How To Change Skateboard Trucks: A Complete Guide For Easy Changing


Taking trucks off is very easy-going. All you need to do is follow the detailed guidelines on how to change skateboard trucks.

The most important thing is to collect suitable tools. You can think about a skate tool, a strong screwdriver, and a hammer. A lot of skateboarders take an interest in the skate tool because of its socket size. 

The article by Skateboard Cast will provide the instruction of replacing trucks. It will make sure to cause any damage to your skateboard while changing. You even just clean it instead of changing it. 

The four steps consist of removing the nut, taking off the truck, removing the screw, and installing the new truck.

So, read on and follow step by step!

Guidelines On How to change Skateboard Trucks

Here is the list of steps of removing trucks. There are four steps: 

  • Removing the nut.
  • Taking off the truck.
  • Removing the screw.
  • Installing the new truck.

Remove the nut

Change Skateboard Trucks

Firstly, you place the smallest socket of the skate tool over one of the nuts on your truck. Any nut is fine.

Next, you install the screwdriver into the bolt that is in the middle of that nut. In this situation, you should use one hand to hold the screwdriver, the other to hold the skateboard. 

As you have the skate tool in position, you should lay the screwdriver still to turn the socket spanner. Then, you take off the nut from the screw. Do it until you take off all the nuts on trucks.

It may be a little uncomfortable at first glance. However, the process will become easier as you keep going on.

Take off the truck

When you remove all the nuts on trucks, you just need to pull the truck off the screw. Remember to do it gently to avoid any damage. The result will be the skateboard with eight screws that stick up. 

Of course, the next step is to remove the screw. Then, you should move to the next part.

Remove the screw 

Some skaters prefer to remove the screw from the deck to help adhere it to the truck. This step can aim for entire repairs or decorations. For any reason, you can remove the screw easily by following this instruction.

  • Lay them with the screw down on a tough and level surface, a worktable for example.
  • Push them down on that surface with a lot of power. A few skaters even think about jumping on the board’s center. 

It is efficient but funny. Still, it can harm your skateboard and even cause the loss of some screws. So, be careful!

If this method cannot help you pull the screws out, there is another one for you to try:

  • Prepare a hammer for this step. Then, try beating and hitting all the screws out of the deck. If there is no hammer available, you can adapt trucks as an alternative with the same results.
  • Take the truck’s flat part. Push it on the end of the screw and pop them out. If the truck doesn’t work well, then you should turn to a hammer. This strong tool gets those screws out.
  • This solution is the most suitable choice if the truck and the screw are no longer useful. The reason is that the hammer could cause a lot of power during the process. It can lead to some slight damages to the truck. 

Install the new skateboard truck

To change or set up the trucks on the decks, or to lay new trucks on the decks, keep reading on:

  • Put the truck over the holes in the deck.
  • Use the thumb to press the skateboard screws down the hole in the deck, the hole in the truck. Make sure the number of holes in the deck and the new truck is similar.
  • Use other fingers to lay the nut on the end of the screw. 
  • When all the nuts are in position, take the skate tool to tighten the screw to remove them.

Now, you have completed the process of installing new trucks. It is ready to skate now! If you have much interest in skateboards, you can investigate the best trucks.

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There are some cases where you need to replace wheels. However, you can do some maintenance to lengthen the lifetime of these wheels. Here are some suggestions for keeping the wheels in good condition.

Rotating the wheels

To avoid the risk of coning or decaying unsteadily, you can spin the wheels to various axles.

The recommendation is to move the rear wheel to the front and move the front wheel to the rear. You can conduct this action one time every three months or anytime when cleaning or replacing the bearings.

Fixing flat positions 

Change Skateboard Trucks

After a long time of usage, hard wheels are likely to have flat positions. Flat positions trigger harsh vibrations via the skateboard. It will put your smooth skating in danger and slow you down. 

You can put these wheels on rough surfaces to rub until they roll evenly again to repair this flaw. 

Cleaning the wheels

While cleaning the wheel is not so useful, it would be a great help to enhance the lifetime of the bearing. Whenever you get the bearing off the wheel, use paper towels and clean any grit out of them. 

Final Words

In the topic of changing trucks, the most important consideration is to avoid the risk of damages on any part of skateboards.

With the help of available tools and doable steps, it takes some minutes to carry out. You can change trucks without concerns about ruining them.

Hopefully, this article on how to change skateboard trucks will help you out enormously. Then, don’t hesitate and start to follow these steps correctly to change or clean trucks now.

Thank you for reading!

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