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The most crucial element of your skateboard installation is the trucks. We had a variety of skateboard trucks, all of which were of varied quality and types. This article will assist you in determining when to replace skateboard trucks. 

When your trucks are deformed, have tiny fractures, twisted axles, or broken baseplates, it’s time to replace them.

Some parts, such as the nuts, baseplate, kingpin, washers, pivot cup, bushings, or hanger, can be replaced without purchasing a new set.

Let’s dive into this article to get it clear!


When To Replace Skateboard Trucks?

When To Replace Skateboard Trucks

Many professionals and amateurs alike despise the feeling of new trucks and will ride these parts until they are completely worn out. As a result, it might take a little time to become acclimated to a new truck set, and they generally require some rest periods. 

They might be costly to replace, but they typically last a lot longer. And understanding when is the right time to replace your they are necessary. You can rely on the instructions in this video or the following steps to better understand when to replace.

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1. When They’re Visibly Broken

Is there a crack in the bottom plate or the hanger? Are the skateboard bushings damaged because they’ve dried out? Are the kingpins or axles warped? There is lots of noise from them? 

If you responded yes to these questions, it’s time to upgrade or replace your trucks. Warped and damaged truck parts not only make them feel bad, but they also make the board turn and roll less smoothly than if they were still in good shape. 

Check out our extensive guide about skateboard trucks to discover which ones are right for you by going straight to the Skateboard Cast.

Skating when it isn’t in good form is a danger from a safety viewpoint. Therefore, not only your trucks must be in good shape, but also your wheels, hardware, bearings, and deck. 

When To Replace Skateboard Trucks

Broken Skateboard Truck-“”

They, like other items, are not designed to be damaged; they will not operate as intended and therefore will fail, injuring you or others.

2. When They Don’t Function As Well As They Should

Do you find it difficult to turn? Is your ride a little harsher or shakier than it should be? Do you experience wheel bite regularly? Do you have trouble balancing your life? 

It might also indicate that your components or truck are broken if you have not made any modifications. Although you may not always figure out the damage on your trucks, you must feel when anything is amiss. 

If you suspect something is amiss, overcome your pride and inquire at your neighborhood skate store. They are likely to have been questioned and encountered the same issue as you and can assist you. 

Every landing resulted in a wheel bite and a smash against the ground. We used to try switching and faking for the first time, and it already made a significant difference. 

That evening, we tightened up the front of my truck. The very next day, the same thing happened. You should disassemble them to investigate what was happening. 

The pivot cup was missing, several cracks appeared on the base plate, the bushings had perished a long while ago, and rust is a sign that you have to replace your they. Then, purchase a new product, which significantly impacted riding loose trucks with ease and not getting nearly much wheel bite.

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3. When You Realize They’re Non-Branded Trucks

When To Replace Skateboard Trucks

You Should Go For Those From Well-Known Brands

Blank or Generic originate from unidentified factories that do not label the base plate or this with a brand name. As a result, it isn’t easy to judge how excellent they are, and they tend to break down faster than high-quality trucks

Extremely higher-end may include Destructo trucks or Thunder trucks, although they will undoubtedly be more costly.

On the other hand, blank trucks are frequently less expensive and of lesser quality, and they are frequently mounted to subpar complete skateboards. 

As a result, after a few hits, they are prone to shatter. They will likely last you a year if you only cruise and never plan to ollie, hop curbs, or skate transition, but you should purchase a longboard or cruiser.

It’s time to upgrade your skating trucks if you’ve progressed to more sophisticated tricks. But, first, purchase a good pair of trucks from the local skate store, preferably Ace, Royal, Venture, or Thunder. 

We used to go around hopping a few corners, doing some manuals, or drop off ledges, and low two sets of steps, but we were never truly dedicated to studying the skill of transition or advanced skating. 

You may spend four times as much on lousy completions with the generic truck as you may if you replace them with a premium brand and mount them on an excellent deck. Quality trucks, on average, will survive longer than many decks.

4. When You Want To Experience Something Brand New

When To Replace Skateboard Trucks

If You Get Bored With The Old Trucks, Try New Ones- “”

When selecting trucks, there are a lot of alternatives on the market. Consumers may choose from a wide range of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. 

It is critical to select a truck that suits your board, your aesthetic and is manufactured by a reputable manufacturer. Independent, Thunder, and Venture are all excellent choices. 

Take a look at the boards that your favorite player uses. If you ride like Ritchie Jackson, it’s pointless to acquire the exact vehicle as Andy MacDonald. Transitional skaters may favor high trucks, whereas technical skaters like low or mid trucks. 

Everything comes down to choosing the one you like with your favorite color and matches your skating style. It will not hurt to try on various designs and brand names if you have the financial means until you discover the right fit. 

Try various trucks borrowed from friends to find which one you like. Having the one that you are comfortable with will significantly improve your skateboarding experience. 

Final Thoughts 

We’ve provided you with all of the essential knowledge on when to replace skateboard trucks. We hope you understand when and when not to replace the skateboard trucks.

Thank you for reading!

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