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How To Motorize A Skateboard? Step-by-step instructions


You are a big fan of skateboards and get bored with the regular ones. Why don’t you upgrade them? If you are confused about the methods to motorize a skateboard, read on to discover! 

This article will introduce some important parts of an electric skateboard and give some instructions to carry out your project.

What Do You Need To Motorize A Skateboard?

High-quality elements enable you to motorize at your best. Don’t mind investing time and money in these parts:

1. Motor

Hub and belt are the two main types of skateboard motors. Belt drives were once the sole option. Hub drives have just appeared recently but become trendy due to their advanced technology.

How To Motorize A Skateboard

Hub drive motor

2. Battery

You will not get much power out of a weak battery, no matter how good the motor is.

There are other types of batteries, but LiPo and Lithium-Ion are the most prevalent.

3. ESC

ESC stands for Electronic Speed Control. This component determines your skateboard’s speed. According to the signals received, it’s simply a transmitter that attaches to the motor and controls its energy output. 

Make sure you are getting a high-quality ESC for skateboarding. Look for shops that specialize in making your electric skateboards.

How To Motorize A Skateboard

ESC in the skateboard

4. Trucks And Wheels

Hub motors often come with trucks and wheels. 

If you have a belt drive, ensure the wheels you choose are adequate with your motor. This entails inspecting the gear on the wheel and their size to ensure that the engine will fit.

5. Case

To remove dust and grime out of the engine, use a case. Because many cases do not include holes for features like a charging port, you may drill them independently.

6. Decks

The curvature of the deck will influence how you attach the components and how the board moves. 

Concave decks are ideal for foot support, but the curvature makes it more difficult to attach a motor and battery. Because decks with camber are naturally flexible, they will offer the same difficulties.

How Do You Motorize A Skateboard?

You have got everything you need. Now, it’s time to motorize your skateboard. Let’s follow these steps:

Step 1: Place the deck

To ensure that everything will fit in the configuration you desire, place the deck top-down and all the items on its top. If you are utilizing a shorter board, you will need to relocate the trucks.

Step 2: Install the trucks and motors

If you use hub drives, this is all done in one step. An installation manual is most likely included with your motor manual. Just follow it!

When installing the motor to the mount, it’s a good idea to put it on the truck first. You may install several locations based on which way you want the cables to travel. 

Step 3: Install the gear

You will need to make a hole in the wheel for the nuts to attach the pulley gear to it. Even if some wheels come with post holes, you may need to expand them. Use screw lock on the pulley gear nuts as well.

Move the motor into place on the vehicle and compress the screws. Slip the wheel on the truck and attach the pulley belt to the motor. While mounting the pulley belt, slowly revolve it.

Step 4: Install the battery and ESC

You have to drill holes for the switch, the charging port, and the wiring.

Now you can install the ESC and the battery in the case. Connect the battery to the charging port, the ESC to the switch, and finally the ESC.

Through the holes you have previously bored, insert the motor wires into the casing. Connect the ESC to these wires. 

Before you close the case, assure you check everything.

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We have shared with you how to motorize a skateboard. The process requires fine elements and lots of steps. However, the result deserves all the effort.

If you need further information, please feel free to contact us. We are always willing to assist you.

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