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Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane?


Skateboarding is a sport loved by young people. When going on long trips, many people also often bring skateboards. When traveling by plane, there are many problems to keep in mind. Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane? Skateboard Cast will share with you information related to this issue. 

Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane?

Passengers can bring a skateboard on a plane. But, you have to depend on many factors:

  • Regulatory policies of airlines for passengers.
  • Choose the right size skateboard
  • If the skateboard is too big, take it apart one by one
  • Make sure to follow all safety rules on the plane
  • You should choose mini skateboards for long trips.

Regulatory policies of airlines

Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane

All airlines will have their own policies and regulations. Some brands do not allow passengers to bring skateboards. You need to consult each brand before moving. Some suggestions when you choose to go through countries: 

  • Flights to the United States

For flights to the United States, you can bring your skateboard. The airline policy is that you do not bring prohibited goods. You will pass through security normally.

Skateboards are safety items. So you can not bring it on the plane. The Transportation Security Administration allows this issue.

United States domestic airlines mandate skateboards as checked baggage. Some brands also allow carry-on baggage. They will give you standard sizes and weights. But some brands don’t allow this.

You should ask the staff for support. Please call the airlines for specifics. Or you can check the website for the before published policies. 

  • Flights to Europe

Compared to the United States, Europe is somewhat more strict. They will set the baggage standards. You have to follow those rules exactly.

In two countries, England and France, you cannot bring skateboards of any kind. They will check at the security checkpoint.

There are some airlines that go through other countries that can carry skateboards. But you are also not allowed to carry on but must check-in.

Want to know how your trip was? Does the brand install a ban on skateboards? Then ask for the help of the airline’s customer service staff.

In particular, in Europe, you will not be able to bring skateboards as hand luggage to any country you want to go to. It is a rule that has been in place for a very long time.

Pay attention to the above notes when flying to European countries!

  • Flights to Asia

Regulation in Asia will be somewhat more complicated. They are not consistent across brands. They have a ban on liquids, sharp objects, and explosives.

Japan, Singapore, and China will not strictly ban the wearing of skateboards. Some other brands have different rules.

They assume that skateboards and gear are blunt. So you are not allowed to bring on the plane.

The best way is still to learn about the regulations of each brand!

  • Flights to Africa

African airlines have softer regulations. You can bring your skateboard on the plane.

There is no rule prohibiting this action. It is also not necessary to deposit. You can also take it as hand luggage.

But, there are also general rules when bringing skateboards on board. You must adhere to it for safety. And you must follow the airline.

Choose the right size skateboard

Dimensions and weight are within baggage safety rules. You will have to follow this rule.

If the skateboard is too heavy, too big, what should you do? The best way is to remove them.

You should divide it into separate parts. Remove the wheel and board individually. Note that they should be in the same position. That way you can easily reassemble.

Passengers can put their removed skateboards in their backpacks. Or you should also put it in a neat box. Place your luggage anywhere next to your seat. 

Bring a mini skateboard

Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane

No one will forbid you to bring a mini skateboard. Instead of dismantling the skateboard, bring a small-sized skateboard.

All regulations are for the purpose of ensuring the safety of passengers. So you need to follow those rules. Carrying the mini-board will be very convenient.

The small plank will not take long to dismantle. It is also very convenient for commuting.

Is there an easy way to pack skis for boarding?

There are many ways to pack skateboards. The purpose is to keep the luggage neater. Also closing the pillow will protect your skateboard. It prevents scratches or damage.

Pack your skateboard before you bring it on the plane

Use a large suitcase

A large suitcase can hold a large skateboard. Putting it in luggage is really convenient.

You don’t have to hold the skateboard in your hand. That would be very inconvenient. At the same time, everything will be neater.

One advantage of putting it in a large suitcase is that it protects the skateboard well. You can not let the skateboard scratch or damage. When carrying luggage with him, the bad guy can’t steal the skateboard.

Before putting it in the suitcase, you should wrap the skateboard with a soft towel. This will help you feel more secure when transporting. 

Use a large suitcase to pack

Put the skateboard in the backpack

Shoulder bags are very convenient. So putting the skateboards in the shoulder bag is a perfect choice.

Backpacks are not only convenient for luggage on the plane. It also helps you carry your skateboards around. The important thing is not to hold it in your hand when you don’t need it.

People can sport every part of the skateboards. Then put everything in the backpack. It is best to choose mini skateboards to easily put in a backpack. 

Use the skateboard packing service on the plane

This method is for those who like speed. Because you won’t have to do anything.

You just need to bring the skateboards to the airline’s service office. Then ask the staff to pack the skateboards into the box.

Packing service ensures high safety of goods. But you will have to invest some money. It is relatively expensive to pack.

If you use the service, there is no need to go through many checks. When going through many flights also do not have to worry about transportation.

Packing service will bring your items to your door. Passengers only need to book the service. Then receive the goods at the requested address.

The wonderful advantage of this method is safety. Your skateboards will not break or have any problems.

What are some tips when taking skateboards for a long trip?

A long trip is a dream of many people. For skateboarding enthusiasts, they can’t leave the skateboards. Even when they have to travel by plane, they carry it with them.

Because of the long trip, it is not possible to make anything at home. So you have to prepare everything carefully.

First, please pay attention to bringing equipment when skateboarding. There are a lot of things you need to bring with you.

Extra wheel to prevent wheel damage while skateboarding. At this time, it is far away, so there is no place to buy replacement products. Carrying the extra wheel is essential. Bearings are just as important as wheels. Once broken, it will not be playable, so you need to bring it.

If you carry skateboards in your luggage, you should prepare everything carefully. Get on the plane early first. You can choose a good seat. Also, when you arrive early, there will be room to store your luggage.

Passengers can also pay an extra fee to get their luggage on board easily. 

Some tips when taking skateboards for a long trip

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a limit to the weight of the skateboards carried on the plane?

Yes, of course. But there is no specific number.

The specified weight depends on the airline. Each place will have a different rule. You should find out on the airline’s website.

The best way is still to choose small skateboards to bring on the plane. It is both easy to transport and does not cost much.

2. Is it fine to bring a skateboard on a plane without the permission of the security agency?

Items that do not pass inspection on board, security officers will handle. This is an act contrary to flight regulations. The penalty will have to give a lot of money.

Some places won’t let you go on that flight anymore. So check before you put it on the plane.

3. Does the ticket buy include checked baggage?

Not everyone uses a baggage check-in service because a lot of people don’t carry too much luggage. Therefore, the flight ticket does not include a check-in ticket.

The security agency will check the skateboards. They rely on weight to calculate the cost. You will have to pay separately for the checked skis. 

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Back to the first question: “Can you bring a skateboard on a plane?”. So you already have the answer, right? Find out the relevant information for a safe flight.


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