How To Clean Skateboard Trucks – 7 Easy Steps For DIYers


A skateboard truck is not an item that you can disregard when it comes to cleaning. The trucks have specific components that need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. 

Cleaning the parts will ensure that they last for a long time. Even though it is about cleaning skateboard trucks, it is also relevant to longboard trucks. 

So, how to clean skateboard trucks? This process includes seven steps:

  • Disconnect the truck from the skateboard.
  • Remove the nuts.
  • Remove the risers.
  • Clean it up.
  • Check if there is any crack.
  • Clean the axles.
  • Do the same with the other truck.

A clean skateboard truck process is essential since it will inspire you to use it for riding. So let’s take a look at it!


What Parts Are Available Inside A Skateboard Truck?

How To Clean Skateboard Trucks


Cleaning a skateboard truck necessitates maintaining every component of the module. As a result, you must be knowledgeable about it! 

Working with skateboard trucks is aided by five distinct elements of the trucks.


Axle refers to a long pin that goes through the hanger and connects it to the wheels. It is also regarded as among the most crucial components of skateboard trucks.


These are pieces of hardware that you can readily replace. However, it’s crucial to remember that if you want to turn your board into a freeride, you’ll need to swap out the baseplates. 

A greater degree, on average, indicates less stability and more turn. A lesser degree, on the other hand, means fewer rotations and better stability. 

It is a rectangular metal element that connects the deck to the rest of the truck’s components. The angle of the bottom plate, which is primarily the kingpin’s angle, is vital in regulating the board’s turning.


Bushings, sometimes known as pivot cups, are flexible urethane rings that keep the kingpin in place. It allows the board to rotate and turn quickly. 

You can customize since they come in various sizes and forms, and there’s no limitation to the combinations. If you’ve ever tried skateboarding, you’ll be familiar with the forms and harnesses that they like. 

Others who want to try something new primarily believe in the bushing and convert their freeride set to a downhill configuration.


Skateboard trucks’ axles are one of the most significant components. As a result, if you do not construct the axle properly, it may bend. Unless you want to ride straight, bent axles are an intelligent choice. 

Similarly, if you use low-quality axles, everything might quickly come apart while switching wheels. The trucks and hangers will be worthless unless you can locate a rethreaded tool. 

As a result, it is preferable to get something more robust and long-lasting when acquiring vehicles.


These are used to keep the hangers or bushings in place. Furthermore, it serves as a pivot point.

What Do You Need?

Before getting into it, you have to prepare some equipment for the cleaning process.

  • A Level Surface (floor, table, or counter) 
  • Water bucket/sink 
  • Skate tools or a wrench 
  • Dry cloth
  • A wire brush 
  • Soap liquid 
  • Clean towel/Paper towel (optional) 

You can rely on this video to better understand how to clean skateboard trucks.

How To Make Your Skateboard Trucks Shine Like New!

Step-By-Step: How To Clean Skateboard Trucks?

Cleaning the trucks will extend their life, help them run more smoothly, and allow them to roll more quietly. If you’re unsure what your truck is or what size you’ll need, refer to the Skateboard Cast to better understand how to measure your skateboard trucks.

Step 1: Disconnect The Trucks From The Skateboard

How To Clean Skateboard Trucks


Because the skateboard truck is attached to the deck, you must first disconnect it. Then, start removing the nuts using slip-joint pliers and a screwdriver in hand. 

Unscrew each nut slowly so you can finish the job by hand. Then, remove the nuts from the bolts after completely loosening them. 

Many people will toss nuts in a location that may be difficult to locate afterward. As a result, keep nuts in a safe and familiar location. It will be simple to remember during the reassembly process.

Step 2: Remove The Nuts

It would be best if you were finished removing nuts and selecting a suitable cover for them at this time. The moment has come to separate the truck and the deck. 

To properly remove the truck, use your fingers. Do not push with a great deal of power. Also, make sure the fulcrum is facing outward. 

Step 3: Remove The Risers

This step doesn’t apply to all the trucks. If you have a pair of skateboard trucks with risers, you need to remove those now as well. A riser will not be included in each skateboard truck.

Step 4: Clean It Up.

It’s time to tidy up. First, anything from trucks must be removed, except for the baseplate. To begin, unscrew the kingpin’s nut. Next, remove the hanger out of the baseplate. Finally, take out all of the bushings. 

Step 5: Check If There Is Any Crack

How To Clean Skateboard Trucks


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Assess these components. Look for a crack. If any one of those components is broken or split, replace it first. 

If everything is in good working order, spray a little quantity of WD-40 on a paper towel and sweep away grime and dirt from all components. Due to the dirt, your vehicles produce high-pitched sounds during rides.

Step 6: Clean The Axles

You’ll need to clean those axles once more. The axle is usually the dirtiest of all the components. 

Take another clean towel from the stack and remove any leftover dirt from the axles. All of the dust on the axle comes from its bearings. As a result, make sure they’re in tip-top shape. 

Step 7: Do The Same With The Other Truck

How To Clean Skateboard Trucks

Repeat The Process With The Other Skateboard Truck

Clean up the second truck with the same process as the first. After that, you’ll be able to begin reassembling. Again, remember to tighten bolts and nuts. 

Loose tightening or overtightening are both undesirable. Therefore, after assembling, the fulcrum must be pointing outward.

Bonus Tip: When you want to go for your first ride after cleaning the board, be cautious when speeding up. The entire cleaning process substantially increases speed and acceleration.

Final Thoughts 

Cleaning the skateboard trucks takes only a few minutes; however, it significantly influences your riding experience to be smooth and enjoyable. In addition, many problems on the board may disappear by cleaning the trucks since these parts are integral to the board. 

As a result, remember to clean them whenever you think you need them. Hopefully, the information in this post has helped you learn how to clean skateboard trucks.

Thanks for reading!

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