Do you need grip tape on a skateboard? How to do it?


Skateboarding is a sport that requires dexterity and speed. Skateboards are an important factor that helps players perform beautiful techniques. Players must always prepare a satisfactory skateboard to support them as much as possible while playing. So, do you need grip tape on a skateboard? In this article, we will give you the most accurate answer.


Do you need grip tape on a skateboard?

The answer is Yes.

Grip tape is an important part of skateboarding. It provides stability and stability to keep your feet on the skateboard. In particular, during skateboarding, your feet must be fixed on the board.

If your feet cannot stay firmly on the board, you will not be able to control the board and may fall. Griptape will keep you on the skateboard thanks to its roughness.

What is grip tape?

Grip-tape is a sheet of sandpaper. It consists of two sides: an extremely rough side and a very sticky side. It has the effect of creating grip and adhesion when skateboarding in any style. This is an important factor for you to stay in shape throughout the process of skateboarding

Most grip tape is black. However, you can still express your style with a grip tape. Many types of grip tape have eye-catching designs and colors. They represent your style and taste.

Grip tape comes in different sizes. It is suitable for both skateboarding and longboarding. The grip tape for skateboards is usually 9″ X 33″. Size 12″ X 4′ is more suitable for longboarding. 

No matter what type of skateboard you are on, make sure a grip tape covers the entire skateboard. Whenever you feel grip tape does not have enough grip and stickiness. You need to replace it with a new one. The components of grip tape are usually disposable.

How to grip tape on a skateboard?

To grip tape on a skateboard, you must prepare some materials including grip tape, Screwdriver, Razor Blade, or Box Cutter. The steps are very simple as follows:

Step 1: Align length and width.

First, you place the skateboard on a flat surface like a table or the floor. Peel the old grip tape off the deck. If it’s so sticky, you can use a dryer. 

The dryer will melt the glue. It makes peeling easier. Slowly pull it off the deck from one side. If you pull fast and hard, the tape will break. This makes peeling old grip tape more time-consuming.

Do you need grip tape on a skateboard

Step 2: Clean the skateboard.

Remove any dirt and sand that may be on the deck. If leftover, it will reduce the stickiness of the center of the grip tape.

Step 3: Align the skateboard deck.

Please place the tape on the deck for specific length and width. Make sure a grip-tape is longer and wider so that when you’re done you’ll remove the excess. Be careful not to let grip tape stick to the deck.

Step 4: Stick on the deck.

You peel off part of the protective film of the grip tape. Place the peeled portion of the tape center onto one end of the deck. Then press the grip tape down on the skateboard surface while pushing the guard off the tape. 

If wrinkles appear by accident, pull the grip tape back to remove them. This is a step that requires dexterity with both hands. You have to take it slow and be patient.

Step 5: Swipe all the way from the hilt to the deck.

You use your hand to swipe the tape in one direction from one end to the other. This removes all air bubbles and wrinkles. Grip-tape will ensure that it adheres firmly to the deck to create a smooth surface. Make sure the drip tape covers the entire deck surface.

Do you need grip tape on a skateboard

You use your hand to swipe the tape in one direction from one end to the other

Step 6: Remove all excess.

Use a metal file to scrape around the edge of the skateboard deck. This is the method of firmly fixing the grip tape. Shave until a white border appears on the edge. This border is also where you need to cut off the excess tape.

Next, use a knife to remove excess glue along that contour. You have to cut in a long and steady path. You will expose the wood surface if you cut the white border. 

Remember to use both hands and keep your fingers safe with the knife. Once you have applied the grip tape, check for air bubbles. If so, make several incisions to remove them. Then, use duct tape to seal the incision.

Step 7: Poke holes to screw the skateboard wheel.

You need to get another deck of the same size to mark where to poke holes. And use the pencil to mark the locations of the holes. Then poke 8 holes in the deck with a screwdriver. Try to trim the excess after poking.

Step 8: Decorate the grip tape.

You can be as creative because you want with the grip tape. Make some special shapes for the tape to create an impression and style. If possible, use crayons or paintbrushes to create patterns on them. They will be the highlight to create your own distinction.

If you can’t do these steps yourself, you can take it to a skate store. Many skate stores already offer grip-tape on a skateboard service. But it will cost.

The Best Skateboard Grip Tapes in 2021

1. Grizzly Stamp Print 9×33

Grizzly Stamp Print 9×33 is the choice of many professional skateboarders. Its grip is very good but not too sharp for your thick pair. Therefore, it does not affect your shoes too much. Its size is suitable for many different types of skateboards and cruisers.

Do you need grip tape on a skateboard


2. Mob Skateboard Grip-Tape Sheet

This tape is of very good quality. During play, it has a very high bearing capacity and is not easy to tear. However, its roughness is also very high, so it is easy to burn your shoes. 

After a period of use, the roughness of this tape will soften over time. Its size is also suitable for skateboards but not for longboards.

Do you need grip tape on a skateboard

3. Black Diamond Sheet of Grip Tape

This is a skateboard tape company that has been around for 15 years. There is no doubt about its durability as well as sharpness. There are many colors and sizes for you to choose from. This tape is of good quality but the price is not too high. That’s why so many people trust this brand so much.

Do you need grip tape on a skateboard

Frequently Asked Question

1. Do I have to remove the skateboard wheels before applying them to a skateboard?

It is not necessary to remove the skateboard wheel. If you don’t remove it, you can still stick the grip tape on a skateboard. However, you need to make sure to cut the 8 holes in their correct position. And removing the skateboard wheel also makes it easier for you to do. Because the wheel is easy to move while you do the steps above.

2. Should I stick the grip tape in black or other colors?

You can choose grip tape according to the color and style you like. It does not affect your game. If you like the classic, choose black. Other grip-tape colors and designs will depend on your style. However, black is the most popular choice among many people.

3. Should I sand and paint my skateboard deck before applying grip tape?

It is useful to sand the deck of the skateboard before gluing. It helps the glue of the grip tape stick more firmly to the deck. The durability of the tape will also be improved. It is not necessary to paint the skateboard deck before applying the tape. When you use clear tape, the paint will beautify the skateboard.

4. What should I do if I don’t want to use black tape?

You can easily find tapes in many colors including clear tape. Currently, on Amazon, there are many types to meet the needs and preferences of players. You can even use crayons to get creative on the tape after applying it on a skateboard. It depends on your style and creativity.

5. Can I stick the tape over the tape without removing the old tape?

This is absolutely not. The surface of the old tape is very rough and dirty. It makes it impossible for the new layer of tape to stick. If you put duct tape over the tape, it makes the skateboard deck thicker. You will have difficulty adjusting the skateboard.

6. How to poke holes when the screws are already on the skateboard?

You just need to turn the skateboard back to see the holes. Now you just need to use a knife to poke the tape along those holes.

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Final Words

Do you need grip tape on a skateboard? Now you have the answer to this question. We hope the information will assist you to apply the tape successfully. Wish you have a great time with your skateboard


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