Can you take electric skateboards on planes?


Electric skateboards are a favorite means of transportation for many people. You can move freely with a smooth feeling. It is also an interesting item to accompany you on your travels. However, with long trips and you need to take a plane, how to transport the eboard? Can you take electric skateboards on planes? Join us to find the most accurate answer in this article!

Can you take electric skateboards on planes?

The answer is yes. You can take an electric skateboard on board if it has a battery capacity of less than 160Wh. However, you still have to contact the airline first to get their consent.

To ensure everyone’s safety. Many airlines around the world prohibit passengers from carrying dangerous items, especially flammable products. Any electric skateboard which can have battery sizes from 100Wh to 160Wh can be checked by the airlines. 

Electric skateboard is one of the products on the airlines’ dangerous list. So, it is quite difficult to bring an eboard on a plane. You must consult the airline first, when they approve you can bring skis.

Can you take electric skateboards on planes?


You can take an electric skateboard on board if it has a battery capacity of less than 160Wh

Why can’t you bring an eboard on a plane?

The bottom line that makes it impossible to bring an eboard on a plane is safe. Any flight before taking off must ensure absolute safety. The airline will remove all items that are flammable or harmful to passengers.

Airport staff will always check your luggage thoroughly before you board the plane. If there is any illegal item you will have to leave it or you will have to leave the flight.

Can you take electric skateboards on planes?

All airlines ban products with batteries over 160Wh. An onboard cannot appear on an airplane because it is very flammable. They usually have a large capacity and a very high battery capacity. There are types with a battery capacity of over 160Wh.

Another special feature is that the battery of the board is a lithium-ion battery. This type of battery is very flammable due to its structure. A rechargeable lithium battery, inside it, has 2 electrodes, a negative electrode, and a positive electrode.

The separator between these two opposing electrodes is a thin plastic sheet with a hole in it. They prevent the two electrodes from touching each other. Because when they touch each other, they will explode.

An explosion from an eboard can occur when the plastic divider is corroded by heat. At this time, the negative and positive poles of the connected lithium-ion battery. It will lead to a burst of energy. Sometimes it’s the manufacturer’s fault that the plastic divider doesn’t work properly.

Because the lithium-ion battery of the eboard is potentially explosive. All airlines don’t want to bring it on board.

Some other products also use this type of battery, such as phones and laptops that can bring on a plane. This is because they have fully met the explosion-proof requirements set forth by the airline.

What do you need to bring an electric skateboard on a plane?

To bring an electric skateboard on a plane, you need to comply with the airline’s regulations. Some common rules you need to pay attention to are:

  • Eboard length and weight
  • Battery capacity

Eboard length and weight

Can you take electric skateboards on planes?

Most manufacturers produce boards of moderate size

It is often more beneficial to bring aboard in the form of hand luggage on the plane. You’ve just made sure you have a good look at your favorite item. Being able to handle unexpected situations in time.

However, according to the regulations of the airline. Hand baggage must not exceed 62 inches in length and weigh less than 50 pounds. Depending on the airline, these regulations may vary slightly. But most of them will take the amount like this. You should check before you fly to be more accurate.

Some electric longboards won’t be able to pass airline regulations. You may have a gentle conversation with the flight attendants. Or quickly get on the first plane and find the right spot with the board.

But you probably don’t need to worry too much about the size issue. Most manufacturers produce boards of moderate size. The most important thing you need to pay attention to is the battery capacity.

Battery capacity

As noted above, you cannot bring the battery of an electric skateboard on a plane. Because they can cause fire and explosion. However, with a low battery capacity, there will be a higher chance of bringing it on board.

Can you take electric skateboards on planes?

The capacity of the eboard battery will determine whether it can follow you on the plane or not

Most airlines have their own regulations regarding electronics. Each brand will have a different number of battery capacity requirements. The following are the battery capacity regulations of most airlines:

  • Battery capacity under 100Wh: With electronic products with a battery capacity of less than 100W. Customers can bring them on board.
  • Battery capacity from 101Wh to 160Wh: Customers who want to bring these products onboard must contact the airline in advance. The airline will inspect the product if the product is suitable and meets the requirements. The airline will accept the customer to bring that product onboard.
  • Battery capacity over 160Wh: These are electric batteries that passengers absolutely cannot bring on board.

So your solution:

  • Eboard battery has a capacity of less than 100Wh: You should take safety measures before taking it on a plane.
  • Eboard battery has a capacity of 101Wh to 160Wh: Please contact the airline you want to travel with. Make your request whether you can bring aboard with such battery capacity.

If possible they will test your board and accept it if it is satisfactory.

Whatever your eboard battery capacity is. You should still contact the airline for the best safety measures!

What do you need to do to be safe when bringing an eboard on a plane?

Although you have passed many strict regulations of the airport staff. You should follow the tips to ensure safety. Airplanes are a large means of transportation, any small incident will have many consequences.

Can you take electric skateboards on planes?

You should arrive earlier than your flight time for confirmation and check-in

Here are some tips you can do:

Determine battery capacity

Battery capacity is always a big deal. Make sure your battery capacity is within the airline’s allowable level.

You should choose boards with removable batteries. It will help you carry the battery with you in your carry-on and make it easier to observe.

Confirm with the airline in advance

If you’re preparing for a flight with a board, you should contact the airline’s support staff in advance via email or phone number. Please confirm with them that you can bring your electric skateboard on board.

However, I still encourage you to contact me by email. You will have proof of what the airline said. You can leave them out for airport security to see and pass the check.

Check the board of the board

You should check the boards and the safety of the board batteries before boarding the plane. This is also a job to ensure your own safety. Go to a shop to have the board checked and make sure it’s safe.

Arrive at the airport earlier

You will have to pass the strict inspection of the airline staff. Before you bring your electric skateboard on board. It’ll take some time to check the board battery.

So please arrive earlier than your flight time for confirmation and check-in. You will not miss your flight.

What should you do when the airline won’t let you bring your electric skateboard on board?

This situation is very likely to happen. It may be because your board battery capacity is too large. Or the airline’s strict rules that you must comply with.

Do not worry! You can take the steps below to have an electric skateboard in your travels.

Can you take electric skateboards on planes?

You can buy another board with a battery capacity that meets the airline’s requirements

Traveling by other means

Only airplanes have strict regulations with electric skateboards. If you have a tourist destination at a close distance. You can use other means of transport such as cars, trains, boats… to move to the tourist destination.

The above modes of transportation do not have any requirements for your luggage. Feel free to bring your favorite electric skateboard.

Specializes in express delivery of electric skateboards

If you have a travel agent thousands of kilometers away, you will have to take other measures. Courier board to tourist destinations is not a bad way.

Choose a reputable shipping provider and go first. When you arrive you can go get your board back and enjoy the trip.

Order batteries at a tourist destination

The problem is that you can’t bring an electric skateboard on a plane because of its battery. You may solve the problem by removing the battery and taking the battery-free skateboard with you. At this point, you hardly have to comply with any regulations.

When you go to a tourist destination, rent or buy another battery. You will have an electric skateboard on the exciting tour.

Buy another electric skateboard with the required capacity

This method is quite expensive but it is the fastest solution. You can buy another board with a battery capacity that meets the airline’s requirements.

It can also be a new experience or allow you to buy the board you’ve always dreamed of.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which airlines allow electric skateboards on a plane?

Many airlines allow you to take an electric skateboard with a battery capacity of less than 100Wh. However, 2 major airlines in the world allow you to bring electric skateboards. Those are Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines.

When traveling by these two airlines you need to declare your device. Your Eboard must have a battery capacity of less than 160Wh.

Virgin Australia allows you to leave batteries and skis attached or removed. But Singapore Airlines requires the battery and the skateboard to be disassembled.

2. Do American Airlines, British Airways, and United Airlines allow electric skateboards on a plane?

Unfortunately, all three major airlines do not allow eboards. Even in checked baggage or hand luggage. Due to the potential fire hazard of the board, they will not agree with any kind of electric skateboard.

All battery-powered entertainment devices cannot be carried on board. Except for some items such as phones, laptops or wheelchairs,…

2. Can I bring my hoverboard on a plane?

You can not! Almost all airlines prohibit you from bringing a hoverboard when using their services. The hoverboard has the potential to cause a large explosion. To ensure absolute safety for flights, airlines ban it as checked or carry-on baggage.

See more:

Each airline has different policies. They will have many other regulations about customers carrying luggage. In fact, you just need to remove the battery of the eboard. It will look like a normal skateboard. It can pass the airport’s inspection staff.

The risk of the board exploding and causing a fire is very high. There have been many cases of them spontaneously igniting or exploding. The person who decides whether you can bring an eboard on board is your airline.

So contact your airline before your flight starts. If you can bring an eboard, have it checked to make sure it’s safe. On the contrary, you should find other methods to bring electric skateboards to tourist destinations.

Electric skateboards are fun means of transportation. It will make your trip more wonderful. Can you take eboards on planes?

The answer lies in the airline you choose. We have also included detailed answers and notes in this article. Hopefully, our sharing will help you have a great trip with electric skateboards.


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