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Complete Guide On How To Jump Higher Skateboarding


No one can resist the allure of tricks in skateboarding, especially jumping higher. Although it is an essential technique, it is not easy to do and is the foundation for implementing more challenging techniques. 

So, what is the method to jump higher skateboarding? Follow along in this post for the most detailed instructions for this amazing technique!

How To Jump Higher Skateboarding?

You can still do higher skateboarding jumps by following these detailed instructions:

  • Practice the technique of turning on the previous game
  • Turn the skateboard up high and jump
  • Stretch your legs and push the skateboard to the ground
  • Jump higher while moving

Jumping skateboard up high will not be difficult if you regularly practice and do it properly. The first steps are always necessary and are the foundation for taking the following steps.

1. The technique of turning on the previous game

Practice the first step to get used to the back foot on the tail of the skateboard. At this point, the skateboard’s tail will hit the ground, so you can make the skateboard jump high.

How To Jump Higher Skateboarding

Before preparing to jump, stand next to the board and practice jumping

This is an essential first step in the process of higher-jump skateboarding. You need to do it carefully and with focus.

Before preparing to jump, stand next to the board and practice jumping up. Use your foot to press on the bottom of the skateboard to see how much force is needed to pop the skateboard’s nose up.

The practitioner stands on the skateboard in this step, keeping the ice straight, and releasing the whole body. Then bend your knees slightly and shift your weight onto the rear wheel hub.

Next, step back your back foot a little so that your foot rests on the tail. Step the tail down, just like you would stop the skateboard, but don’t touch the ground. Then turn the toe of the board up.

In the early stages of training, you should not practice jumping while moving. Suppose you are not familiar with the technique of jumping while standing still. It is very dangerous to do this while moving. 

As a result, the practitioner can fall off the skateboard and injure the wrist or joints.

2. Turn the skateboard up high and jump

The magic of this technique is that when jumping high, the skateboard seems to stick to our feet. Is it purely natural attraction or something else?

To perform this technique, the practitioner must make the skateboard bounce high while pulling the front foot toward the skateboard’s nose. Your front foot will go up and your back foot will kick down the tail.

How To Jump Higher Skateboarding

While ascending, lift your front leg slightly before raising the back leg

First, use the force on the back foot to turn the board up, and at the same time, you take the momentum to jump up.

While ascending, lift your front leg slightly before raising the back leg. Imagine you are running on the sidewalk and jumping over an obstacle.

Bring your feet forward to catch the skateboard. You should note that bring your front foot forward by pulling the edge of your foot against the deck up to the tip of the skateboard.

Do not lift your front foot and place it directly on the toe of the board. We need to drag the skateboard to friction and the board to stick to the feet.

After the skateboard bounces high, bring your feet forward to push the skateboard back and control it. You need to do so as soon as you jump high.

You should make this move at a fast pace. You have to jump high to get off the skateboard while bouncing the skateboard up with your back foot.

4. Stretch your legs and push the skateboard to the ground

Once you’ve pushed the skateboard horizontally, step it down into contact with the road. Do it by straightening your legs and lowering to the skateboard in the starting position.

How To Jump Higher Skateboarding

Bending your knees will take the pressure off your feet and the skateboard

When descending, the most important thing to remember is to step on where the skateboard attaches to the wheel hubs. At this point, you should bend your knees to increase your chances of continuing to move.

Bending your knees will take the pressure off your feet and the skateboard. Avoid injury on the leg or broken deck.

Note: Don’t be shy or embarrassed if you have to jump off the board. During the jump, if the skateboard is no longer balanced or feels like something is wrong.

Don’t try to land on the skateboard, but light on the ground with your feet instead. You will avoid injury.

5. Jump higher when moving

After having mastered the higher jump in place, you will start doing it on the go.

The steps are similar to jumping higher in place. However, in the first steps, you should move at a slow speed.

After a while, you should increase the speed. The higher the speed, the higher your jump will be.

Best Tips To Jump Higher On The Skateboard

Of course, the higher you jump the skateboard, the more stimulation it brings to the player. 

How To Jump Higher Skateboarding

Basic techniques will help you avoid injury when jumping too high

Unlike what you learn in the basics, jumping higher will give you a sense of accomplishment.

The following tips will help you have amazing skateboard jumps!

1. Practice mastering the usual jumping technique

To reach a higher level, we need to master the basics. Mastering standard dance techniques make it easier to jump higher.

In addition, basic techniques will help you avoid injury when jumping too high. You will also have better control over everything.

2. Use stronger jumping force

When jumping, the plank seems to stick to your feet. So the higher you jump, the higher the board will follow you.

3. Raise your feet

To jump higher, when you jump, bend your legs. Especially for the front leg, bring the knee up close to the chest.

4. Move at a faster speed

Speed ​​will push both you and the board higher. However, this is quite dangerous.

It would help if you only increased the speed when you have really mastered the jumping technique and have good situational skills.

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Jumping the skateboard higher is a fun technique. Experience with it will be a lot better if you know how to do it. Hopefully, our detailed guide above will help you jump higher with the skateboard. 

Thank you for reading!

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