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Can you spray paint grip tape? How to do it?


Skateboards are a way for players to express everything from fashion, skate style to attitude. Customizing your skateboard is the most liberating activity for you to express your personality. 

Spray paint on skateboard tape is a fun and creative way to customize. Many people still wonder if they can spray paint grip tape. In this article, we will give you the most specific description and instructions.


Can you spray paint grip tape?

The answer is Yes.

You can absolutely paint spray grip tape. It does not affect your use of the skateboard. Spray paint on the grip tape will help fill in the tiny holes in the grip.

Many people use this way to express their artistic creativity on the skateboard. Players can express their talent and style through artistic paint on the grip tape.

The nose, as well as tail of the skateboard deck, is where the most friction with your shoes is. You should avoid thick spray paint in these areas. 

Otherwise, the spray paint will affect the control of your skateboard. You can also try spray paint on another surface and then do it on the grip tape.

What do you need to prepare to spray paint on grip tape?

Spray paint on grip tape doesn’t need a lot of tools but you have to do it properly. Here’s all you need to prepare.

  • A flat surface: It makes it easier to stick grip tape without creating wrinkles or air bubbles.
  • Sheet of grip tape: You can find it on Amazon. There are many types of grip tape for you to choose from.
  • Razor Blade or box cutter: You use this to cut the excess tape at the deck’s hilt.
  • Paint pens: You can easily customize the paint strokes on your grip tape. Tape can damage the pen, so be gentle.
  • Scissors: Use scissors to cut lines and shapes as you like.
  • Stickers: This is the easy way to create patterns on grip tape without painting.
  • Spray paint: You can find them easily on Amazon.

How to spray paint grip tape?

We will show you how to spray paint grip tape in detail. The steps are very simple as follows:

Step 1: Choose the grip tape you want

Choosing duct tape can be confusing. If you are unsure of your paint job then choose black duct tape. You can easily paint with a paint pen. 

Black duct tape is the choice of many players. Because it is easier to decorate and paint than others. The manual must ensure that the customization is accurate and beautiful.

If you want to use stickers or drawings for decoration, choose clear tape. This type of tape is very easy to cut and paste and put unique drawings on it.

Many people who want to have opacity on the handle also choose this type of grip tape. They usually put a childhood photo or a dollar bill and then put clear tape over it. But it’s not easy to get them when replacing the grip tape.

Can you spray paint grip tape

Choosing the right tape will help you spray paint on the grip tape easily and freely

You don’t want to choose traditional black or clear grip tape. You can consider buying many colors or mixing colors together. There are no rules for decoration.

It completely depends on your creativity. A sheet of paper with graphics and letters is also a good idea you can refer to. Choosing the right tape will help you spray paint on the grip tape easily and freely.

Currently on Amazon offers a wide range of grip tape styles suitable for each type of skateboard. You can refer to some of the most popular types below. Choose from duct tape to easily customize it to your style.


  • Classic Black Grip Tape: This is the most popular and traditional type of tape. It’s very easy to customize with paintbrushes and creative stickers.
  • Clear Tape: Customize photo tape, dollar bills, and stretch labels. They stand out with clear tape.
  • Colored Tape: This is for players with a strong personality and style. They always show their distinction through color combinations according to their ideas.
  • Graphic Tape: This tape requires less customization. It is already available in lobby shapes and graphic colors. It is also less common than the three types of duct tape above.

Step 2: Prepare the necessary tools

The underside of the tape is very sticky. In the process of cutting tape and labels, you cannot interrupt. You must prepare all the tools on a flat surface to customize your tape.

To customize your grip, you’ll need a razor blade or a small hand knife. Arrange the colors in the order of your design. Be careful when using sharp objects. If you are a minor, you should ask for help from an adult.

Paintbrushes are the most important tool. It shows your creativity and artistry directly on skateboard tape. Learn about spray paint applications to make them easier to use.

Step 3: Cut and paste your decorations

You cannot rearrange your decorations after sticking your handle on the deck. If you try hard, it will ruin the overall decoration. When peeling off the back of the masking tape, you must make the cuts first. 

Only then can you rearrange your layout as desired. This is easy to do when you want to mix different colors and patterns.

To cut your clips into different shapes and sizes, the best tool is scissors. Then put them on the board according to your creativity. 

You should not glue them too close together. A distance of more than 10 millimeters is most reasonable. It is also easy for you to create linear shapes and patterns.

A good tip is that you should choose to cut and paste the stickers first. Then create lines with complex colors. If you don’t want to hide the logo of your brand, you can trim the excess.

There is a general rule when applying decorative glue is not to rush. Otherwise, you will easily lose and risk your stickers and paintbrushes. Use originality and patience to arrange different shapes and colors.

The most important thing is you have to spend time and effort on it. You need to make sure you don’t create air bubbles when gluing those things.

Can you spray paint grip tape

You should choose to cut and paste the stickers and create lines with complex colors

Step 4: Technical paint by paint pens

Spraying paint on the tape depends on the skill of each person. Professional skaters find this more fun than custom stickers. 

Spray paint on grip tape is spray paint on a message or word of encouragement. It also shows the style of the players. These artworks make a huge impression and make a difference from other players.

The aesthetic of spray paint is a hallmark of skateboarding. A message that is meaningful to you will appear and artistically with the paintbrush. It is much more sensitive than the others. 

Make your skateboard stand out in the most distinctive way. Once you’ve finished spraying the skateboard tape, enjoy your hard work and creativity.

Some tips when spraying paint on the grip tape

Don’t abuse paint

You have to pay attention to the places where you can put paint on it. Especially where there are large cut edges. 

If you paint too much on the skateboard, you will make it look like a mess. You will also have difficulty when manipulating your skateboard. 

Thick lines in one position will be unsightly and cause problems during skateboarding. You should focus on aesthetics and safety rather than just spray paint.

Custom cutting for beginners

Cutting the decorations to the width is the best way. It helps customize the decorations for the skateboard. 

You need to cut in one or two positions then rotate the head from top to bottom of the board. This helps you align the perpendiculars in a perfectly straight line.

You want to distinguish the nose from the tail of the board. You must place those lines toward the bottom or top of the skateboard.

Replace spray paint with bleach or nail polish

There is a traditional way of doing it when there is no spray paint. You can replace spray paint or spray paint with bleach or nail polish. This is very useful for those who do not want to spend money on spray paint.

Bleach and nail polish are cheap and easy to use. They are just as effective as spray paint and spray paint. However, it may affect your ability to control the skateboard.

Customize according to your creativity

When you spray paint on the skateboard tape, you can improvise as you like. You don’t need to know exactly what you’ll be writing, pasting, and drawing to customize your tape. It’s important that you like it and that you follow the right instructions. It’s all your effort and creativity.

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Final Thoughts

Above is the useful information about spray paint grip tape that we found out. We believe this article will help you successfully spray paint on the grip tape. You need to follow our instructions.


Reference: spray paint skateboard grip tape

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