Do longboards go faster than skateboards?


Lovers of speed and excitement will not be able to ignore skateboarding. There are many different types of skateboards, the most common being longboards and skateboards.

Each type has its own structure, so its features are also different. Speed ​​is an important factor in deciding which board to buy. Do longboards go faster than skateboards? Join us to find the correct answer in this article!


Are longboards faster than skateboards?

The answer is Yes. In fact, longboards go faster than skateboards. The exact reason lies in the following points:

  • Wheel
  • Truck size
  • The wheelbase between two trucks
  • Design

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There are many reasons why longboard speed is superior. Mainly still due to the design of the manufacturer and the purpose of producing it. To clarify why longboards go faster than skateboards, let’s do the analysis.


Wheels are one of the biggest reasons why longboards are faster. Longboards also have many types with different designs. However, any longboard will have painted fast wheels compared to a skateboard.

First, we will look at the size of the wheel. Very large long plank wheels usually range from 65mm to 100mm in diameter. While the skateboard wheel is only about 50mm. This is not a small difference.

According to physics, the big wheel will roll faster than the small wheel. Large wheels require less rotation to cover the same distance. It is also because of its size that it can contact more ground. This creates stability during movement. Needless to say, the stability makes for an easy increase in speed.

Next is the ability to overcome bad points in a straight line. The large wheels of the longboard can easily move through small cracks or holes. It can still maintain a steady speed.

do longboards go faster than skateboards

The large wheels of the longboard can easily move through small cracks or holes

However, the small wheels are not. The small wheels of the skateboard can get stuck in cracks or cause vibrations. These vibrations will reduce the speed of the skateboard. It’s like when you’re going downhill and passing horizontal speed reducers on the road.

Another reason is that the longboard wheels are softer. It creates solid stability as you move. All comfortable enough to get you up to speed with the longboard.

Truck size

Technically, the truck does not affect the speed of the board. But it is its support during the slide that will determine whether you can maintain the speed or not.

The longboard truck has a different structure from the skateboard truck. It is designed with reverse latches for better stability and control at high speeds. When you are gliding very fast but thanks to the truck you can still control. The stability it provides can also give you extra speed.

With skateboards, it can’t be so easy. Skateboards can slide to high speeds. But its truck is not strong enough to support the skateboard with stability. At times of fast surfing, the skateboard will wobble. It creates fear in the player. Either you slow down or you might fall.

do longboards go faster than skateboards


The longboard truck has a different structure from the skateboard truck

A wobbling desk is not a good choice for high-speed movement. It can knock you out at any moment.

The large truck of the longboard almost gave it good control at all speeds. That brings comfort and stable speed to players.

The wheelbase in each plank is the distance between the two trucks. This wheelbase will determine the stability when moving.

Naturally with the larger overall size of the longboard. It will also have a longer wheelbase than the skateboard. This makes them extremely stable.

In addition, it also helps to control movement speed. In fact, you can imagine that the longer the wheelbase, the better the force dispersion will be. When you ride a skateboard the poses you adopt will put more force on the trucks. If the distance between them is too short, they will have to bear more force.

However, in the longboards, the trucks are quite far away, so the force will be dispersed. Thereby reducing the pressure on the trucks. You can more easily maneuver and control.


Manufacturers actually design longboards to move at high speeds. Their desk is designed quite low and close to the ground. This reduces the driver’s center of gravity as well as helps the driver better control.

In addition, the low floor increases stability. You will not feel too wobbly when moving at a fast speed. Especially with the longboard used to downhill. They are really impressive!

Skateboards are hardly like that. Designs from wheels and trucks are more suitable for performing tricks than moving at high speed.

How to improve longboard speed?

Longboards are already faster but you still want to improve. You just need to check and perform the following simple actions:


Don’t let your wheels get too loose, it will cause swaying when moving. When traveling at high speed, instability will cause many dangers. Loose wheels also increase the pressure on the shaft, thereby causing the shaft to fail faster.

All you need to do is add a suitable bearing bushing then tighten the wheel. Tighten just right for the right fit. At this time, the wheel of the longboards will rotate without much resistance.


You should loosen the truck’s longboard. Actually in the beginning it will make your move unstable. Get familiar with them to increase the ability to balance.

do longboards go faster than skateboards

Liquid trucks will make the longboard more flexible

Liquid trucks will make the longboard more flexible. You can handle any unexpected situations in time. You can also do it more easily in sharp turns or footbrake.


Fitness is an important factor in any sport. Even if you have good technique or a long game, if you are physically weak you can still fail.

Focus on lower-body and heart-strengthening exercises. It will improve your speed and agility when moving. Strength will help you increase control when the board has high speed.

How to stay safe when sliding at high speed?

Using a longboard at high speed is quite dangerous. Especially in case, you participate in downhill or downhill. It’s actually a bit dangerous. So what do you need to do to protect yourself well? Here are our suggestions:

Wear protective gear

When moving at a fast speed on the longboard, the thing that can protect you best is protective gear. Especially when going downhill, the speed of the board will be very high. You cannot guarantee that nothing will always go wrong. Protective gear will keep you safer in the worst-case scenario.

The first item you must have is a helmet. Protect your head as best as you can, it’s the most important part. Violent collisions without a helmet can kill you!

do longboards go faster than skateboards

Protective gear will keep you safer in the worst-case scenario

Some other important devices:

  • Gloves
  • Elbow pads
  • Knee pads
  • Hip pads
  • Protect the spine

Thin leather jackets will also help you avoid the harsh rays of the sun. In some cases, it will protect your skin from scratching.

Learn brake technique

In any critical situation, stopping at the right time is a good thing. You can’t slide forever without stopping.

However, fast sliding is very dangerous, stopping is also quite difficult. You should learn proficient foot brake techniques before accelerating with longboards.

Move-in wide places with few obstacles

The higher your speed, the lower your ability to avoid obstacles. You must really have a lot of experience to be able to handle situations in time. So choose locations with few obstacles.

Especially in areas with pedestrians and vehicles. It will be difficult to increase speed when constantly encountering obstacles.

Go with friends

Invite at least one friend to join you in high-speed long-distance skateboarding. You’re better off going in a group. Friends who will help you when you are in trouble.

Incidents can happen at any time no matter how skilled you are. Having a few people with you will be able to help each other when someone is injured. Timely help will reduce the danger of the incident.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If the skateboard replaces the big wheel of the longboard, can it skate at high speed?

A large wheel can help the skateboard skate faster, but it is not suitable for maintenance. When the skateboard is at high speed it will be unstable due to, truck, desk, wheelbase between trucks. It can help the skateboard move faster and smoother. But it is not possible to maintain high speed for long.

2. Is Longboard suitable for tricks?

No. Longboarding is really not suitable for tricks, it’s too big to be easily implemented. In addition, it is only suitable for dance or classical techniques.

3. Longboard vs skateboard: Which type of board is more expensive?

It is difficult to say which longboard or skateboard is more expensive. Both come in different varieties, each with its own price tag. In addition, the quality of each part will also affect their price.

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Needless to say, the longboard is actually faster than the skateboard thanks to its wheels, truck, and design. If you are really a speed lover, you can choose a longboard to satisfy. 

Are longboards faster than skateboards? We have shared with you the correct answer. Hopefully, through the above sharing, you can make a choice for yourself!

Reference: How Fast Can You Go on a Longboard

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