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It’s fantastic if you have learned to skateboard and even purchased some for yourself. The next step is to protect it against robbers. After all, many people are capable of stealing anything from anywhere. 

So, we have listed a few different methods on how to lock up a longboard.

  • Lock to a pole or bike rack
  • Use vibration to trigger an alarm
  • Put in a large locker
  • Get a carrier trap or skate pack
  • Obtain a board that can be folded in half
  • Keep in your vehicle
  • Do not leave it in public areas for too long
  • Make your longboard unique


How To Lock Up A Longboard?

If you cannot carry your longboard into a specific location and leave it unsecured, you’re effectively giving it away. Longboards may be highly appealing to pickpockets. 

You can rely on the instructions in this video to better understand how to lock up a longboard.

Here are a few options for locking up your longboards and keeping them safe.

How To Lock Up Your Longboard?

#1. Lock To A Pole Or Bike Rack

This choice is the most straightforward. For example, lock your skateboard to a rack or a pole as a bike. 

The only distinction is that you may be limited to utilizing a smaller cable or chain depending on whatever section of the board you draw it through. That’s why security wires designed particularly for securing skateboards and other such things exist.

If your longboard has holes for the handles, that’s the perfect spot for a security line instead of putting the locking loop between the wheels and the board. Depending on the design of your longboard, see what fits better.

#2. Use A Vibration Triggered Alarm

On your longboard, place a small battery-operated alarm. If someone picks up the board or moves it in any manner, the alarm will sound at 100+ decibels, frightening everyone in the vicinity.

A thief is unlikely to bother finding out how alarms work, although it is blaring. Instead, they’d go away and act as if nothing occurred than risk being caught by a cop or captured on camera by a bystander.

There Are Many Ways To Keep Your Board Safe

#3. Put In Large Locker

If you use your skateboard to travel to work or the beach, you may have access to a big locker. Many beaches, for instance, now rent containers, which may work to your advantage. 

However, notice to lock the locker with your key; otherwise, an employee with the locker key may take it.

As any experienced traveler will remind you, locker theft is more often than people believe, especially at poorer airports or hostels.

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#4. Get A Carry Trap Or Skate Pack

People often leave their boards behind for various reasons, one of which is that they will have to hold it in their hands, which they are too exhausted to do. 

And we’ve previously established that the best way to ensure skateboard security is to have it with you at any time.

#5. Obtain A Longboard That Can Fold In Half

A Longboard That Can Be Folded In Half

Longboards are significantly longer than others. But what if your longboard could be folded in half? Isn’t that going to make it a lot simpler to carry in your bag, keep in a locker, or by hand? It would undoubtedly make a significant difference.

#6. Keep In Your Vehicle

Your longboard will always be safer indoors than outdoors if you keep it locked up. Therefore, it is an excellent solution to leave it in your vehicle. However, do not forget to utilize some cover; otherwise, robbers will notice you.

#7. Do Not Leave It In Public Areas For Too Long

It is not a foolproof approach, even if you use a security cable to tie the longboard to a bike rack or a pole. Instead, a burglar might break the security connection or shatter your board in rage. 

However, if you really must leave your longboard unattended, having a locking mechanism is preferable to having none.

Unless you are miserable and only leave the longboard for 15-20 minutes, there is probably not much possibility of a thief instantly seizing the opportunity. 

Especially if there is a chain or cable, they need to have some equipment on hand to remove it.

#8. Make Your Longboard Unique

Customize Your Longboard

While the most excellent method to keep your longboard from being stolen is to leave it alone as little as possible, several sensible ways may substantially lower the risks of theft. 

If you customize your longboard with unique personalized tags, whoever takes it will be hesitant to utilize it in and near the region where they took it. As a result, if you customize it, your skateboard will be less of a target for thieves.

This way does not, however, imply that you design it excessively elaborate. If you want to use your longboard for commuting, don’t go overboard with the decorations because this will draw attention to it. 

If you’re storing your skateboard with others, make sure it does not stand out too much. True, customizing your longboard will prohibit a thief from using it in school or public areas, but what if the criminal never intended to use it in the first place?

Perhaps someone is just looking for a quick buck by selling your longboard on the illicit market. In such a scenario, there’s a good possibility you’ll never see your board again. 

Therefore, the most fantastic strategy is to avoid taking chances by using proper skateboard safety measures.


The above-mentioned security guidelines are based on your preferences and what is achievable in your situation. The tips we have listed are all dependable and excellent in their own right. 

We sincerely hope that now you know how to lock up a longboard, this article will assist you in finding an appropriate security solution for your longboard.

Thank you for following this post! 

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