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Nose Vs Tail Skateboard: What Is The Difference?


Today, skateboards are becoming popular sports equipment, especially among teenagers. Using a skateboard is quite simple, but many people wonder about the difficulty in distinguishing the nose and tail of the skateboard. In this article, Skateboard Cast will help you show the difference between them.

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About Nose and Tail Skateboard

Nose Vs Tail Skateboard

The phrase nose and tail refers to the two ends of the skateboard. Basically, these two parts are quite similar in shape. So many people have difficulty identifying them.

The nose is the forward-facing part of the skateboard and where you will place your front foot. The tail of the skateboard causes the rear to face the opposite direction from the board’s nose.

Both the nose and the tail of the skateboard are attached with wheels to help you move easily. In some boards, the distinction between nose and tail is not so clear.

It means you will have two ways to slide and use the nose and tail in the same role. When using this type of board, it is not necessary to identify the nose and tail parts.

However, with some specialized skateboards, the nose and tail of the board will have a marked difference. 

If used backward, the skateboard will not move. In addition, some types of boards must slide in the right direction for you to perform difficult movements. In these cases, it is important to distinguish the nose and tail of the skateboard.

Nose Vs Tail Skateboard – What’s The Difference?

If you are having trouble distinguishing the noise from the skateboard’s tail, Skateboard Cast will help you. We have compiled some of the differences and how to determine these two positions.

You can distinguish the nose and tail based on characteristics such as shape (size, structure), color, position, brand name, or product texture…

On the surface, the nose and tail of the skateboard seem very similar. So you can hardly tell them apart. 

However, when you look at them in detail, you will notice many differences between them. Specifically, some ways to distinguish these two divisions are:


The nose of the old skool skateboard.

In terms of shape, the skateboard’s nose usually has a larger surface size and angle ratio than the skateboard tail. When buying, you can use a ruler to determine these two locations accurately.

In addition, in some skateboards, the distance from the front skid fixation point to the nose will be longer than the distance from the rear skid to the tail.

Therefore, using this distance measure will help you distinguish the nose and bottom of the skateboard accurately.

Besides, you will find that the skateboard’s tail is usually closer to the ground than the nose. That’s why the bottom usually wears out faster.

Finally, in terms of curvature, the nose will be more curved than the skateboard’s tail.

By color

You can rely on color to distinguish the nose and tail of a skateboard. Usually, the nose will be brighter in color than the tail.

Position for brand name

Some skateboard types will be printed with the logo or brand name of the product manufacturer.

Then, to distinguish the nose and the tail, you just need to look at the brand name. The direction of the letter will be the nose, and the opposite will be the skateboard’s tail.

According to texture

Some professional skateboards will be designed with additional guards. This is also a sign that helps you distinguish the nose and tail of the skateboard effectively.

The nose will have a protective plastic bumper, and the tail will be fitted with a plastic cover. Therefore, based on the structure of the guard, you will easily identify these two positions.

Nose And Tail Skateboard Marking Tips

Nose Vs Tail Skateboard

You can use the above identification signs to distinguish the nose and tail of the skateboard. However, if your skateboard has very similar nose and tail designs, it is best to mark them.

Below, Skateboard Cast will share with you marking tips to help you easily identify the nose and tail of the skateboard.

For skateboards with similar nose and tail designs, it is best to use separate symbols to mark them once you have distinguished these two positions.

The easiest way to determine which is the nose and the tail is to ask the salesperson.

You can then use markers or crayons to make notes on the ends of the board. Note, use ink with good durability, longest lasting.

This will help you always distinguish the nose and tail to be more convenient to use. When using, you will find this bookmarking tip useful, especially for those who are forgetful.

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In short, distinguishing the nose and tail of a skateboard is not as difficult as people think. Hopefully, you can easily identify the nose and tail of the skateboard. If you are a forgetful person, use symbols to mark these two parts together.


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