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Soft vs Hard Skateboard Wheels: Which Is Better For You?


We guess there have been more than once when you were confused about choosing soft or hard skateboard wheels. Because wheels significantly influence the skateboard’s movement. Therefore, you need to make the correct choice.

Soft vs hard skateboard wheels, which is better for your skateboards? Follow Skateboard Cast’s shares and analysis below to know more!


Soft vs Hard Skateboard Wheels – Which Is Better?

In each case and different use purposes, soft and hard wheels will have more outstanding points. Specifically:

  • A soft skateboard’s wheels are suitable for long gentle rides and rough road surfaces. It gives you a light feeling when sliding the longboard and does not take much effort.
  • You are a professional skater, passionate about speed and technical performance. So, the hard skateboard wheel is highly suitable for you.

There are many differences between them that you should learn and explore

Through the brief answer above, you must have seen some of the different effects of these two wheels.

However, there are many issues between them that you should learn and explore. The issues will help you make accurate choices in the future.

Wheels are one of the parts that have the most influence on the movement and performance of skateboarding techniques. So you need to understand it better.

Stay tuned for the subsequent analysis to improve your skateboard wheel knowledge.

What Is a Soft Skateboard Wheel?

A soft skateboards wheel is a skateboard wheel with a reasonably low Durometer measurement. Their hardness readings typically range from 77A to 87A.

You will have a light and comfortable skateboarding experience when using this skateboards wheel. People also often use them for long trips.

Their hardness readings typically range from 70A to 83A

Thanks to the soft wheel’s structure, your skateboards can maintain a more stable speed when using this wheel. You also don’t need to waste too much effort to create thrust for the skateboard.

You will often find that most longboards use soft wheels. It helps this type of board perform better.

With the soft wheels, you can easily overcome any rough roads. Manufacturers have reduced the bounce on this wheel to a minimum.

Pros & Cons

  • Experience the fabulous and gentle long journey
  • Quickly generate thrust without much effort
  • Maintain a more stable skateboard speed
  • Easily stabilize on any terrain
  • Suitable for overcoming rough and rocky roads
  • Flexible wheel edges
  • Difficulty performing tricks and speeding up
  • Move slower than hard wheel
  • Not suitable for high-speed lovers

What Is a Hard Skateboard Wheel?

A hard skateboards wheel is a wheel with high hardness. The Durometer of the hard skateboard wheel ranges from 96A to 104A or 84B.

With this high stiffness, it will be suitable for professional skaters. They will efficiently perform tricks on the hard wheel.

 Skateboard Wheels Tight Or Loose

Thanks to its outstanding rigidity, it can quickly accelerate. But it will take more effort to generate thrust.

In addition, the high rigidity also makes the hard wheels make a lot of noise when moving. In particular, it is unstable and often bouncing.

You should not use it on rough roads. It is only suitable for performing techniques or accelerating over a short distance.

Pros & Cons

  • Better speed stretch and faster movement
  • Perfect for tricks
  • Landing without bouncing
  • Easy to control
  • Uncomfortable when traveling on long distances
  • Difficulty when moving on rough roads
  • Make a lot of noise

What is the Difference Between Soft and Hard Skateboards Wheels?

To make the correct choice for yourself, you need to distinguish these two types of wheels clearly. The difference between them may help you make a more accurate decision.

The difference between them may help you make an accurate decision

The difference between these two types of skateboard wheels base on the following criteria:

  • Durometer numbers
  • Wheel size
  • Grip
  • Speed
  • In case of used

We will go to analyze each small item above.

Durometer Numbers

As mentioned, a Durometer is a measure of the hardness of these two types of wheels. Because the hard wheels have a higher Durometer, it is much harder than the soft wheel.

Usually, the Durometer of a hard wheel will be between 96A – 84B. The soft wheel has lower ratings with a range of 77A to 87A.

Wheel Size

When you pay close attention, you can also realize that the soft wheels are much larger than the hard wheels.

The weight of the hard wheel is also lighter than the soft wheel. So we will see that the hard wheel moves faster and is easier to bounce.


Maneuvering is faster with the hard wheel simply because it has poor grip. It will not create friction when moving, so they are more flexible and faster than soft wheels.

In contrast, the soft wheel has a good grip, so it moves slowly but stably.


In the above, I also shared that the hard wheel’s speed is much better than the soft wheels. It is possible to maintain a steady and prolonged rapid acceleration.

Although the speed of the soft wheel is slower, it does not take much of your effort.

In case of used

You’ll see that people often use soft wheels for longboards. On the other hand, hard wheels are very familiar with skateboards. This is due to the characteristics and intended use of each type of board.

Soft wheels are suitable for rough surfaces and players who want a gentle ride. It is the softness of the wheel that gives the player a comfortable feeling.

On the contrary, the hard wheel is noisy and unstable, but it is excellent at performing complex techniques. It is more flexible and powerful.

Frequently Asked Questions
 Skateboard Wheels Tight Or Loose

1. Soft or hard wheels better for tricks?

As we have analyzed and shared above, the hard wheels is the best wheel for tricks. Thanks to its perfect rigidity, when you perform tricks, the wheel does not bounce when it hits the ground.

The lightweight, as well as small size, also make it more versatile in any case.

2. Is there any other type of skateboard wheel?

We can determine another type of skateboards wheel, the medium-hard wheel, based on the wheel’s hardness. This type of wheel has a hardness of 88A to 95A. The medium-hard wheel is not too hard nor too soft. 

This medium-hard wheel is suitable for many different types of skateboarding. It is a good choice for both rough surfaces and streets.

3. What surfaces is the Durometer B scale wheel best for?

Durometer’s B-scale skateboard wheels are extremely hard. Their rigidity ranks first among all wheels. So they are suitable for smooth surfaces such as floors or asphalt. 

Due to its high hardness, it will continuously bounce when it comes into contact with a rough surface. Not only is it bad for skateboarding, but it’s also easy to damage wheels. So, you need to avoid rough surfaces when using these wheels.

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The skateboard’s wheel is one of the essential parts of a skateboard. Choosing the right wheel is very important.

Whether it’s a soft or hard skateboards wheel, you need to understand the purpose of use before choosing. The right decision will make your skateboarding process more perfect.

Skateboard Cast hopes the above sharing can be beneficial for you. Thank you for reading!



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