How Do Skateboard Trucks Work? A Guide For New Skaters


Most people know what skateboard trucks are, but not many know how do skateboard trucks work

There are various types of trucks with different brands, materials, and sizes. Despite that, there is a general principle of operation for all kinds of trucks.

Certainly, it is rather confusing at first glance. However, skaters need to understand the system of trucks completely. Thanks to that, you can choose the best product as well as make it work best.

The article by Skateboard Cast will help you investigate the function of each part to know how skateboards work. 

How Do Skateboard Trucks Work?

Are All Skateboard Trucks The Same Size

The truck is a small but vital part of skateboarding. As we said before, this section is a list of short guidelines on the parts and how each part functions.

The truck stays underneath the deck. Manufacturers would somehow make the truck tightened enough to offer stability while skating. 

The truck includes a metal axle, holding two wheels. Therefore, each consists of two trucks and four wheels. Not the deck, but the truck carries the majority of the weight.

As trucks stay under decks, they will help you show flip tricks while including momentum on the surface. Simply, it is one of the most important parts that go around and keeps the balance while riding.

The Baseplate

The base of the truck is the lowest part. It is a crucial element as the base is the foundation of all the trucks.

The baseplate can hold the board and also help to level the pressure put on it. Moreover, the base carries all of them thanks to the kingpin.

This component has a set of four, five, or six holes. The function of these drilled holes is to connect the truck with the deck. Therefore, when choosing a truck, you need to guarantee that the quantity of holes fits your deck.

The Kingpin

The kingpin is the main pin in all trucks, leading to the term KING-PIN. Similar to all automotive or pieces of equipment, pins are a crucial part that can keep everything together.

To avoid the risk of metal damages or vibrations, the kingpin carries cushioning which wraps around it. It is called bushings, and we will investigate it in the next part.

The function of the kingpin is to hold the hanger and base together. Luckily, if it gets damaged, you can buy another kingpin that fits the truck’s size. It is relatively easy to change the kingpin yourself!

The Bushings

How Do Skateboard Trucks Work

As we mentioned before, the bushing wraps around the kingpin. This component offers padding support to the truck and the deck. This support will dampen vibrations when you move or do flip tricks. Because of two pairs of kingpins on a truck, you need a set of four bushings.

To match your skateboard, you can decide between two types of bushings. These types depend on the level of toughness. 

The harder bushing is better for experienced or technical skateboarders or anyone who is more weighty, though it is less resistant. You can also buy the softer, which is more responsive and suitable for anyone who focuses on conducting smoother flip tricks.

The Hanger

If you are thinking about the T-shaped component, the answer is correct! 

The hanger has four wheels attached on two sides. It also contains the part of the kingpin. The hanger has a direct connection with the landing so that it needs to be the most powerful component of all trucks.

Although the hanger is very sturdy, it can still become weaker over time. Luckily, you can replace it. Just remember that this part’s width is a good fit with your deck.

The weight of some hangers is extremely light with hollows within them. Others are quite heavy and can give even more support. Your choice will depend on your skating style.

The Risers

As the term implies, the riser can boost or control the deck height. You can jump very high if you have a high deck. You can do flip tricks better if you have a low deck.

Moreover, some skateboards can help reduce vibrations thanks to their design. However, keep in mind that fewer vibrations can lead to a lesser feeling when skating. As we recommended earlier, you should select the trucks with the right riser depending on your skating style and feeling preference.

Above are the parts of all trucks, including the best carving longboards.

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Other Factors Of Skateboard Trucks Operation

The system of trucks and other two major elements you need to understand to know which one is best for you. They are the material and measurement of trucks.

Material Quality

There are various kinds of materials to make trucks. Materials, as well as design, will make or break your skateboard roads along with flip tricks.

The most popular material to make trucks is a mixture of steel and aluminum. Yet, some manufacturers have different formulas and adopt other materials to achieve more durability. Here is the list of popular materials you can see in trucks:

  • Steel
  • Magnesium
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum

In addition to materials, make sure it’s of superior quality with solid construction. You will prefer a skateboard truck that has great performance and lasts very long.

Height and Width

The trucks vary in height. It refers to the gap from the hanger to the base. Choosing the height will rely on your skating style.

The low trucks are more suitable for flip tricks, technical skateboarding style, with small wheels

The mid trucks are more suitable for most skateboarders as it compromises the low and the high truck.

The high trucks are more suitable for large wheels and it is best for tall skaters.

The width will depend on the deck’s size, so ensure the measurement is a perfect match when buying a new truck.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, you have found the answer to how skateboard trucks work. We think that now you get used to every part of trucks and know the function of each component.

Let’s come out and skate with your best!

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