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How to Carry A Skateboard? A Step-By-Step Guide For You


People often have difficulty carrying skateboards. How do you carry your skateboard from one place to another? The information-sharing about how to carry a skateboard will be very helpful for you. Let’s explore with Skateboard Cast

The Secret On How to Carry Skateboard

Wearing a skateboard always makes it difficult for skaters. You can apply the way to carry the skateboard below:

  • Hold the skateboard in your hand properly and professionally
  • Take the deck in the middle of the skateboard
  • Make sure you don’t hold anything in your hands
  • Do not let the bottom of the skateboard face you
  • Use the strap to wrap around the skateboard
  • Put the skateboard in the big bag

Hold the skateboard in your hand properly and professionally

The first step to carrying a skateboard is to hold it in your hands. Actually, people hold the board very simply. But if you want to be professional, you have to hold it properly.

After playing, you need to put the board right in front of you, leaving the board horizontally. The skateboard will have 2 positions: the beginning and the end.

You will place your right foot on the top end of the skateboard. Then you use the force of your feet to turn the skateboard up.

At the same time, place your right hand in front of your leg and point to the left. Finally, use your right hand to grab the top of the skateboard. 

So you have completed the step of holding the plank in your hand. Applying this way will make you look like a professional skater.

How to Carry A Skateboard?

Take the deck in the middle of the skateboard

Make sure your hands are not holding anything. After you complete the step of holding the skateboard, you will come to this step. At this point, the left hand will start working.

The right-hand holds one end of the skateboard and lifts it. The left-hand places the right midpoint of the skateboard. Then you hold it firmly.

Place your arms perpendicular to the skateboard when taking the deck in the middle. 

Do not let the bottom of the skateboard face you

At this step, it is very easy to have an accident. But it only happens when you point the wheeled chalkboard at yourself. Because it is not very stable but very loose when moving.

You need to put the flat top of the skateboard on your body. Besides, the side with the wheel must face out. The process of carrying the skateboard will be very safe and easy.

Use the strap to wrap around the skateboard

It’s easier to carry the skateboard with a strap. But you need to check if the wire is solid. Does it guarantee the length to wrap the skateboard?

Wrap the strap around the skateboard for balance and leave some extra for grip. The strap should also be soft so as not to scratch the skateboard.

Put the skateboard in the big bag

Since the skateboard is quite long, you must choose a bag that is large enough. Next, open the wide bag, put one end of the skateboard in first. Then you push the skateboard into the bag.

You must make sure the skateboard fits snugly into the bag. Finally, close the zipper of the bag and take it away. 

How to Carry A Skateboard?

What do you need to prepare when bringing a skateboard?

The first step when bringing a skateboard out is to prepare everything. Preparing the necessary tools is also important. Some suggestions you should know:

  • A skateboard: Of course, the most important is still the skateboard. For ease of movement, it is best to choose a board of the right size. You should not choose a heavy-weight skateboard for a long trip. Because it will be very difficult to move.
  • A bag for a skateboard: The bag brings many advantages to skateboard users. It can hold many things that you don’t have to hold in your hand.
  • A skateboard strap: If you don’t like carrying a bag, you can choose a strap. You can buy straps at skateboard stores. Choose the easiest to use and most luxurious.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to carry the skateboard so as not to scratch?

When choosing a bag, it should have a soft material. You have to be very gentle when carrying the skateboard.

2. Is it dangerous to carry a skateboard?

If you carry the correct instructions, there will be no danger.

3. Should you choose a strap or bag for your skateboard when taking it away?

It is dependent on the preferences of each person. A bag will hold more items.

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Final Thoughts

You have the answer to the question about the method to carry a skateboard. Follow the instructions to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. 

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