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As a skateboarder, I’m sure you’ll find it fun to skate on a sidewalk or in public because this action allows you to show off your skills to more people. 

However, the question that many people are interested in today is: “Can you skateboard on the sidewalk?”. That’s the reason in this article, Skateboard Cast will answer your questions.

If you do not know about skateboarding rules in public, do not skip this article because the following will be useful information for you.


Can You Skateboard on the Sidewalk?

You can skate on sidewalks and most places. But we recommend that you learn about local laws before deciding to slide there. Because in each region there will be different regulations.

In most states of the United States, skaters are considered pedestrians. That means you have the same powers as a pedestrian. 

You can skate on a sidewalk without any special permit as long as you still follow the basic rules and give way to pedestrians.

Can You Skateboard On The Sidewalk


What Trouble Can You Get If You Skate On The Sidewalk?

Skateboarding on a sidewalk sometimes brings more value than you think. Colliding with broken concrete slabs or having to slide on rough pavement will provide an enjoyable experience. That’s the reason that most people like to roll around to challenge themselves on a sidewalk.

But in some places, like New York City, someone will enforce the law and fine you if you skate on a sidewalk. The punishment can be as bad as confiscating your skateboard,

However, in New York, there are parks specifically designed for skateboarding. All you need to do in this city is find a legal skate park. Go there and enjoy the fun of skateboarding without the fear of getting in trouble with law enforcement.

Is It Illegal To Skate On The Sidewalk?

In some places, it is not possible to use the skateboard on a sidewalk or the sides of the road. 

In fact, it’s like a bicycle or rollerblading, and you can skate as long as you don’t endanger the people around you.

The skateboard is private property, and you have the right to take it on a sidewalk. 

But if you skate on personal property, the property owner is not liable for any injury or death that may result from skateboarding. Because skateboarding is one of the names on the list of ‘dangerous activities’. So if you get injured, it’s your fault.

However, some property owners do not allow you to skateboard. And they have no right to seize your skateboard or assault you. At this point, they will call the police to deal with it. 

In this case, your skateboarding behavior is illegal. You may be arrested for unlawful trespassing. But most police just escort you home or ask you to leave.

Skateboarding in public is not illegal, but it is technically illegal not to wear a helmet while skateboarding. 

Therefore, you should be fully equipped to avoid being caught and protect yourself and those around you.

Can You Use Electric Skateboards On The Road?

Can You Skateboard On The Sidewalk

Use Electric Skateboards On The Road

Currently, people still consider electric skateboards like ordinary skateboards. That is why the governing rules and regulations are similar.

The reason is simple! Because electric skateboards are still very new in public transport. So there is currently no law allowing people to skateboard in public.

And the law banning electric skateboarding on the street is still in the process of being worked out. So in some cases, you may not be fined by the police.

Cyclists, Runners And Skaters, Who Has Priority?

Cyclists, Runners And Skaters, Who Has Priority?

As mentioned above, each region and locality will have its own rules for skaters. So all you need to do is obey the local laws where you’re riding. 

Also, you don’t have to consider whether you need to stay in the pedestrian or bicyclist lanes. If you need to yield to pedestrians, there will be a sign there.

There may not be a law restricting skateboarding on a sidewalk, but you still need to follow some rules. Because in places where you skateboard, there are bound to be other skaters and lots of pedestrians. 

So these rules are to ensure that you skate safely and do not endanger those around you.

As a skater, yielding to the first is always the motto for you to follow. This motto applies even if you go much faster than the person in front of you. 

In fact, it is quite similar to the original when driving a car.

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Basic Rules When Skateboarding On The Sidewalk

In addition to the local rules of skateboarding, there are a few unwritten rules you need to know. That’s the rule you treat others when skateboarding.

We call that rule human etiquette. It starts with mutual respect, but you also need to respect the profession.

Respect the level of challenge

In fact, skateboarding attracts many people because it brings interesting experiences from simple and small things. 

You just need a skateboard, some safety gear, and the surrounding elements. Sometimes that element is just space or in a park.

Although simple, this is still a sport with a bit of risk. Because besides the difficult techniques, your skateboard can also be dangerous. 

You can understand this. When not keeping your skateboard in top condition, maybe some problems will come.

For example, the board is no longer strong, and it will break at any time. 

Or the wheel is no longer rough enough to make you unable to control the speed of skateboarding. Or, if you don’t wear the protective equipment properly, you could be seriously injured.

According to statistics on skateboarding injuries, we see that this is a fairly safe sport. That doesn’t mean you won’t get hurt. So you have to respect the level of challenge of this sport.

You can easily learn how to push and stop a skateboard, but it’s hard to master skateboarding techniques. Therefore, to overcome difficult roads, you need to prepare well and ensure the equipment is always in the best condition.

Respect the surroundings

As I said, the place you skateboard can be a space or crowded places like parks, sidewalks. You can easily jump over obstacles. But that jump is only successful when you land safely and do not endanger the people around you.

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Skateboarding is an exciting sport. And we can’t deny the excitement that skateboarding in public gives you. So, if you’ve ever asked can you skateboard on a sidewalk, we hope this article will help answer your question!

In short, before participating in local skateboarding, you should thoroughly understand the laws here. So you can freely skate without fear of breaking any rules.

Finally, don’t forget to follow us to update useful information about skateboarding regularly.


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