Things to know when choosing skateboard grip tape alternative


As a skateboarding enthusiast, you know the importance of skateboard tape. Tape Grip allows you to keep your skateboard in place while performing stunts. Alternative skateboard grip tapes come in various colors and patterns that add to the aesthetic of your skateboard.

If you are looking for an alternative skateboard grip tape or buy it as a gift for your loved ones. This article will provide a lot of knowledge for you to have a basis for choosing a suitable alternative tape grip.


What is skateboard tape?

skateboard grip tape alternative

What is skateboard tape?

Grip tape is a type of sandpaper with an extremely sticky underside. So, you stick to the surface of your skateboard for grip or increased traction. This product keeps you safe on the skateboard and allows for a variety of tricks.

Grip tape comes in a variety of colors with different prints or graphics. These motifs can represent a brand or design by gluing together thumbnails.

In the past, skateboard tape was mostly black. However, nowadays, it is very hot for young people to design their skateboards. So, transparent colored adhesive tapes are also very popular.

A standard skateboard tape measures 9″ x 33″ (22.8cm x 83.8cm), which fits most skateboards on the market. For wider and longer skis, there are also larger types with varying levels of detail.

Things to know when choosing skateboard grip tape alternative

To this day, there is still no completely correct way to choose the right skateboard grip tape alternative for someone. However, throughout research, we have drawn the following things that you can apply to make your choice easier.

Skateboard grip tape alternative durability

This is a very important thing to keep in mind when looking for different types of adhesive tape. The three main points to keep in mind to see if the alternative grip tape you choose is durable are weatherproof, tear-resistant, and non-stick.

  • Weather resistance is the ability to resist temperature and humidity. So, the best alternative skateboard grip tapes will last in both extreme hot and cold climates, and if they’re waterproof, that’s even better.
  • Tear resistance is just the physical strength of the substrate. And tearing the grip tape can kill the surface of your skateboard and need replacing. So you should choose to buy a product that is resistant to tearing if you want protection against these accidents.
  • Grip tape’s non-stick strength is another factor that buyers need to consider when determining its durability. A strong grip tape alternative can withstand even the harshest conditions and roughest skaters. If you want the alternative grip tape to have a smoother texture to keep you safe, choose a product with a roughness of 80 or higher.

Easy to use

There are alternative Grip tape alternatives that are safer than most non-bubble varieties. That’s why perforated skateboard tape is what you’re looking for. 

Each of these products has a lot of small air gaps. So you can easily stick it to your skateboard without having to think about the air trapped underneath loosening the tape.

Also, choosing to buy alternative Grip tape that is the same size or wider than your skateboard will provide convenience when you stick it to the skateboard.

Skateboard grip tape alternative colors and textures

The colors or designs on the skateboard grip tape alternative can express the skater’s personality and preferences.

While black tape is the most common and basic, many manufacturers also sell tape in various colors, with stickers and graphics that you can use. In particular, you can design your graphic map for skateboard tape and make sure no one will duplicate it.

Choose to purchase and own a variety of alternative grip tapes that allow you to personalize your skateboard. 

Or, if you can’t find what you want, you can spray paint it yourself or buy stickers and stick it on the tape according to your preferences. 

I guess that would be a great experience there!


Currently, waterproof skateboard tape is very popular, and many people prefer to choose it. Because of its waterproofing ability, you will not have to worry about the wet skateboard, leading to slippage and loss of safety.

Besides, most waterproof types are more durable than conventional ones. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not choose a waterproof replacement skateboard tape product.

Got the best price

Whether you choose a major or specialty brand of replacement skateboard tape, its cost will vary considerably. You will also find a good grip skateboard tape for a reasonable price.

Most skateboard tapes range in price from $10 to $30. Besides, products with unique designs, more attractive in terms of images, or larger will often have a higher price.

In addition, the roughness of the adhesive tape is also another factor that affects the price. Adhesive tape with lower roughness will be cheaper and more expensive.

How to care for and clean skateboard grip tape alternative

skateboard grip tape alternative

Tape alternative

You have to start taking good care of your skateboard grip tape alternative. The same way you would with your skateboard if you want it to last a long time. You’ll be overly careful at first, but you’ll quickly get used to keeping things clean soon enough.

There are two ways to clean your replacement skateboard tape.

  • You can clean the dirt on your skateboard tape using a specialized cleaner. This method is rated very durable and can clean quickly.
  • If you don’t have a dedicated cleaning tool, a toothbrush can also help you clean skateboard tape. You just need to wet and scrub with a toothbrush in a circular motion to clean. However, this method has the disadvantage that if you use it regularly, the roughness of the tape can be significantly reduced.
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So through the above article, we have introduced to you the information you need to know when choosing a skateboard grip tape alternative. Hopefully, through here, you can update more useful knowledge and at the same time make the product selection simpler and more optimal. 

Hope you find the right item soon!

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