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How To Install Sidewinder Trucks On Drop Through Deck (4-Step Actionable Guide)


The combo of sidewinder trucks and drop-through boards has always been a favorite choice of daily skaters as they own the perfect flexibility and stability you need in everyday riding. Yet, not everyone knows how to install sidewinder trucks on drop-through decks at home.

If it’s also the question you’re bearing in mind, our post today won’t fail your hopes. The guide is super easy and only calls for a bit of attention.


What Is A Drop-through Longboard?

Unlike the conventional top mount decks underneath which we install trucks directly, drop-through longboards require skaters to affix the trucks through the deck.

For a drop-through, users don’t require any specialized trucks. After all, it’s the deck that matters. Typically, drop-through decks include a slot carved out in which the truck will enter and large holes for the wheels to prevent wheel bite.

sidewinder trucks on drop through deck

Therefore, drop-through boards are compatible with all skateboarding trucks in general. However, using a legitimate longboard truck (RKP) instead of a standard street-styled truck is highly advisable. 

Most of the time, conventional street trucks don’t perform enough turns to allow for a drop-through. Likewise, they also cause the deck to be too low, making the boards harder to handle.

What Is A Sidewinder Truck?

Sidewinder trucks are specialized items made for carving. Their biggest plus is that they perform incredibly on uneven surfaces since they sit amazingly high. 

This characteristic also enables users to turn, carve, and push super effectively. Indeed, their efficiency is just a bit lower than revenge trucks. Yet, according to many skaters, downhill isn’t an advisable scenario regarding sidewinder trucks. 

Sidewinder Trucks On Drop Through Deck

But it doesn’t mean taking these trucks downhill is impossible; the trucks’ turn lets skaters carve down an incline smoothly as it only offers a slight bit of friction. Yet, keep in mind that your route is vast enough to turn around later.

We also did a little downhill skating test on our vanguard with these trucks. Surprisingly, we can manage +30mph comfortably once we have fastened the trucks promptly.

They’re not sliding trucks, either. However, since the deck gets positioned so high, it provides a powerful gravitational pull with which one operates challengingly. Also, performing standing-up slides on this truck is not “mission impossible,” yet it won’t be simple at all. 

Furthermore, as the trucks aim at seamless yet swift turns, it’s tricky for skaters to maintain a constant motion.

When should we use sidewinder trucks?

Frankly, you could perform every task that doesn’t involve hardcore activities on these trucks. 

Above all, using these trucks for daily commute is exciting and fun for a myriad of purposes. However, the first and foremost reason is their dual Kingpin construction, enabling skaters to make fast and precise turns while being totally in control.

In contrast to traditional trucks that need flexible and low-hard bearings, sidewinders let us turn quickly and effectively. In other words, they allow us to avoid or bypass any obstacles without throwing us off the sides, which is notably visible on busy streets. 

Sidewinder Trucks On Drop Through Deck

Also, the sidewinders position the deck exceptionally high, making it a bit more problematic to handle at first. Yet, it would strengthen your legs a lot on the bright side, which is a massive benefit if you want to go pro in the future.

Curbs are also absolutely no sweat. For example, if you approach a barrier and decide to take your turn, you won’t have to risk leaving the deck to prevent snatching the fence on the board.

The dance of these trucks is also an added plus. It is a straightforward and seamless technique to master and perform. As stated previously, sidewinders will help you go into dance curves smoothly without a rapid twist, both at the outset and on the comeback, as the turns are pretty effortless.

How To Install Sidewinder Trucks On Drop Through Deck?

Now, if you have made up your mind on sidewinder trucks, it’s time to see how to attach them to your decks. The process, however, is super straightforward, with only 4 actionable steps. 

Step 1: Bring the riser towards your board and position it by pulling the bottom panel down and lining it to the riser.

Sidewinder Trucks On Drop Through Deck

Step 2: Add the screws. For each screw, insert a number 10 spacer between the board and the screw to prevent it from pressure cracks. Fasten your screws when it’s all done.

Step 3: Turn the deck over so the logo is showing upwards before mounting the hook. Slip the barrel bearing onto the kingpin and the big cup spacer. Afterward, with the hook’s hinge, attach the hinge cup to the bottom panel. Lower the hook until it meets up with the bearing beneath, and you can move on to the final step.

Step 4: Insert the conical bearing and a little cup spacer, then the kingpin bolt. Fasten your bolts until there’s no wiggling between your bearings and hooks, and you’re good to go!

Drop-through Deck Vs. Top-mount Deck Vs. Drop-down Deck: What’s The Difference?

Drop-through deck

Drop-through boards feature a specific kind of installation in which we mount the truck on a longboard where the trucks cross the deck.

Sidewinder Trucks On Drop Through Deck

Installing through dropping minimizes the gravitational pull to the skater and provides more balance. In addition, this installation technique relieves the pressure on your hip and the legs when cruising since it makes thrusting and braking simpler.

Top-mount deck

Top mounting is the standard way to install longboard trucks. Basically, the trucks get attached to the deck base if you decide to go for top mount ones.

Sidewinder Trucks On Drop Through Deck

This installation technique is popular as it provides a more significant force against trucks to make your ring more responsive.

Drop-down deck

This longboard structure has an efficient footing deck that is lower than the truck position. So although you can easily adjust the board’s height, it’s still the wheel’s diameter that decides.

Sidewinder Trucks On Drop Through Deck

The key benefit of the drop-down board is that you can lower them almost to touch the ground to minimize the received gravity pull. In addition, because the gravitational force is low, there is additional steadiness and less pressure on the legs and back muscles. 

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There you go – an actionable 4-step guide to mount sidewinder trucks on drop-through deck with ease. The process is straightforward and won’t cause you more than 15 minutes to finish. So take all the required parts and accessories out and start assembling! Good luck! 


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