How To Clean Skateboard Wheels? A Step-By-Step Guide


Your skateboard’s wheels get dirty. It prevents you from feeling the speed while skateboarding. Should you buy the new set? Well, no! All you need to do is clean it. How to clean skateboard wheels properly? We will show you the way right below. Let’s read on!

When to clean skateboard wheels? 

There are some apparent signs as well as some less obvious clues. 

The most popular reason for cleaning the skateboard wheel is when you discover a strange thing. Perhaps you have a spot of gum on your wheel, making it wobble and thud. 

Or, maybe your wheels are soft and greasy, leading you to lose your hold on the surface.

You will know when they require cleaning regardless of how they became filthy since your ride does not seem smooth. 

In some cases, skaters clean a wheel because they love how new wheels look.

How To Clean Skateboard Wheels

The wheel needs cleaning regularly

How to clean skateboard wheels? 

Now, you may be ready to clean a wheels. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1: Set up space

You will get dirty while cleaning things. This is particularly true for a skateboard that spends a lot of its time riding on dirty surfaces. 

Make sure you will clean it in the right place, so you don’t leave a mess. This usually entails a level area with lots of room to maneuver.

How To Clean Skateboard Wheels

Because we will be taking a wheels and bearings out, you may need a safe place to store them.

Overall, you, as well as the surrounding region, will almost certainly get soaked. Use a towel to keep the place clean, or work outside or even over the sink to minimize the mess. 

Remember that we want to prevent getting your board’s hardwood deck wet. The difference between success and failure is all in preparation.

Step 2: Take the wheels and bearings out

Remove a wheels with a skate tool or a wrench. To do so, remove each screw from the truck’s axle. Once the screw on a particular wheel has come out, place the axle at a 45-degree angle within the bearing to pull the bearings out.

Remember that each wheel has two bearings. If you stored them safely, and it would be best. Always keep your bearings in a dry, safe area to keep them from getting wet.

How To Clean Skateboard Wheels

Step 3: Soak the wheels

To make things simpler, you’d better use a bucket. If you do not have any, run them under a faucet. But, be aware that it will be rather dirty. While you are working, immerse the wheel in the bucket with some dishwashing soap.

The bearings are not on the wheel anymore. The soap may begin to dissolve the muck that has accumulated in the bearing beds. 

There must be a lot of muck on the wheel track that meets the ground. It brings the dirt and debris that does the greatest damage inside the wheels. 

After the wheel gets soaked, clean them well with a towel.

After cleaning the interior of the wheel, we may go on to the wheel track and sidewalls. Your wheels should soak long enough for you to simply remove the muck from the wheel track. This takes you to the next, and most important, stage.

Step 4: Brush the wheel

Wire brushes are not easy to come by. Yet, you can find them in a hardware store or online retailers.

Move the wheels under water to remove the muck on the wheel track. Then scrape out any embedded material with the brush. The muck might come off easier if you wet wheels before.

How To Clean Skateboard Wheels

Brush the wheel

Step 5: Dry the wheel

Drying the wheels is a crucial step in the cleaning procedure. 

Wheels appear to be porous. When getting wet, they not only collect additional dirt and filth, but they can also make your ride less smooth. 

It would be best to wait until your wheels are totally dry before inserting in the bearings and mounting the wheel to the skateboard in the next step.

How To Clean Skateboard Wheels

Wait for a wheel to dry

Step 6: Install the wheel

Reattaching a wheel is the next step. 

After adding the lubricant, reinstall the bearing shield.

Next, put the washer on the axle, followed by a bearing. You can attach the bearing isolator as well if you like. After that, put the bearing on the axis.

How To Clean Skateboard Wheels

Reinstall a wheel

Finally, use both of your hands to secure a wheel to a bearing.

How To Clean Skateboard Wheels

Use hands to secure a wheel

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How often should we clean the wheels?

Skateboard wheel cleaning is dependent on the weather and climate. It depends on how you use it. In general, you should clean them after three months. In case the weather or the practice area is tough, clean the wheels every month.

2. Can I use rubbing alcohol to clean the skateboard wheels?

Yes. Is it possible to use rubbing alcohol to clean skateboard bearings?

You may wash your skateboard wheels by immersing them in isopropyl alcohol for several hours. 

Because it is very explosive, you should exercise extreme caution while using it as a dirt remover. You should also wear gloves at all times throughout this procedure. After taking the wheels from the liquor, let them dry for 30 minutes.


We have just shared with you the method to clean skateboard wheels. After hard work, your skateboard will become brand new for sure.

If you need any further information, please let us know. We are always willing to assist you.

Thank you for reading!

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