Which Way Should Skateboard Trucks Go? A Beginner’s Guide to Mounting and Orientation


Your trucks influence how balanced you will be when skateboarding at high speeds, how you slide, and how pleasant you will be.

They are, without a doubt, one of the most crucial components of your board, so make sure you know which way do skateboard trucks go for downhill skating.

For downhill, reverse kingpin trucks are the most excellent option, and the 45* is preferable if you want to skate swiftly, slide smoothly, and turn quickly.

Let’s read on to know more details!

Downhill Skating Set-Up: Which Way Do Skateboard Trucks Go?

Which Way Do Skateboard Trucks Go

Skateboard Trucks

For downhill, reverse kingpin trucks are the most excellent option. When you’re going quickly, they provide you the most delicate turn, lean, and stability. The conventional kingpin trucks are the other choice, which you would find aboard. 

They spin nicely at lower speeds and are ideal for slow speeds. These trucks do not provide the most delicate stability for high velocities, though, so they’re not a suitable choice for downhill skateboarders. 

If you desire to understand more about skateboard trucks and perform the various pieces, watch the video below. We strongly advise you to watch it to comprehend the remainder of this post entirely.

Simple beginner truck guide – Picking your first longboard trucks

What Are Baseplate Angles?

Which Way Do Skateboard Trucks Go

There are trucks with two primary angles that you may come across. The 43/44/45* and 50* varieties are available. The 50* is great for cruising, carving, and other activities. The 45* is preferable if you want to skate swiftly, slide smoothly, and turn quickly. 

On any truck, you can do both. First, select the one intended for what you’re doing if you want to get yourself the most satisfying learning experience.

Then, after you’ve had that experience, you may determine whether or not you want to go outside the “mainstream.” 

Before you go out and buy any 45* truck, keep in mind that some of them are greater than others.

Before buying a truck:

  • Study reviews.
  • Speak with more experienced users.
  • Learn everything you can about it. 

Skateboard communities and the ratings on e-commercial, among others, are fantastic places to obtain information, recommendations, and varied experiences from other riders. 

Bolzen trucks, Calibers Ronin trucks, and Bear trucks are a few more excellent trucks. They are all longboard-specific brands and of excellent quality, which will function well. You cannot go wrong with these options.

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Why Are 45* Trucks Better For Downhill?

The kingpin meets the baseplate at a 45-degree angle. The vehicle will tilt as it turns at this degree when skateboarding provides the rider the perfect blend. 

It gives them enough balance to move fast while also giving them a good turn to handle bends easily. As a disclaimer, when a truck falls more than it rotates, its stability improves. 

When you are traveling rapidly, if it spins too much, it might cause you to wobble. On the other hand, if it swings too far, it will not turn well and will be challenging to manage at slower speeds. 

That’s why riders use 45* trucks when they’re downhill and 50* ones for carving and 45* combines the advantages of both. It allows you to be pleasantly stable up to about 30mph as a novice (this velocity will grow as your abilities develop) while also providing decent turning. 

Finally, the 45* is superior for sliding since they have pretty enough leaned so you can sit safely on the trucks and shift from grasping to slipping without slipping. Also, slide skateboarding they are easier to use for beginners than the 50* trucks.

Which Hanger Size To Go With?

Which Way Do Skateboard Trucks Go

A hanger, generally available in widths ranging from 150 to 180mm, is the part of the truck where the wheels are attached. To pick the right size, you have to match the width of the hanger to the width of your skateboard deck. 

If you’ve got a 10-inch deck, for instance, opt for the 180mm. If your deck is 9.5-inch, the 165mm trucks are the way to go. Your deck is the same width as the trucks if you choose a matched width, referred to as rail matching.

You will have the most satisfactory control over your vehicles if you match the rail. We recommend sticking to the 165 or 180mm hanger widths for novices. 

Hangers with widths less than 165mm will be highly responsive to skater input. However, a rookie rider may find them unmanageable, especially if they plan to slide with them.

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How To Put Trucks On Your Skateboard?

After knowing which way do your skateboard trucks go, move on to the following steps to set the trucks up on the skateboard.

Grip The Skateboard Deck

It would be best if you used gripping tape to grasp your deck’s edges effectively. Turn the deck over and place the gripping tape horizontally on the base, pressing it down with your thumb. 

Move a file along the boundaries to mark the shape. The extra tape should then be removed using a razor blade to achieve uniform edges.

Prepare The Trucks

Which Way Should Skateboard Trucks Go


You must understand how to set up skateboard trucks and prepare them for mounting. You can do so by following the easy procedures outlined below. 

  • Your truck’s baseplate will have six holes, four of which will be identical, for attaching it to your deck. 
  • Use the remaining two bigger holes. The hanger will slip into one of the bigger holes. Check and hang it on the hook. 
  • It would help if you now secured it with kingpin nuts and bolts. 
  • Make sure you’ve fitted bushings to the ends of the kingpin before pushing it in. 
  • Once that’s done, push and tighten them down using the wrench. 

You’ll need to do the same thing with the other set to get it ready.

Mount The Trucks

Each side of the deck has four mounting holes. Using a screwdriver, punch into them and insert four screws on every side. Next, turn over the deck and insert the truck through the base plate and the screws, tightening them with nuts using a wrench.

Final Thoughts 

To ensure quick movements when skating, you must know which way do skateboard trucks go effectively, either downhill or any other skating style. 

Setting up a skateboard is a straightforward operation that can be completed in a few minutes if you know what you’re doing. Every skater should choose the finest skate trucks with the proper width and height. 

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