How to Turn on a Skateboard: In-depth Descriptions for You


Nowadays, many young people have a passion for skateboarding. Becoming a professional player requires many basic techniques. 

Turning on the skateboard is a move that many people love. But, not everyone can do this. So, people are searching for how to turn on a skateboard. Keep scrolling to learn more via this article.

How to Turn on a Skateboard

Turn on a professional skateboard

How do you turn on a skateboard easily?

To know how to turn on your skateboard, you need to go through the following basic steps:

  • Find a spot on unobstructed, flat ground
  • Put your feet on the skateboard as usual
  • Determine the direction you want to turn when turning on the skateboard
  • Balance your body with a skateboard
  • Use your back foot to move near the tail of the skateboard
  • Put your weight on your back foot and bounce
  • Balance your body with a skateboard
  • Return to the original position 

When turning on the skateboard, a tilt operation will be easier. To do this, first, find unobstructed ground. One suggestion is the schoolyard, parking lot, stadium. 

When finished, stand on the skateboard as usual. Still use your feet to push the skateboard as you normally would. Next, choose a direction you want to rotate to perform. The footwork technique is to use the left foot as a pedal, the right foot on the board. 

Use your left toes to turn right and vice versa. In this step, learning is very important. The more you learn, the faster the speed will be. Then just stay in this position and turn on the skateboard as you like.

Thus, you have completed the turn on a skateboard. But, it was not a success. When bouncing up and down, you have to maintain balance. Keep the center of gravity if spinning the skateboard. That way you won’t lose your balance. 

If you don’t keep your center of gravity, you may fall. The best way is still to bend the knee to lower the center of gravity. 

Finally, just return to the starting position and slide as usual. If you want to stop playing, put your weight in the center of the foot.

How to Turn on a Skateboard

Step by step to turn on the skateboard

How to keep balance when turning on a skateboard?

To make the skateboard turn, the most important thing is still to keep the balance. If not, it will be difficult to turn it on. But don’t worry, it’s doable. Some suggestions below will help you know how to keep balance.

How to Turn on a Skateboard

Balance is very important when skating

1. Balance body position

Just one movement on the wrong body will lose balance. In skateboarding, it is not advisable to lean back. 

Body balance in the middle of the skateboard is very important. It’s better to lean forward slightly if you find it difficult to stay in the middle.

2. Notice the position of the legs

If you put your feet in a close position, you will easily fall back. Thus, it is necessary to stabilize the distance between the two feet. But this is not the most important solution.

The directional positioning of the foot is also important. Do not let your feet point forward. Putting it right in the middle of the skateboard is the best way.

3. Skateboarding speed

Speed ​​is also a factor to keep the body balanced. The faster you move, the easier it will be to balance. The slower it is, the faster it will fail.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to stop after turning on a skateboard?

This is very simple. You just need to keep your balance. Next is to slow down. Then go slowly and come to a complete stop.

2. How do you turn on a skateboard more professionally?

This will depend on yourself. Must reward regular practice. Refer to the playing techniques then do the same often.

3. Is there a way to push harder when turning on a skateboard?

Pay attention to keeping your body weight low and crouching low. Keeping your hips steady, push forward with your legs.

How to Turn on a Skateboard

Regularly practice turning on the skateboard


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How to turn on your skateboard is very simple. You just need to learn the most basic techniques and steps. Then you have to practice regularly to become a professional. Anyone can become a pro with regular practice.

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