How To Clean Your Skateboard Deck? 2 Ultimate DIY Ideas


A filthy skate deck may ruin your game. Layers of muck or grime on your patio can significantly reduce resistance, making it difficult to do any tricks. It might also be detrimental if you need to maximize your grip performance. So, how to clean your skateboard deck correctly to avoid this? Skateboard Cast.

To clean your skateboard deck, follow these steps:

  • Choose the right wire brush
  • Brush off its grip tape
  • Remove excessive dirt and residue

Or you can rely on this instruction if you have got cleaning stuff at home:

  • Prepare materials
  • Make soap solution and dip the brush into it
  • Clean your deck
  • Dry your deck
  • Aerate and remove excessive dirt


How To Clean Your Skateboard Deck Using A Wire Brush?

How To Clean Your Skateboard Deck?

Experienced riders rely on this fool-proof method for cleaning their skateboards in a hurry. It is quick, simple, and mess-free. The following are the supplies you’ll need: 

  • Wire Brush
  • Grip Gum

These supplies are inexpensive, simple to work with, and readily available at many hardware stores. When applied with a wire brush, grip gum effectively removes dust, grime, and stubborn stains. 

As a result, cleaning your skate deck takes minimal effort and time, and it is an enjoyable and safe experience.

Follow these instructions or this video to learn how to clean a skateboard deck properly:

Choose The Right Wire Brush

The Brush Hair Is Not Too Sharp

Choose a wire brush that is soft but has firm bristles to get the most outstanding results. Notice that the hairs aren’t too sharp since this might break the grip tape. When cleaning tiny areas and crevices, a little brush is more productive and delivers unparalleled accuracy.

Brush Off Its Grip Tape

Begin at the far end of your skate deck and work your way across in fast, firm strokes. To keep the grip tape from ripping and splitting, don’t press the brush too firmly. On the other hand, to prevent removing the grit from your deck, take it slow and use too much force. 

Remove Excessive Dirt and Residue

Using firm and long strokes, rub a few of your grip gums on the grip tape lengthwise. To wipe the whole surface of the deck, wipe with accuracy as if you were using an eraser. Finally, wholly and gently brush off the surplus. 

How To Clean Your Skateboard Deck Using Materials Available At Home

If you have a tight budget or time and would prefer to use cleaning supplies you already have, you can do it yourself with the aid of this guide. Get your skateboard looking relaxed and ready to ride with the products mentioned below for a time-saving experience:

  • Grip Gum
  • Dry Microfiber Cloth
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Soap Liquid
  • Firm Toothbrush

These components are frequently readily available at no additional expense at home. Furthermore, this is a fantastic way to recycle that old, worn toothbrush you have been saving for so long. 

You have complete freedom to begin sprucing, washing, and drying your deck right now! 

This approach is an excellent alternative if you need to get out quickly, but your skateboard deck is in desperate need of cleaning.

Grip Gum For Skateboard Cleaning

Prepare Materials

Prepare all of the items you’ll need ahead of time and keep them close at hand. Notice your brush and basin are both dust-free and clear of debris. Place your board on your desk, and make sure it’s ventilated and well-lit.

Make Soap And Water Solution

Fill your bowl halfway with water, which is clean and debris-free. Add in your soap and mix well, being careful not to overdo it. Make sure the soap liquid is completely dissolved and well blended.

Dip The Brush Into The Solution

Soak the toothbrush head thoroughly in the water solution and rest for a few minutes. Ensure the brush head isn’t overly sudsy but yet wet enough to use. Before cleaning your deck with the brush, shake off any extra soap and water.

Clean Up Your Deck


Cleaning Your Deck

Please start at the end of the deck and work your way across its lengthwise. Clean the areas where more dirt has gathered slowly, but don’t scrub too hard.

The grip tape may split. And you will strip the grit away. Between scrubbings, or whenever your brush becomes too unclean, soak it in the water solution.

Dry Your Skateboard Deck

It’s critical to dry your skateboard deck as soon as you’ve finished washing it. Wipe the surface dry with a microfiber cloth or a dry towel to absorb excess moisture and water. 

If required, fold the fabric and use the opposite side. Check the bottom of the deck and make sure it’s scorched.

Aerate The Deck

While simply patting your board dry should suffice, aerating the deck in a well-ventilated location is still recommended. Allow at least two hours for it to dry completely. Riding your skate while it is still slightly damp is never a brilliant idea.

Remove Excessive Dirt Using Grip Gum

Grip gum, while entirely optional, removes any extra dirt that you’ve already left behind when cleaning. Brush off the excess product after rubbing it on the grip tape with long and firm strokes. This additional step will give your deck a brand-new appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that we have collected while researching this field.

1. Is There Anything that Can Replace Grip Gum?

You can rub your grip tape with a pencil eraser, then remove the residue with a toothbrush or clean paintbrush. Using grip gum to give your board a good cleaning can make it appear brand new. An inexpensive solution is to use a cement rubber eraser from any art store. 

2. Should I Sand My Skateboard Deck?

Sanding Your Skateboard Is A Good Thing To Do

Yes. Notice to toss out any chips that aren’t in good shape. Splintered wood should be sanded down, sharp edges should be rounded down, and your tail should not grow so thin that it resembles a blade.  These can be painful, and they can potentially cause the board to crack.

3. Is It Bad To Skate On Wet Ground?

When the ground is moist after raining, skating in this condition will damage the skate deck because it absorbs water and warps the wood. It is never a good idea to sit on a dripping skateboard. Remember to dry it off as soon as possible, and suggest using a hairdryer if necessary.



While maintaining a skateboard may appear to be an unnecessary chore, it significantly impacts how it looks and performs. Knowing how to clean your skateboard deck extends its life, allowing you to get more bang for your money while also ensuring your safety.

This article provides you with the incentive to maintain your deck regularly. So, follow the procedures described in this article and clean your deck at least every two months.

Thank you for reading!

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