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How Fast Can a Skateboard Go? Everything You Need to Know


Skateboarding is a sport that attracts the attention of many young people around the world. If you are getting acquainted with this sport and want to learn about skateboards, then our article will definitely be useful to you. Skateboard Cast will help you learn more about how fast can Skateboard Go. 

Let’s get right into the details!

How Fast Can a Skateboards Go?


How Fast Can A Skateboard Go?

For how fast can a skateboard go, you can refer to the following rider figures:

In 2017, Peter Connolly set a long-distance skateboard’s speed record of 146.73 km/h or 91.17 MPH.

Rich Pronk held the record for distance skating in 24 hours. He skied 504 km or 313 MI at Dutch Ultraskate. In the women’s tournament, Saskia Tromp set a record of 262 mi (422 km) at the same event.

However, this is the record of professional skaters. If you are new to the sport, we advise you not to take risks with such great speeds. You should improve your skateboarding skills to be able to skate faster.

Maybe on the first slide, your speed is not faster than the pedestrian. But I’m sure at some point when you’ve honed your skills fully, you’ll reach speeds faster than the bike and even more.

Besides, skateboarding on rough and uneven terrain will help you improve your speed more. You may be surprised, but it’s true.

You will see visible results after a period of practice. Compared to training in an urban environment, your sliding speed can be 1 to 2 MPH more.

But either way, technique greatly affects the speed improvement. Therefore, the first thing you need to learn is how to maintain balance on the skateboards. Then there is the ability to control the skateboard effectively.

How Does Skateboard Design Affect Speed?

The design of the skateboards will greatly affect your speed as well as your use and performance. 

Therefore, manufacturers have constantly researched and created different shapes of skateboards to suit each purpose of using skateboards. It contributes to the control of the skateboard wheel speed to make skateboarding more efficient.

Here are the designs that have a big influence on skateboards speed:

Large wheel design for faster

Large wheel design for faster 

Yes, the larger the wheel, the better the roughness of the skateboard to the ground.

Moreover, the wheel is one of the important parts of the skateboards. So the bigger the wheel, the faster the skateboard will be. However, it is also easier to lose balance.

So if you are a newbie, we recommend choosing a board with small wheels for safety. Because, unlike the large wheel, the small wheel can reduce the force at shocks in rough terrain to help the skateboards run smoother.

So if you want a smooth ride on bumpy roads, skis with small wheels are the recommendation we want to recommend for you. But if you are adventurous and want to experience faster speeds, you should choose large wheels.

As a standard, the wheel of street skateboards in urban areas has a diameter of 65 mm. It also comes with 78A and 85A durometers.

Longboard helps increase skateboard speed

Longboard helps increase skateboard speed

A longboard is a long-form skateboard. Compared to regular skateboards, it is more stable and has more traction. 

Usually, moody skateboards are 28-34 inches long and 7-10 inches wide. The longboard has a length of 35-60 inches and a width of 9-10 inches.

You want to go even faster, so choose longboarding. Longboard has larger, softer wheels. At the same time, it tends to have a longer board design to help you move easily with the skateboard. 

On top of that, users appreciate one advantage of longboards. It is the ability to stay in place to achieve faster speeds on the runway.

That’s right, and the large supporting wheels will provide stability in every ride. Even that is how cracked and bumpy the road is. 

Plus, the longboard has a push-pull design that makes it easy to control the speed. That way, even the ramp will not interfere with your skateboarding speed.

Besides, a longboard with average features can reach speeds of about 8 – 9 MPH. In comparison, this figure is probably about 1 MPH faster than street skateboards. 

However, longboards are not as flexible as street skates. Therefore, it is difficult to perform high-level techniques. This is the only drawback of this type of skateboard.

Ball bearings help skateboards move easily on any terrain

Bearings are also a component that has a great influence on the speed of the skateboards. 

To measure bearing performance, the American Association of Bearing Manufacturers developed the ABEC standard. Which includes grades 1 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 9. And class 1 ABEC bearings work best, followed by grade 3, grade 5…

When skateboarding, we will have great direct impacts on wheels and bearings. And often, people choose wheels according to the terrain and with the highest possible speed bearings.

For faster travel times, bearings are usually made of steel or ceramic. However, its approach is effective in stabilizing the skateboards on most types of terrain.

And with such bearings, you can increase the average speed of your skateboard by up to 1 MPH, or even more.

Besides, you should also regularly clean the bearings to improve the speed of the skateboard.

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Spending time skateboarding with friends is a great way. Hopefully, with the information that Skateboard Cast, you will know how fast can a skateboard go. And also, don’t forget to practice to improve your speed and skate more smoothly. We wish you a great experience when skateboarding and success.


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