2023 Sanview Longboard Skateboard Cruiser Review: Bamboo Longboard by Sanview

Finding a suitable entry-level longboard is problematic since most individuals end up purchasing a shoddy or impractical model. There’s no disputing that there will be a high learning curve if you’re starting. As a result, we’ve put up a Sanview Longboard Review, the most flexible and affordable longboard for a beginner. Let’s dive into the details!

Detailed Sanview Longboard Review

Sanview Longboard Review

A low-cost longboard does not always imply that it is devoid of critical features. The design’s broad, solid deck, high-rebound wheels, and long-lasting trucks demonstrate the highest level of attention and craftsmanship to detail. We’re confident you’re already aware of all of them. But what distinguishes a Sanview board from others? Let’s see!

Deck Size

The Sanview Longboard‘s deck is very outstanding. Its deck, made from a combination of Bamboo and Pure Canadian Maple, provides solidity while still allowing for some flexibility. 

The 42″Length x 9.5″ Width Deck is huge, but it is ideal for beginners who want an enormous deck to acquire a firm foothold on the board. A larger deck is also preferable for riding since it gives a more steady voyage.


The artwork of a longboard will pay special attention to those who look at it. The artwork on this Sanview Longboard is among the greatest you have ever seen. 

The colorful and bright color palette is appealing, and it allows you to shine out when surfing. The number of art selections they provide is awe-inspiring, enabling you to select the perfect piece for you.

Grip Tape

Grip Tape is essential for proper board grip, and poor grip tape may completely ruin a board. Grip tape that isn’t up to par can tear off, which can be a big hassle. However, the Sanview Board has OS780 Grip Tape, making it highly stable for novices and pleasant for all sorts of riders.


The wheels are critical because they assist the board in running smoothly. The smooth ride is made possible by the PU High Rebound Wheels

They are 71mm x 51mm, ideal for cruising since bigger wheels make riding over bumps and crack much simpler. The wheels are excellent in general, allowing for a comfortable and smooth ride. 


The 7-inch Aluminum Trucks included with this Sanview board are excellent. They’re made of aluminum, so they’re easy to spin and manipulate.

The only issue with the trucks is that they will need to be tightened, which is a two-second task.


The bearings were the only part of the Sanview skateboard that we found to be lacking. Its bearings were pretty noisy, and despite being ABEC-9, they made a little too much noise. They do, however, run nicely and are not the worst skateboard bearings. 

What Are The Pros & Cons Of The Sanview Longboard?

Sanview Longboard Review

Sanview seems to have a long history of producing high-quality skateboards, and this one may be the best. The board’s design blends classic cruisers with a Sanviews twist, resulting in the most excellent structure on the market. 

This board is ideal for casual riders searching for a means of transportation or a side hobby of riding about the streets. 

However, this board is not ideal for free riders and downhill riders since better alternatives are available that are mainly designed for those sorts of riding.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable and robust build quality
  • Affordable price tag
  • Best value for the money
  • Eye-catching artwork
  • High-quality grip tape for a stable riding experience
  • Very flexible
  • Noisy bearings
  • Prone to scuff due to the weaker bamboo

What To Consider When Buying The Sanview Longboard?

Sanview Longboard Review

It is critical to get the appropriate longboard if you want to have a good time riding. The essential variables to consider are the rider’s expertise level and the purpose.

What Is Your Purpose?

The Sanview Bamboo longboard is a cruiser board, which is ideal for traveling from point A to point B or simply rolling along the street. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “cruising,” it’s the most relaxed type of longboarding. 

Cruising is merely riding along the road at a leisurely pace while enjoying the scenery. It is also an excellent way to get to your goal, so this skateboard is ideal for getting about. 

On this Sanview skateboard, you can also do some nice tricks, which shocked everyone! So we’d suggest this board to regular riders who want to travel between locations or have fun on it, whether cruising or doing tricks!

Are You An Experienced Or A Beginner?

It is an essential topic since some boards include design that makes getting used to longboarding difficult for inexperienced riders. 

Thankfully, this Sanview board is highly beginner-friendly while still giving expert riders enough technology to appreciate the board. 

This board may be too beginner-friendly for those riding longboards for a long time, preventing them from achieving their full potential.

The wheels of the Sanview Longboard are pretty smooth, and its deck is large enough to allow for easy cruising. 

However, for novices, this board is the best currently available. The expansive deck and thick grip tape help newbies gain a firm grasp on the board and maintain a proper posture. Overall, this one is suitable for both beginner and experienced riders.


Flexibility is an essential factor to consider when it comes to longboards, and this board offers this feature. The board’s deck is made of bamboo instead of the more common maple, which gives it more flexibility. Flexibility helps you to ride with more ease and confidence, which is a significant plus.

Final Thoughts 

If you enjoy longboarding, you should try out this cruiser longboard. We promise you that this Sanview skateboard will not let you down in any way.

The combination of a distinctive look, a stylish appearance, and a sturdy structure will provide you with a pleasurable ride.

Hopefully, this in-depth Sanview longboard review is beneficial to you in picking one for your demand.

Thanks for reading!

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