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Skateboard trucks are squeaky, the wheels are rattling, and the decks make noises. So why are skateboard trucks squeaking? We all know that these things are very annoying and distracting. Here is a list of some reasons that your trucks can make noisy sounds.

  • Worn out bushings
  • Dry bearings
  • Rough wheels
  • Not tight or damaged riser pads
  • Loose pivot cups
  • Type of skating surfaces

Let’s read the article by Skateboard Cast to have more details and find solutions for squeaky sounds.


Why Are Skateboard Trucks Squeaking

Reasons For Squeaking Sounds 

Reasons for squeaking sounds are frequent and easily recognized. This section will discuss each cause in detail. Keep in mind that if you take care of your skateboard correctly, you can save a lot of money in the long run.

The bushings 

why are skateboard trucks squeaking

The most common issue for the squeaky sound of trucks is the bushings. Look at these bushings to examine if they get squashed or have symptoms of wear and tear. 

The climate conditions can make them extremely weathered. One useful method of checking this issue is to see if the washer is slashing into these bushings.

In some cases, you just need to change them. But you also have some fixes. Here’s a way to help you tackle it.

  • Remove the nuts from the kingpin and pull out the bushings.
  • Examine the cracks and ensure the bushings don’t get squashed. Otherwise, replace the new bushings.
  • Add some oil or silicone lubricant.
  • Reassemble trucks and check if the noises reduce.

The bearings 

This issue is simple to repair. The bearings do not always last, but taking care of them can make many differences. 

The recommendation is to pull all the bearings out. You can pop out certain bushings which have noisy sounds. Just turn the wheels and check which wheel is squeaking. Wiping your bearings means you need to clean them more often when you clean them the first time.

A perfect solution for the bearings is to use silicone-based lubricant. You can also adopt olive oil, but it is the last resort.

  • Take the skate tool, unscrew the nuts from skateboard trucks’ axles.
  • Take off the bearing shields.
  • Clean the bearings with either pure acetone or nail polish remover to take the filth out. You can soak them in the liquid.
  • Cover the bearings in napkin paper, dry them, and ensure the filth and dust go away.
  • Take some olive oil or silicone-based lubricant, and the squeak should disappear. Otherwise, buy some new bearings.

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The wheels

If fixing the bearings does not work, you can check the wheels. The noises can come from the wheel seat. It is the gap between the external ring of the bearings and the internal side of the wheels.

If you have skateboarded for a while and have not changed your wheels yet, the seat can widen the gap.

If the bearings move in the seats, you can spot the problem. The bearings move a bit when you are skating but more so once you make some turns.

It is quite simple to repair. Let’s prepare the lube.

  • Wipe the bearings and wipe the internal side of the wheels.
  • Make the dried-up and cover some lube on the bearings and the center of the wheels. It will not get rid of moving, but you can reduce the noise.

The riser pads

why are skateboard trucks squeaking

Many people do not think about this case. However, if you set up riser pads, (the plastic pad between trucks and decks), they can make some noisy sounds. In that situation, you should ensure that the screw is tight enough as it can lead to vibrations and noisy sounds.

Riser pads intend to reduce vibrations and avoid cracks. Both skateboards or the best carving longboards use them.

If they do not work correctly, they can trigger some tears and cuts to the wood. For a long time, it will harm the skateboard, so you should check the riser pads.

The pivot cups/screws

The squeaky sound can come from a loose screw or a loose pivot cup. 

It is simple to fix. You just tighten all the screws, and you can deal with the noisy sounds. Otherwise, see the pivot cup.

There can be some gaps between the hanger and the pivot cup. The noise will emerge when you rotate in the rubber cup. There is no need to be concerned about it. Here is a solution for you.

  • Take the skate tool and unscrew the kingpin nuts. The aim is to take apart the skateboard truck.
  • Ensure you take off the hanger from the pivot cup and leave it aside.
  • Pull out the pivot cup and check the condition for wear, cracks, or tears. If it has, you just change it.
  • Make the pivot hole cleaned with some soap and lubricate or wax the pivot cup.
  • If you take the wax, take a grader to take off a candle and fulfill the pivot hole. Remember, just a little.
  • Reassemble and inspect if the annoying sound is still there.

The surface

Why Are My Skateboard Trucks Squeaking

Sounds when skating  on the rough surfaces

Have you ever thought that the annoying sound comes from your skating areas? It is quite surprising but true. When you are skateboarding on asphalt or cracked roads, it is normal to hear loud and high sounds.

Although it is natural to many skaters, if you are just a beginner, it may surprise you. If this thing frustrates you, just take softer wheels. Your trucks will be fine.

If you take an interest in skating more aggressively, the suggestion is learning ollies. As a result, you can get soft and quiet wheels as well as be able to do flip tricks and varials smoothly.

Some skateboarders use soft wheels and still do the tricks. Harder wheels just make rough surfaces skateboarding much more smoothly.


There are various problems when it comes to the squeaky sound of trucks. Each part of the skateboard truck can make a noise, from the bushings to the screws. The skating surface is also one cause.

After all, you can make some maintenance to reduce the noise. If not, just replace the broken part of the skateboard truck. You can refer to the best truck brands available here

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