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Longboard vs skateboard for beginners: Which one is better for you?


Skateboarding is an interesting sport, it not only shows personality but also challenges. If you are a person who likes to experience challenges. You should join this sport. 

However, getting started with skateboarding is not easy. You can choose either a longboard or a skateboard to start. Which is better between longboard and skateboard for beginners? Read our sharing below to get the correct answer! Skateboard Cast.


Longboard vs skateboard for beginners: Which should you choose?

Longboard vs skateboard for beginners

Both boards are good. Longboard will be a better choice for those who are really beginners. It is easy to use and avoids injuries. However, you can refer to the analysis below for a more accurate answer.

You should choose a longboard if you want to:

  • Go a long way
  • Relaxing ride
  • Go fast
  • Learn old fashioned tricks

You should choose a skateboard if you want to:

  • Moving in a crowded area
  • Learn advanced tricks
  • Moving on the street
  • Easy to carry and store

Indeed, each type of board has its own advantages and disadvantages. They all turn out to be best in different circumstances. You should clearly define what you want to do before choosing a longboard or skateboard.

To learn more about these skates and choose the right one for you. Come analyze with us in the next paragraphs!

Features: skateboard or longboard?

  • Skateboard

Skateboard is the most popular type of wooden skateboard, specialized for trick practice. It has a curvature at the ends and depression in the middle of the board. The shape of the head and tail are usually rounded.

The surface is made of medium-sized plywood (20x78cm). It usually uses very hard rubber wheels (99A – 101A), size 50mm – 54mm.

Skateboard is used to practice trick, ollie, slide street terrain, or skatepark. You can also change the soft wheel for the skateboard. Intended for use exclusively for purposes such as traveling long distances on bad roads (asphalt, pavement bricks).

  • Longboard

The Longboard is a large size skateboard. Board surface made of plywood, large size, soft wheel (80A) size (70mm or more).

Longboard switches used to go downhill or go for a walk. You can practice tricks with longboard dancing and freestyle.

The wheels of the longboard are quite soft and the large size makes it easier to move.

Which is easier to use?

For a beginner, whichever product is easier to use will benefit them. No one has a good start if they do the hard work. Longboards are an easier product to use than skateboards.

longboard vs skateboard for beginners

The longboard has large and soft wheels, which make it easy to move on the flat road

The longboard has large and soft wheels, which make it easy to move on the flat road. Besides, the desk has a larger area and the distance between the wheels is far. It will really make it easier for beginners to balance for the first time.

On the contrary, if you are a beginner you will have difficulty with skateboards. Skateboards have small, hard wheels. Because of this, they are difficult to move and prone to vibrations.

Right! Due to the small wheels, they can easily get caught in the cracks in the road. The stiffness of the wheels also causes the skateboard to bounce continuously. No beginner can balance on a board that is constantly rocking.

Another reason is that the desk of the skateboard is smaller than that of the longboard. No matter how hard you try to keep your balance, it’s a tough start with a skateboard.

Either way, you should start with the longboard first and then learn to use the skateboard. In case you don’t have a longboard, start with a skateboard in a flat place.

Which is suitable for long-distance riding?

When learning to use skateboards you will have to take trips. With a long trip, a longboard will be a great choice for you.

When using a skateboard you will always have to use the force of your feet to make it move. To maintain the speed you have to do push-ups more often. Especially on long distances, it’s not that simple.

longboard vs skateboard for beginners

Skateboards are not a preferred type of board for long distances. It has a small wheel structure, so when moving you need to exert more force. This will exhaust you with the long haul.

Longboards are not like that! Its wheelbase and large wheel construction make it easier to move than skateboards. Even if the same force is applied, a longboard will still be better than a skateboard. The bearings of this board are also very efficient.

You only need to push the longboards with light force but they are still easy to move and go fast. When you have trained more skills. You can use longboards to travel long distances.

Which is suitable for street and crowded places? 

There can’t be only long and wide distances. We also have to move in tight and crowded places. In this case, the skateboard will show all its advantages.

In places with a lot of obstacles, narrow like the street, skis with a small size will be more suitable. It shows its agility and small advantages. It has a compact desk, flexible wheels that easily squeeze through alleys.

You can also easily hold it in your hand or wear it on a round backpack in case it cannot be used.

In contrast, the longboard creates quite a bit of difficulty when it is quite large in size. In the middle of the narrow street, it doesn’t seem to be really appropriate. It will be difficult to move through the small slits. Its size is an unsolvable problem.

Although skateboards can encounter crevices or cracks in the pavement. It is really bumpy and difficult to move. However, we can fix it. Just change the big wheels of the longboard. The skateboard can move more smoothly.

No expert would recommend doing so. But it really works, the skateboard will also move more easily. To change the big wheel to the skateboard you need an extra buffer for support. The process will be a bit complicated but it’s well worth it.

Which one is suitable for using tricks?

Anyone who participates in skateboarding wants to perform tricks. When you can perform tricks your skateboarding ability is really high.

Classic tricks like halfpipe, verts, street tricks, skateparks, etc. All are what players want to do.

Skateboards will be more suitable products to participate in performing tricks. It has a compact structure, hard and flexible wheels. The desk is small in size and has two curved ends. This design is intended to help players easily control it and create tricks.


Longboards don’t seem to be very suitable for tricks. The large size of both the wheel and the desk is not suitable. It is only suitable for classic tricks.

In another case, mini longboards can perform tricks. They are smaller in construction than full-size planks and have long ends. Performing the classic trick with the longboard is actually not bad. But for top tricks, skateboards are the best choice.

Which has better speed?

Speed ​​is what players want to control the most. Indeed, due to the different construction, the speed of these two types of skateboards is also different.

If you want to go fast and slide, the full-size longboard is the best choice. The design of the longboard makes it more capable of controlling speed than any other. It has big wheels, a low deck, and great length.

Skateboards are not like that. You will hardly be able to control its speed. Rigid wheels make them virtually unstable. With downhill sections, they are really hard to control.

Which can dance better?

Dance is the subject that many skaters aim for. It truly brings elegance and style into every expression.

Speaking of dance, there is no better choice than a longboard. It has a large desk surface, a wide distance between the wheels for stability and flexibility.

The longboard provides the player with a large enough space to perform many movements with the legs. Cross-stepping and turning activities are easier with more space for the feet.

The floor of the skateboard does not allow you to dance. That is too difficult to be successful. The skateboard has a small and short desk surface. Small and stiff wheels often cause vibrations. 

The tabletop is too small to perform dance moves. If you try to do it you will find out, you don’t know where to put your foot down. Any place will not be enough to accommodate the next step.

What is the difference?

Longboard and skateboard both have the shape of a longboard with auxiliary wheels. However, they have a lot of different characteristics that you need to be aware of. This will help you choose the right one for your intended use and know how to do it right.

Please refer to the following shares to learn more about these things.


In terms of size, a longboard is larger and longer than a skateboard. Usually, its length can be up to 150cm. Meanwhile, the longest skateboard is only about 84cm. Therefore, the longboard will be heavier and feel bulkier.

This also makes them different from the people who use them. Skateboard will be suitable for many ages, while longboard depends on height and weight.


If you pay attention, you will see that the wheel bar of the longboard is larger and more sophisticated than the skateboard. Because it has to support a rather heavy board, it will have a y-shape with a large diameter. 

Therefore, the feeling of moving on the longboard will be more solid than the skateboard. This makes many speed enthusiasts more inclined to choose the longer type of skateboard.

The wheels of the skateboard are quite small and compact, located below and smaller than the width of the desk. A longboard is different, its wheels are bigger and more solid. At the same time, the tire is also quite thick and soft, able to withstand great friction.

The rolling element will be wider than the piece of wood, so you can see it easily. Wheels are mounted close to the ends instead of symmetrically near the center of the board like skateboards.


Skateboard is designed in the form of a regular skateboard for a variety of uses. Its speed is not high and you will only move steadily in the mid-range. At the same time, the wheels of the skateboard are not capable of bearing force for too long. Therefore, this device is often used in short races or to show more technique.

The longboard is the exact opposite. With a rather large size, changing direction when using a longboard is also quite inconvenient. Mainly this tool is used to go straight, large zig zags with long distances.

Meanwhile, the skateboard will be more flexible in crossing the terrain. You can turn abruptly and gain momentum to move up. Longboard can’t do that at all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to learn both of these boards, which should I learn first?

You should learn longboard first. A longboard is really easy for beginners like we analyzed.

2. Which type of board is suitable for tricks?

To perform tricks more easily and accurately, you should use a skateboard. It has a compact size, flexible wheels. It is perfect for difficult movements.

3. What parts of the skateboard should I clean for it to work properly?

You should return to the desk and bearings regularly. The desk is usually where you stand up, so clean the dust. It is recommended to change the oil for the bearing to make it work better. It also helps your skateboard go faster.


For starters, longboard will be an easier start for you. Thanks to the large desk, the wheels are smooth and move flexibly. You will learn to move better with a longboard for the first time or on long trips.

Skateboard is a product suitable for skilled players. It’s really easy for you to perform tricks or advanced techniques.

Through this article, we hope you will understand longboard vs skateboard for beginners, which is the most suitable. I guess you already have your answer!



Longboard vs skateboard

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