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How Much Do Electric Skateboards Cost? Guiding the useful and to charge Electric Skateboard


For young people who love adventure sports, it is certainly no stranger to skateboards. But recently, a new technology product has turned a traditional skateboard into an e-skateboard. Those are electric skateboards with the ability to balance quite easily. Besides, it can move at a fast speed without losing strength. So, how much do electric skateboards cost! Skateboard Cast.

How much do electric skateboards cost?

There are many types of electrics skateboards at different prices on the market. In general, electric skateboards have typically ranged from $300 to $2,000. 

The price diversity depends on some factors. They are the variety of models, features, components, brands, or customer care.

Why are electric skateboards so much more expensive than normal skateboards?

As you know, normal skateboards are purely mechanical. Their components are very pocket-friendly. Thus, normal skateboards are very affordable. Because of that, many people are bad when they first see the price of electrics skateboards. Here is the reason.

Of all the parts of the electric skateboard, the most expensive things are the electronic components. For example:

  • Li-ion batteries cost hundreds of dollars
  • Electric motors aren’t cheap either

Meanwhile, the scale of the economy for this product is not really large. It is not big enough to build monumental electric skateboard factories. The small scale of production makes the price of electrics skateboards not cool down. 

Besides, the electric skateboard is not a very popular subject. So spending money on marketing or advertising also makes their prices high. In general, there are many factors that make an electric skateboard very expensive. Let’s find out more in the next section.

Factors that make up the value and cost of a good electric skateboard

The three most basic factors that determine the cost of all products are input costs, quality, and marketing costs.

1. Battery

This is the most important element of the electric skateboard. The 18650 battery is the most preferred battery by manufacturers. Electric skateboard batteries cost about $100 to $500.

Of course, better-quality batteries usually last longer. The special thing is that you do not need to charge many times with larger batteries.

Reputable brands often focus on this part. This is also the factor that users are most interested in when buying an electric skateboard. 

As you’ve heard a lot about horrible battery explosions. Of course, reputable manufacturers never want this. They try to invest in the best batteries. And of course, their prices can’t be cheap.

The battery of electric skateboard

2. Motor

You can understand motivation as what will drive your skateboard forward. For a normal skateboard, the main engine is your foot. Meanwhile, for electricity skateboards, the motor runs on electricity from the production battery.

The price of electric motors is also not cheap. They cost between $50 and $300.

3. Deck material and deck shape

There are countless types of materials to make good electricity skateboards. Usually, manufacturers often take wood as the material for electricity skateboards. Besides, synthetic skateboards are also popular. The reason is that they limit the weight of wooden skateboards.

Carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass are also new materials for electricity skateboards. They are quite successful in building electricity skateboards.

Of the above materials, synthetic materials seem to be the most superior. They have the characteristics of lightweight, good bearing capacity, and high strength. Besides, they are also very easy to model. Meanwhile, the wooden material has good resistance and reduces vibration when traveling on rough roads.

In general, wooden decks will have a better price. It usually hovers around under $300. Meanwhile, decks made of carbon fiber have a high cost. It’s about $300 to $700.

4. Accessories

Basic components like the deck, motor, and battery are very important in the electric skateboard. So do other accessories. They are bearings, wheels, remote controls, and so on. Besides, an ESC or electric speed control center is also very important. All of them contribute to the value and cost of an electric skateboard.

A simple principle here is that price is proportional to quality (except in some cases of fraud). Care and attention to these accessories are also essential. If you fancy, please refer to this website’s article about skateboard wheels.

5. Customer service

Customer service plays an important role in the business of any enterprise for the following reasons:

  • 1.Increase customer loyalty
  • 2.Increase the amount which customers spend on your products
  • 3.Increase the chances of customers who buy your products
  • 4.Increase your business’s positive reputation

There are many more reasons why customer service is important. There are also ways to ensure that you’re building a professional customer care policy. It helps to create a perfect customer experience.

To get a reputable customer care service, companies have to pay a lot of money for employees. They have to work 24/7. Of course, the price of the electric skateboard you buy also includes that fee. So don’t wonder why the products of famous brands have such good customer service.

6. Economies of scale affects the price of electric skateboards

The economies of scale of electricity skateboards are still small. Therefore, manufacturers have not yet been able to produce them with large lines in large quantities.

There is a simple principle that everyone knows is that the larger the scale, the smaller the cost. Electric skateboards are not a very popular product. It has just appeared and has been popular among young people for several years. Therefore, the supply is still small, so manufacturers have not focused much on it compared to other products. This leads to the cost is much.

However, we can fully expect a near future. We hope skateboards or electricity skateboards get closer to more people. At that time, their prices will certainly be better than they are now.

7. Brand name

Not only skateboards, but all famous products also have high prices. Prestigious brands bring good products. It is thanks to its quality, customer care, and warranty service. And they are totally worth it. 

Besides, the name and reputation of that brand in the market also make their prices higher. Customers trust their seniority as well as their experience.

However, not everyone can afford expensive products. If so, then let us tell you a solution. Let’s look for user reviews about their real-life experiences buying electric skateboards. 

No advertisement is worth more than real customer experience. Let’s do a hard search on amazon and you’ll find out which product suits you best.

8. Production location

The production location also plays a large part in the cost of a product. Most of the electric skateboard products made in China are cheap. Meanwhile, electric skateboard products from the US or Europe are much more expensive, even double.

Occasionally, you will read a few introductions such as: “The product is made with the USA technology”, or “the product is inspired by the USA”. Please check them carefully as they are completely different.

If you don’t have prejudices about the place of production, you don’t need to be too concerned about this. Normally, an electric skateboard product originating in the US will cost a lot of prices. They are at least $500 more than an electric skateboard from China.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which electric skateboard has the cheapest price?

According to an Amazon search, DREAMVAN, elifine, and shaofu are the 3 cheapest electric skateboard names with good reviews. If you are a beginner, an affordable skateboard will make more sense. If so, you can refer to the electric skateboards of the 3 brands above. Besides, you have hundreds of thousands of other options on Amazon. Please shop smart.

2. Which electric skateboard has the most expensive price?

Here are the names at the top of the table in Amazon’s most expensive electric skateboard line. Their electric skateboards have an impressive appearance. Besides, the features they possess also make users admire them.

  • If you want a faster skate, better climb, better design, then the M24 from the ECOMOBL brand will not let you down. ECOMOBL electric skateboard costs up to more than 2,500 USD.
  • The skateboards of LLP LM Off-Road Electric Skateboards are very sporty. Its rate is about 1,400 USD.


LLP LM Off-Road Electric Skateboards

3. Are electric skateboards dangerous?

According to statistics, there are many accidents by skateboards in the US. It accounts for 50% of all accidents caused by rudimentary vehicles. Choosing a quality skateboard for yourself or a loved one is worth considering.

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Final Words 

The above article has provided you with knowledge about the price of electric skateboards. Besides, we have also pointed out the important factors that contribute to the cost of electric skateboards. Your task is to read the review carefully to find out which one will suit you best. Don’t forget to follow us to keep up with the latest and most useful articles.

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