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How to fix a skateboard that turns by itself? 


It’s entirely normal for skateboards to turn a bit on their own. It does not cause too much impact on the skateboarding process. 

However, when the skateboard begins to turn by itself forcefully. Players will feel uncomfortable when it is difficult to control. So, how to fix a skateboard that turns by itself? We will share the most detailed instructions in this text!


How to fix a skateboard that turns by itself?

A skateboard turns by itself for many different reasons. So there are many ways to fix it. Here are some of the best solutions:

  • Check and replace the bushing
  • Loosen or tighten the trucks
  • Replace worn-out wheels
  • Renew the truck axle when it curves
  • Check bearings, clean or replace
  • Replace damaged baseplates
  • Correctly install all screws, bolts, nuts
  • Adjust your skate technique


When a skateboard turns by itself, it will be due to many different reasons. The first thing you need to do is check the entire skateboard. Any part such as bushings, trucks, bearings, even loose screws can make it difficult to control.

Make the following checks to have a skateboard at your disposal under any circumstances.

1. Check and replace the bushing

The bushing affects how smooth the skateboard turns by itself. If they show problems, you should replace them immediately.

Weather and external influences can cause bushings to lose flexibility. Check if they can pinch evenly.

How to fix a skateboard that turns by itself

The bushing affects how smooth the skateboard turns by itself 

If they do not pinch evenly and cracks or breaks appear, replace them. Bushings are not expensive, but they have a lot to do with the skateboard turning itself.

Pivot cup bushing is also an object you should check. Worn Pivot cup bushings can tip your skateboard.

Please make sure they are stable by removing the kingpin. If you find the bushings have problems, you should replace them for better control of the skateboard.

2. Loosen or tighten the trucks

It is not uncommon for trucks on skis to be too loose or too tight. This could be a mistake that everyone can stumble upon.

A truck that is too tight will fix it to steer in one direction. On the contrary, when loose, it will make it change direction suddenly. And as a result, it often goes out of its way.

How to fix a skateboard that turns by itself

A truck that is too tight will fix it to steer in one direction

Check the trucks, if you find them loose, tighten by tightening the nut into the bolt. Either way, you shouldn’t twist them too much.

Tightening the truck to a moderate level will be beneficial to control the direction of the skateboard. So if they’re too tight, loosen the nut a little.

Make sure both your trucks have the same tightening. The disparity between them can cause unequal redirects.

3. Replace worn-out wheels

Each person will have a different way of controlling the skateboard. So the tilt, the direction of inclination every time you make the skateboard, becomes a habit.

As a result, you will wear out some wheels more than others. And of course, their diameter will change, the size of the wheels will have a difference.

How to fix a skateboard that turns by itself

You need to replace the worn wheels

They are the cause of instability when controlling skateboards. All you need to do is replace the worn wheels.

4. Renew the truck axle when it curves

Remove the wheels and check if their truck axles are bent. Curved truck axles can damage bearings.

The best thing you can do with a truck axle is to replace it.

5. Check bearings, clean, or replace

Needless to say, bearings are an extremely important part of a skateboard.

Check them regularly if cracks or broken bearings appear. Please replace them immediately to ensure the stability of the skateboard.

If there is a lot of dirt inside them, proceed to clean the bearings according to detailed and precise instructions.

Bearings aren’t really that expensive, but they’re essential to stability when skateboarding. It would be best if you replaced them when they have problems.

How to fix a skateboard that turns by itself

Check to bear regularly

6. Replace damaged baseplates

Few people will notice the base plate, but they occupy an important position. They are the bridge between the truck axle and the deck. There are a lot of bolts and nuts that mount in this location.

Check the base plate, if the bolt holes in them appear torn or cracked, they will cause the truck to bend. As a result, the skateboard flips more easily.

Replacing the base plates will ensure efficiency and safety as you operate.

7. Correctly install all screws, bolts, nuts

When you tighten the bolts, nuts, or screws too tightly, the skateboard becomes stiff. It will only move in a certain direction and lacks flexibility.

How to fix a skateboard that turns by itself

Check all screws, nuts, and bolts and make sure they attach

On the contrary, when the screws and nut bolts are loose, you will feel them turn by themselves continuously. It isn’t easy to control their direction according to your will.

Check all screws, nuts, and bolts and make sure they meet the following:

  • You should tighten the bolts and nuts
  • Check the nuts next to the truck axle. Please make sure they’re tight but don’t affect the spinning wheel.
  • Make sure to attach the wheels properly
  • Truck-mounted screws and nuts are firm and do not move
  • Make sure the bearing pads are working properly

8. Adjust your skate technique

Not only due to physical factors, but the skateboard can also turn by itself if you skate the wrong way.

I’m not here to mention that you’re intentionally doing the wrong technique. This confusion could be due to each person’s skateboarding habits.

Of course, I’ve made the same mistakes, notably pushing Mongo.

The Mongo push technique makes it very difficult for us to balance on the skateboard. The skateboard will deflect as we move. So we have to give up or reduce the frequency of using this push.

When does the status of the skateboard turn by itself appear?

As mentioned above, there are many different reasons for the situation of the skateboard turning by itself. However, you can see the main reason for this situation through some of the issues we give below:

1. Damaged bushings

Damaged bushings are when they have cracked, broken, bent, or dried out. This causes them to lose all flexibility to support the skateboard.

The cause may be because you used to steer according to a guide to an irregular bushing. It can crush one side a little more than the other.

How to fix a skateboard that turns by itself

Damaged bushings are when they have cracked or bent

2. Worn wheel

The wheels wear out due to your habit of tilting the board. Constantly, learning to one side when skateboarding will cause some wheels to wear out faster.

As a result, your wheels will be uneven. Worn wheels will be smaller in size than other wheels.

Naturally, the results of an unstable foundation will lead to disparities. When you skate on the wrong skateboard, you won’t be able to control it well.

Not to mention the misaligned wheels will easily tip the skateboard.

3. Broken bearings 

Bearings play an important role in stabilizing the skateboard. It helps stabilize the wheels and produces smoother skates.

However, when the bearings are dirty and cracks appear, it is different. It creates small vibrations that cause the wheels not to operate stably.

How to fix a skateboard that turns by itself

Bearings help stabilize the wheels and produce smoother skates

This is one of the main reasons the skateboard turns by itself.

4. Curved truck axle

Curved truck axles can deform your skateboard. It can also cause damage to the bearings and lead to wheel jams.

Of course, a skateboard with many irregularities, from truck axles to bearings and decks, cannot move in the direction you want.

5. Cheap deck or Toy Store

Honestly, you won’t be able to function well with a toy skateboard. They come with plastic-coated hardware and decks.

This isn’t an excellent skateboard to start with or perform any technique on.

I respect and do not mean to disparage these types of skateboards. However, I have to tell the truth, they are not the ideal skateboard to play in.

Try to save up and buy a complete skateboard. It will make a clear difference.

6. The truck is loose or too tight

Do you often see professional skaters checking out their trucks? This is the best way to control the direction of the skateboard.

How to fix a skateboard that turns by itself

A skateboard with a tight truck will lack flexibility

A semi-slide with a truck that is too loose or too tight will lead to the player having difficulty controlling the direction.

Certainly, a skateboard with a tight truck will lack flexibility. The flexibility of the skateboard seems to disappear. It creates a rigid skateboard and only goes in one direction.

On the other hand, when the trucks are loose, the flexibility is more than necessary. Even beyond your control. It constantly changes direction and turns by itself.

7. Screws, bolts, nuts have problems

Like trucks, too tight or too loose, the nuts and bolts will affect the direction of the skateboard.

They should not be too loose or too tight. The parts on the skateboard need to connect to a moderate degree.

So you need to check the tightness of screws, bolts, nuts regularly.

Best tips to help you control your skateboard better

To reduce the skateboard turn by itself, the player’s techniques play a significant role.

If you have reasonable control of the skateboard, the turns of the skate will not affect you much. In many cases, you will need the tips below!

How to fix a skateboard that turns by itself


You have reasonable control of the skateboard, the turns of the skate will not affect

1. Master the basic skateboarding techniques

No one can control a skateboard well without mastering the basic techniques. Mastering the first basic techniques helps you handle any situation well.

When mastering self-reflection, skills will appear and you also have more flexible ways of handling it. So practice regularly and master the basic skateboarding techniques.

2. Have a correct skateboarding posture

In skateboarding, posture is very important. A good skateboarding posture helps you maintain better balance.

A good posture helps you to be stable, confident and feel more comfortable when skating. Feeling comfortable will always inspire and make you consider the skateboard as a part of you.

It would help if you kept your shoulders parallel to the deck, feet to the correct position on the deck. Slightly bent knees will help you maintain the best balance.

3. No Mongo-style steer

This is one of the fundamental mistakes and habits that many beginners make. I used to be like that too.

This type of move is not wrong, but it will cause many difficulties for players. It does not provide the necessary stability for the skateboard while moving.

It is very difficult for you to stabilize the skateboard and continue doing tricks. Would be best if you regularly reminded yourself not to push Mongo.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I do instead of replacing the bushing if my bushing is out of order?

You can adjust the deflection bushing while moving the skateboard. Suppose you see which side the skateboard is leaning towards. Lean your body in the opposite direction.

This helps the skateboard to press the bushing in the opposite direction of the pinch. It helps to rebalance the misaligned bushing.

2. My bearing is old and I feel the wheel is not stable, should I replace it or not?

If the bearing is too old, you should replace it with a new one. However, you also need to check the truck or the screws. Because the unstable skateboard occurs due to many different reasons.

3. Does a curved deck have a shield that turns by itself?

Have! A curved deck or the appearance of cracks or cracks will also prevent the skateboard from going straight.

You should consider getting a new deck or repairing it if possible.

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The fact that the skateboard turns by itself is a common occurrence that makes players uncomfortable. You can fix this situation with the measures that we have introduced above.

Nothing is difficult when you have passion for them. Hopefully, our sharing will help you.

Thanks for watching!


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