. Where To Shop

It may come as a surprise to you, but the store has an impact on its pricing. You may come across stores that come up with great deals.

Other Hidden Fees 

Why Are Skateboards So Expensive

Besides the expense of the skateboard, there are a few other factors that contribute to the high cost of skating. Let’s have a look at them to see how much it costs to skateboard.

1. Fee For The Practice Location

Skateboarders from all levels, including beginners, intermediates, and professionals, visit several skate parks. It’s because these parks provide a suitable atmosphere. You may efficiently and safely practice skateboarding there.

However, a friendly atmosphere comes with a price you’ll have to pay daily. The fee can raise the entire cost of being a skateboarder, making it a costly pastime.

The fee may be tough, especially when you are not working or on a limited budget. Besides, the parking charge isn’t the only factor that contributes to the high cost. There are some factors that influence the total cost.

2. Protective Equipment

Why Are Skateboards So Expensive

It’s always a good idea to ride carefully, and the most key point to remember is to be safe. Equip yourself with a skating helmet, knee protection, and elbow pads. However, they are not particularly cost-effective, which may result in a cost increase.

If you are a newbie, we strongly advise you to invest in some safety gear. Helmets and other protective gear may keep you safe in a variety of scenarios. You will have to deal with a lot of dips and falls, especially in the early stages.

You can avoid head injuries by wearing a helmet during the ride. Knee and elbow pads will also shield those vulnerable areas. The pads offer greater safety.

Don’t skateboard without safety equipment

3. Shoes

Skateboarding without shoes or with low-quality shoes is not a good idea. Before you start your ride, you have the right shoes.

Skating-specific shoes, on the other hand, might add to the expense. The entire cost of skating will rise as a result of this. 

The abrasive grip tape on your skateboard will corrode your shoes whenever you ride it. It’s because when you try to do the jumping trick, the pressure of the tape causes your shoes to lose their soles and occasionally their sides.

As a result, you would need to buy a new pair of shoes now and again.

What Is The Cheapest Skateboard? 

Why Are Skateboards So Expensive

First and foremost, never buy low-cost skateboards. They include low-cost materials and are potentially dangerous. Not only that, but the skating itself is a disaster.

Your budget can help to choose the price of the skateboard. However, some models cost less than 80 dollars and are better than most skateboards on the market.

If you choose a blank skateboard, it will cost you around $70 to $90. You will get a nice skateboard with no flashy graphics but all the essential functions. You can purchase a decent full skateboard for $100 to 120 if you stretch your budget a little.

A blank skateboard is quite affordable

Is Making A Skateboard Cheaper Than Buying A Complete Model? 

The cost of making your skateboard depends on the parts you choose.

Complete skateboards are ideal for beginners since you won’t have to spend time putting together the various elements.

However, you cannot adjust some parts of the complete skateboards. They require certain skate tracks. Complete skateboards are not suitable for you if you are an enthusiast who enjoys skating on various trucks.

Some skaters purchase unfinished skateboards so that they may customize them to their desired speed and track.

You may enhance your speed by using larger wheels. However, be cautious because greater speed increases the risk of losing control.

Experienced skaters often use the larger wheels as a backup.

Many skateboarders spend much time considering whether to create customized skateboards or buy entire skateboards.

It’s difficult to say, but it all comes down to your budget and objectives. For beginners, pre-built skateboards are ideal. Yet, when you acquire expertise, you may think about making your skateboards.

In many cases, creating a skateboard on your own cost a lot. You have to save a considerable amount of money because it may be a pricey endeavor.

Since this is a one-time job, you might want to select high-quality components.

You may require sports wheels and bushings, which raises the cost. This is not something you should do at home! It is a professional job.

How To Make A Skateboard More Affordable? 

All you need at the beginning of your skateboarding journey is a skateboard.

Don’t spend too much money on this stage because you don’t know your preferences or the best skateboard for you. Buying used skateboards is the most cost-effective choice.

Most users do not sell them because they are no longer useful but have updated their skateboards to the better versions.

If you want a good skateboard at an affordable price, you can look for a black deck on e-commerce sites. Black is the greatest color since it appears new and works well no matter how old it is. Then, search for wheels once you’ve purchased a deck.

Why Are Skateboards So Expensive

The wheels affect your skateboard and the safety of your ride. So, It would be beneficial if you take your time. 

You can purchase wheels at a cheap price at local service centers. Bank wheels are the most affordable and perform admirably.

Then you may begin browsing for skateboard trucks. New trucks are costly. Yet, there are a plethora of used trucks available that are in excellent condition.  

The sort of truck you acquire depends on your riding style.


Why are skateboards so expensive? The reasons are clear, like money, like goods. You may not only for your skateboard but also for your experience. We also recommend some methods to cut down the budget. 

Hopefully, you will find the article useful. If you have any questions, please comment. We will reply as soon as possible. 

Thank you for reading!

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