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How to kick turn on a skateboard? Best tips for you!


Kick turn is a basic but fascinating skateboarding technique. If you are passionate about skateboarding, what is one of the first techniques you should learn? Are you just starting to skate and don’t know how to perform this technique? How to kick turn on a skateboard? Follow our guidelines in this article to do the best!

How to kick turn on a skateboard?

You can do well with the kick turn trick by following these guidelines:

  1. Balance on two wheels
  2. Move and balance
  3. Take a kick turn
  4. Master the kick turn

All tricks will become easy if you persevere and practice hard. Kichturn will give you a new sense of excitement.

How to kick turn on a skateboard

Kick turn help you change direction right on the skateboard

This is a trick to help you change direction right on the skateboard. Part of the skateboard and 2 wheels will leave the ground for a short time.

The surprise is that you will still be standing on the skateboard during the whole process. This technique will be quite tricky for beginners.

It requires players to have good balance and know how to apply force when necessary. If you’ve mastered some basic techniques, kick turning will be easier.

1. Balance on two wheels

Balancing on two wheels is vital to kick turn success.

You can practice balancing in places where the skateboard is difficult to move. For example, on the lawn, on a fur rug, or carpet.

A flat surface is also a prerequisite to help you perform better balance.

How to kick turn on a skateboard

You should practice balancing on a skateboard

  • First, stand in the basic olie position. You stand on the skateboard with your back foot across your tail. Your front foot should be in the back or on top of the front truck.
  • You bend your knees and keep your shoulders parallel to the deck.
  • Transfer about 2/3 of your body weight to your hind legs. Slowly lift the front leg slightly. The tip of the board will tend to lift as you put more force into your back foot.
  • When the board’s tip is lifted, try to stay calm and balance on the rear wheels.
  • During practice, you should keep it as long as possible.

Practice many times to be able to keep the balance for longer and better.

2. Move and balance

After you can balance the rear wheels well, you will do more difficult levels. You should perform this step on flat roads or flat surfaces.

How to kick turn on a skateboard

You should perform this step on flat roads or flat surfaces

  • Move the skateboard at a moderate speed, how to stand and posture as you practice balance.
  • Shift some weight to your back foot and lift your front foot, so the skateboard tip is up.
  • Hold your balance on the rear wheels for a moment and put your force into the front foot.

The tip of the skateboard hit the floor with great force. The skateboard continued to roll.

3. Take the kick turn

This is the most important part of kick turning. What you need to do in this stage is to rotate the nose of the skateboard to change direction.

How to kick turn on a skateboard

Raise the nose of the skateboard

  • At the same time, you keep sliding until the whole technique is over.
  • You will still be moving the skateboard at a moderate speed
  • Stand in the right position, ready to start
  • Turn your arms, hips, and shoulders toward your heels a little
  • Bend the block down a bit
  • Then rotate the arm then the shoulder and hip forward or backward
  • During rotation, raise the nose of the skateboard. Simultaneously rotate it with the two rear wheels as the center of the cylinder and the nose of the skateboard as the direction needle

(You can see it as a rotating compass)

  • Put the front wheel down with a loud noise and move as usual.

4. Master the kick turn

You should do the kick turn many times to be able to master it better.

You can perform kick turns with different rotation directions. In addition, the distance from the original skateboard’s nose to the point where it lands will change.

Performing kick turns with larger swing angles.

Some tips to make kick turn easier turn

For beginners, kick turns are really difficult. But with some tips from experienced people, you will make it easier and better.

How to kick turn on a skateboard

With some tips, you will make it easier and better

Some tips for you when doing kick turn:

  • Always keep a slightly bent knee position to lower the center of gravity for ease of stability without putting too much pressure on the back leg.
  • Do not raise the skateboard’s nose too high, and you will easily lose your balance and slip. A little raised front wheel would be better.
  • Should throw your shoulder first while performing the kick turn. It gives you better momentum to rotate.
  • When standing on the board, keep your feet shoulder-width and shoulder parallel to the deck.
  • Remember to start turning right before you stop and let your body point in the direction you want to drive.
  • Practice over and over again for perfect kick turns
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Knowing more tricks or performing kick turns will add more fun to this street sport. For beginners, the kick turn technique will be quite challenging to do.

However, through this detailed guide and practice, you will soon successfully execute the kick turn. Hopefully, the above knowledge will help you!

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