The Ultimate Guide to the Best Longboard Brands of 2023: Find Your Perfect Ride

When choosing to buy new longboard, the manufacturer’s name is one of the most important factors to consider. Because the products of big names are always very different, they are sharp in every line and excellent in every respect. The following best longboard brands will demonstrate what we say.

All these brands are famous for their long history and diverse product lines. They offer novelty longboards and unique accessories such as clothes, gloves, hats, etc. Each item has a very distinct brand spirit, so just looking at you will recognize it quickly.

More specifically, these companies come from many different countries, so more or less, the products they provide have a specific nuance of the country. 

When learning about this list, you know more about the multi-style longboard and understand the interesting culture of players from many different places.

Are you ready? So now we will explore together the interesting features of each manufacturer and help you to find a favorite ones for yourself. Skateboard Cast!

The 10 Best Longboard Brands of 2023 on the market

Sector 9


History and development

Referring to the best longboards, people will immediately think of Sector 9. They’re extremely famous for their quality products and dedicated customer service. A true player certainly cannot ignore this brand.

Sector 9 was born in 1993 in La Jolla, California. Currently, the company has 9 headquarters, and the head office is located in San Diego, California. Their main production focus is on hard goods like skateboards. They also provide accessories such as clothes and gloves for athletes.

Sector 9 manufacturers often promote their brands by sponsoring top famous players for their skateboard products, clothing. Besides, they also regularly sponsor big contests like Maryhill to appear more widely and often in front of customers.


The Sector 9 brand has a slightly high product price, but their products are very diverse. You can buy everything related to the sport here. 

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, you can choose the right board for your needs. Most especially, this leading manufacturer has never disappointed players with the product. You will get a great experience with what you spend.

Thanks to different promotion methods and excellent product quality, the company has become more popular with people and gradually become a leading brand in this field.

Material quality is one of the reasons for the quality of the brand. For the skateboards, they use laminated wood combined with carbon fiber to provide strong and durable boards.

Manufacturers only need to change the number of layers of wood to have a new product with a unique feature such as Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill is stable on-ramps, making sure to sag around corners easily. 

Or Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard with good rotation and suitable for all audiences at all levels of experience. Another option is Sector 9 Ledger, which is famous for being comfortable skateboards covering long distances for hours.

Over the years, this brand has never let players down, and until now, they still deserve to be a top manufacturer for you to choose from.

Pros & Cons

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Good quality
  • Brand news
  • High price


Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand grew up on steep hills every day, making skateboarding fun. Then suddenly, one day, they feel no longer interested in this subject. 

Until one of them came to California and saw the longboard. He was so attracted and impressed that he brought this idea back to the country and created products with his mark.

In 1997, a company named Landyachtz was born on Vancouver’s north coast through many failed and successful researches. With 2 decades of unremitting efforts and efforts, the skateboards here are perfect for you to try anywhere.

What sets the brand apart is that you can ride a Landy skateboard at 100km/h. It’s great that you can enjoy beating your opponents and reaching the finish line quickly using these slides.


The manufacturer has said decks are their top concern. So, they used many different materials to make it to find a material that provides high stability when traveling at faster speeds. Maple trees in Canada are the top choice for making most of their products.

Landyachtz’s popularity is undeniable, it’s popular all over the planet and comes with a higher price tag than regular brands. But you won’t be disappointed with the longboards here. They are unique in their looks and quality of movement.

Their products are diverse for even newcomers to the highly technical gnarly speed board. They also have their own company for wheels and trucks, so it is very convenient for you to change the equipment without affecting the performance of the board.

The company’s products are more expensive than many brands, but you’ll be pleased with the value you get, and the Landyachtz Drop Cat Complete Longboard is a model like that. This product is suitable not only for beginners but also for professional players. Moreover, this sophisticated design has a very dynamic beauty.

Besides, this manufacturer also has a few popular products that are widely used, such as Landyachtz Dinghy. It’s made up of 7 layers of maple wood with a multi-tiered tail perfect for tough skills like flips or obstacles.

With what it brings, it’s no wonder that this brand is ubiquitous and the first choice of beginners or seasoned riders.

Pros & Cons

  • Environmental friendliness
  • Tough
  • Suitable for difficult technique
  • Expensive


Loaded is not the longest established brand, but the results received are not inferior to Sector 9 or Landyachtz, the two leading brands today. The company was founded in 2002 in Culver City with its first product, Loaded Vanguard. By now, you can see these boards are still the number one choice of many players.


The highlight of the Loader is the simple and flexible bamboo plank that combines the distinctively detailed sculptural images and exudes the brand spirit. You can clearly see this on the Loaded Boards Vanguard Bamboo Complete

The longboards here also rank among the best options for dancing and jumping due to their lightweight and sturdy boards like the Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard. Or Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard is featuring a freestyle design with a slightly flared head and nose for you to tackle any problem easily.

Most longboard manufacturers usually make everything related to skateboards, but this brand only focuses on making the best quality boards. Therefore, you will find the products here are very diverse and constantly renewed.

Besides, the company also has a branch called Orangatang that specializes in wheel research and production. Because for them, this is an important part to help you go long distances and overcome many difficult terrains, creating the best wheel is contributing to bringing a better experience to customers.

Loaded features exquisitely carved bamboo skateboards and high-quality custom-made wheels. And only this place can produce such unique and outstanding bamboo boards.

The delicate carvings and impressive dancing ability from Loaded are always the choices of dancers with skillful swings.

Pros & Cons

  • Suitable for all players
  • Light-weight
  • Durable
  • High Quality
  • Short warranty

Volador Longboards

Volador Longboards is a trademark of Hong Kong-based company Orca Steel Enterprise. They are responsible for producing outdoor sports products, skateboarding equipment, and other bits and bobs. The leaders here take great pride in the high-quality products that match the specifications of their customers.

Although not long players, these guys really make decent boards. They have satisfied riders all over the world. Today, their longboard products are in the top 5 of the best longboards voted by consumers on many websites.


The products from this company are aimed at the average consumer, so their prices are quite low. Since these are cheap longboards, they will sacrifice some aspect of quality on longboard designs. You will see this clearly in trucks and bearings.

The truck is of good quality, but the bushings and axles are not really the best. The manufacturer uses cheap Chinese-made polyurethane, so its elastic properties are poor. This feature doesn’t matter much for starters, but you’re better off replacing them with higher quality material for better handling.

Bearings are still in good use, but you should replace them as soon as possible. Since cheap Chinese bearings may not have the best bearing shields or retainers, in some cases, they are slow. Even if you use it for a long time, you may be in danger.

The wheels and deck are pretty good. The problem of breaking will occur on the deck when they work too hard. This is also easy to understand because no matter how good a product is when overworked, it also causes damage. However, those cracks are not significant.

The skateboard floor of this brand is strong, flexible, and not too heavy. They have good elastic deformation ability, so they can withstand impact and hold weight without sudden breakage.

However, most likely, they are mass-producing planks, so mistakes are inevitable. The most obvious error is that a small percentage of decks are delaminated because there isn’t enough pressure in the mold to act on the glue between them.

The quality of their products is completely commensurate with the price. However, you will feel more about the graphics. These company longboards are like a work of art.

This aspect is also very important to consider when choosing to buy a skateboard. Beautiful patterns will enhance your skateboarding image and make you look like an artist. Volador Longboard dancer is one of the intricately carved designs that you can choose from.

Besides the sophisticated carvings that are somewhat nostalgic, there are also youthful and dynamic colored skateboards. The playful, modern images of animals and plants are stylized and very attractive.

Brands have different approaches, offering distinct products. Some focus on superior craftsmanship at premium prices, while others prioritize eco-friendly boards.

A lot of professional players like Volador but have problems with their ability to serve difficult skills. So, a few upgraded designs will probably make them very excited.

Overall, the Volador products are of good quality for the price and beginners. But it is not a long-term choice because many parts use cheap materials.

Besides, it will cost you a little bit to replace the ball or truck if you want a better experience. And you can start with the Volador 40inch Maple Longboard, which is a pretty basic skateboard.

Pros & Cons

  • Reasonable price
  • Bonus for newbies
  • Diverse deck
  • Needs adjustment before starting

Junli Longboards

Junli Longboards is a relatively new name in the longboard market. However, their products are very quality and deserve to be known even more widely.

Their longboards are quite durable and are made from 8-ply Maplewood. Their long table has a great design, is super sturdy, and is suitable for all ages. Not stopping there, different types of players can find a product that works for them in this brand.


Not only are super quality designs with weights up to 330 lbs but they are also super-strong boards to withstand strong impacts.

Trucks made from aluminum alloy with PU support provide high elasticity. You will always control your Junli Longboards as they are built strong with high stability thanks to quality materials.

PU wheels have a moderate size and create good mobility in different contact surfaces. It works stably and stably even on rocky roads.

Abec-11 high-speed bearings can withstand high pressures and provide balance and stability to the rider. A good example is Junli 41 inch Freeride Skateboard Longboard, which has high travel speed by using this bearing.

The manufacturer makes quality longboards so that downhill is easy and high-speed travel is not an issue. They also have shock absorbers for riders who like to challenge themselves on rough terrains.

Julie’s designs are modern and mysterious. You will see some boards with dark colors like the universe of thousands of stars, and others are very young and dynamic with light colors.

In addition, they also have many simple designs for people who like minimalism. On the surface, the products are very diverse and flexible with many target groups. Therefore, from children to adults, from quiet people to dynamic personalities, everyone will have their product horizon.

Moreover, the longboard performance is very versatile. Therefore, they are suitable for beginners and intermediate players and for advanced players who regularly perform difficult skills in many different types of terrain.

Because this brand is not too famous and built a foothold in the market. Therefore, many people are still afraid to use these products. However, if you look into the details of the products, you will see that they are qualified to experience.

Best of all, these skateboards are pretty cheap. They are affordable but very durable. So there’s nothing silly about adding them to your longboard collection.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable price compared to the quality
  • Perfect for heavy riders
  • Light-weight
  • Suitable for any terrain
  • Strong and stable for long term use
  • Make loud noises when moving

Playshion Longboards

Playshion is also known as Yongkang Playshion Leisure Materials Co., Ltd. This brand is a trusted supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of high-performance skateboards, longboards, scooters for children and adults. Besides, they also provide accessories, children’s toys, and scooter luggage.

The professional company started its commercial activities in 2013, with its main center located in Zhejiang, China. Operating in a short time, Playshion has quickly covered 3 main markets, including North America, Western Europe, and South America.


Playshion holds the leading position in the entire toy industry. Their annual production capacity is around over 500,000 pieces which is very impressive. Their competitive advantage is 50 product categories that meet all user requirements.

The company’s operating slogan is “Customer Satisfaction is Our Everlasting Pursuit.” As a result, their products are of exceptionally outstanding quality. You will truly feel a lot of perfect points when using the product.

All longboards come with ABEC-9 Bearings. Unlike traditional bearings made from carbon steel, these bearings are high-quality “bearing steel”. Many well-known, long-standing brands also use Abec-9. This material is quieter and more sturdy when riding in the car.

A nylon ball cage helps reduce friction for bearings when rotating. What’s more, the large and soft wheels provide balance which is what riders like best. The proper width makes it easier for the stretcher to control. At the same time, it is easier for beginners to get used to.

Playshion longboards are not too heavy for users to hold. You can also carry them with you easily every time you play in a new location.

The trucks give the driver the ability to adjust it (tighten or loosen) simply. Tighter ones are perfect for high-speed stability.

Playshion Longboards are designed with their extraordinary capabilities in mind for people of all levels and ages of desire. Some decent-sized gear is not only for kids but also a great cruiser for adults.

Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard is a beautiful product suitable for children. You can give it to your child.

Beginners should choose Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard. This cruiser is very flexible, sturdy, and high flexibility will help you get to this street sport faster.

Playshion variations will suit both new skaters or younger kids with greater stability. Moreover, its exceptional speed also allows the user to experience riding with their movements.

Products from this brand are not only limited to amateurs but also the perfect choice for professional players. High-quality and durable materials will assist you in completing difficult tricks.

These cruisers are of good quality at an affordable price. However, as a young brand, they need to try harder to gain the trust of consumers.

Besides, they also need to invest more outside. From designs and graphics to packaging, there should be more unique designs to compete with products that are both beautiful and good on the market.

Pros & Cons

  • Good price
  • Good for beginners
  • Multifunction
  • Not suitable for good riders

Quest Longboards

Quest Boards is a US-based brand known for being the best longboards for cruises. They are also a reputable place that offers various games for players of all skill levels.

So, whether you’re a beginner racer or an experienced long-distance player, Quest has something for you. Moreover, it is a cheap, high-quality product you should have.


Unlike many leading names, Quest impresses customers with its cheap but high-quality longboards, long life, reliability, and attractive design.

They promise that ‘superior structure and long-term stability is the reason that Quest continues to be with you. Their goal is to be a popular choice for all hikers.

And more than that, Quest is a humane brand with longboards that protect the environment. The founders run the company with the mission of “helping you add excitement and find adventure regardless of where life is taking you.”

Competitors for the Quest include boards like Sector 9, Atom Longboards, and Yocaher. Atom and Sector 9 are more expensive than Quest, while Yocaher is on par with the Quest board.

More specifically, the names that confront them are all big brothers, too successful, and too famous brands in the industry. Their peer-to-peer quest shows that this manufacturer is also not a mediocre one in terms of reputation.

Not stopping at the name, their products are quality from materials to design.

 Most of the longboards are made from laminated maple, some carved from bamboo. All boards are super durable, long-lasting, and reliable due to being made of strong and sturdy materials. Despite the strong appearance, most of the flexibility in the deck works very well.

You’ll notice this when driving at faster speeds or on rougher or more uneven ground. They still offer good balance and stability.

Every board Quest sells with high-standard wheels that help ensure a smooth ride and good grip on exposed side surfaces. For example, the Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard comes with 70 x 51mm polyurethane wheels, with a durometer is 80A. Thanks to that, the first time you come in contact will be somewhat favorable to stand firm.

In addition, this rigidity ensures that you can enjoy a flat and safe ride even when riding on rough ground. The wheels provided by Quest also help prevent wheel bite.

The interface and design of the Quest board are simple but attractive and unique. Each new longboard is different from the previous ones. Many boards have fun patterns and are full of dynamic, youthful colors.

The brand’s products are diverse and do not follow any particular school. While some skateboards have bright and vibrant colors, others have delicate and attractive wood carvings. Quest Native Spirit 40″ Kick Tail Longboard Skateboard is such a longboard, and it looks classy and simple.

Thanks to this rich creativity, their skates always have something to satisfy the majority of players’ needs fully. Therefore, they also sell better.

High-quality deck materials make for great accessories such as high-standard wheels, trucks, and rings. The deck is also very durable and sturdy. Thanks to the above factors, the reputation of this company has always maintained good stability while building solid trust with customers.

You can definitely use your Quest board for a long time for the money spent. Whether you’re a beginner to longboarding or an advanced racer, the longboard Quest is bound to become a favorite in your longboard collection.

Pros & Cons

  • Good price
  • Long lifespan
  • High stability and balance
  • Environmental Protection
  • Quite heavy

Magneto Longboards


Magneto is based in the sunny city of Carlsbad, California. This brand was acquired by a UK company when it went downhill. But then, they revived with a line of longboards.

As a new name in the skateboard industry, this brand has unexpectedly received many positive reviews for its longboard line. 

Many veteran riders are impressed by the caliber and affordability of the Magneto longboard. It is very rare to get a high-quality board for a very reasonable price.


The brand has a variety of long tables for you to choose from. In particular, they have bamboo longboards, roller coaster collections, Hana collections like the Hana Longboard Skateboard Collection, cruiser longboards, and downhill skateboards.

Most decks are made of bamboo with a combination of maple, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. The natural cellular structure of the bamboo deck has long fibers making it one of the best materials for a highly efficient longboard. 

Bamboo is also very flexible and strong for a strong yet soft plank. The number of classes is usually from 5 to 8 layers.

Floor sizes vary depending on type or style. The shortest size is 35″ and the longest is 46″. In addition, they have a small cruiser 27.5″ long. Board widths range from 9″ to 10″ wide and small cruisers are 7.5″.

Magneto understands the importance of recesses on longboards. Therefore, their boards are available with a variety of concave shapes. 

There are shallow concave, subtle W concave, radial concave with the slight reverse meniscus, ascending open and deep radial concave; you have a lot to choose from.

Not stopping there, Magneto trucks are also a quality part that is worth paying attention to. All are made of 7-inch gravity cast aluminum and medium hardness bushings.

Standard aluminum-alloy vans are inherently sturdy but can’t match the brand’s vehicles. High-quality trucks give every board the stability and responsiveness it needs to give you the freedom to drive as you please.

When it comes to wheels, you will have a very satisfying experience because the SHR high-elastic urethane material creates a smooth ride for every ride. Sizes and durometers vary depending on deck shape. At the same time, the durometer varies depending on the type and function of the deck.

Different from other parts, the bearings of this long table are assembled to a standard that is not so excellent but still works fine. If you want a better version, you can upgrade them for an extra fee.

Most longboards weigh between 250 lbs and 300 lbs. They are a bit heavy but quality for long-term use.

Flexibility on the Magneto longboard is also different. It is moderately soft, medium soft, medium-firm, to extremely hard. Depending on the style of play, you can choose a suitable product.

The minimalist designs of the Magneto longboard give the deck a chic and sophisticated look. Even with a simple style, they are still very stylish and attractive. Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards Skateboards for Cruising is such a longboard, surprisingly simple but still enough for people to stop and take a look.

You can buy a complete longboard or buy each part and assemble it yourself. Individual designs, when combined, create a unique movement with many breakthroughs.

Pros & Cons

  • High Quality
  • Good price
  • Minimalist and elegant design
  • High floors can cause foot fatigue

Arbor Axis

Not appearing as professional from the start like other brands, Arbor Collective was originally a snowboard company in Venice founded in 1995. Later, as longboards became popular, they created products Unique products for everyone.

Their longboards are derived from snowboards, but the models cross the mountains instead of crossing the snow. They have even more perfect features to travel or more complex to operate difficult tricks simply.


Products from this brand are very diverse, from specialized snowboards to long-distance skis or other soft products. The company is one of the pioneers in using environmentally friendly materials. 

The longboard here is made from bio-based urethane and recycled materials, responsible for bamboo. They aim to create high-quality skateboards that are stylish but still do not affect the environment.

The company also shows its love for the environment by donating to restore Hawaii’s forests and many other reforestation-related community projects.

Leaving aside the fact that they are a humane producer, the products they bring are worth owning. You can move faster with Arbor Complete Longboard Mission Photo Walnut Beal. It is one of the top products for performing close-range tasks or difficult turns.

Or another option is Arbor Longboard Complete Townsend Photo Dropcruiser for mellow falls. Still recycled materials, but you will have great products in terms of appearance and long-term use quality through careful Arbor.

Arbor performs very well in its mid-range brand position with mid-priced longboards. The longboard has many of the features of a snowboard, but the feature is still a professional billboard. These products are suitable for all levels of people but don’t want to spend too much money on skateboards.

Globe’s focus is on design with the aim of helping every skater look great. Therefore, the longboards here are very unique, it is difficult for any brand to overcome this.

Pros & Cons

  • Sustainable brand
  • Great for going downhill
  • Easy push
  • Perfect for freelancers
  • Heavyweight

Atom Longboard


Compared to other brands, Atom Longboard, founded in 2005, is still young. However, over a decade of operation, the company has become a well-known player in the skateboard market.

The products here are famous for their affordable prices and excellent quality for the new entrants. However, they also have high-end products with upgrade features to perform difficult techniques for connoisseurs.


The skateboards here are also appreciated for their sophisticated lines, beautiful design, and especially geared towards upgrading the wooden board. Therefore, players can play a variety of styles on one longboard.

A perfect suggestion for you is Atom Drop Through Longboard. The design combines bamboo and maple wood are also two main materials of the brand. This unique combination creates durable curvature and stiffness suitable for all weathers and styles. It is the top choice for players looking for a comprehensive product.

If you are looking for the best board for downhill, then Atom Drop Through will help you. Its downward-facing design provides a high level of stability that is convenient for playing on steep terrain. 

Not stopping there, flying up does not make this skateboard difficult. In particular, the price is extremely low, cheaper than many other specialized boards.

This must also be the highlight of the brand, and they choose to create cheap products to reach many people, making it easier for more people to come to this sport. So, you can understand why so quickly, they have become famous and popular in many places.

Pros & Cons

  • Beautiful design
  • Long-standing brand
  • Suitable for all subjects
  • Not so sure


Globe can be considered a longboard brand that has existed around since 1980 and is headquartered in Australia. From the very first days of their appearance, their skateboards quickly dominated the market and became the first choice of long-time players.

Following the initial success, Globe quickly expanded into other areas such as sports shoes and clothing. Each of their products has its highlight with a different quality that is hard to mix.


Especially the longboards here are created by the skillful hands of craftsmen with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Therefore, the lines are very sophisticated and meticulous and contain the confidence and spirit of the skater. Globe Chromatic Cruiser Galaxy Complete is a good example for you to feel everything in detail.

Globe products are made from types such as maple and laminated with epoxy, so the boards are light. Stronger and longer-lasting than conventional water-based boards. Globe The All-Times is such a typical product. Moreover, using this board when going at high speed, you do not need to exert much effort.

By creating quality skateboards with unique designs, Globe is a product in Australia and is also sought after by riders in the United States and Europe. A leading manufacturer of their products with very affordable prices ranging from less than 200$.

Globe Pintail 37 is also an outstanding product with a fish-shaped design with a sophisticated and eye-catching snake pattern, but fake for just over $ 100. The product is also famous for controlling well at high speeds or moving on rough roads.

Globe’s focus is on design with the aim of helping every skater look great. Therefore, the longboards here are very unique, it is difficult for any brand to overcome this.

Indeed, this brand also provides great products for players, but the price is too reasonable for anyone to use.

Pros & Cons

  • Versatile
  • Good performance
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Bearings are not so sturdy


Yocaher Skateboard was born in 1974 in the prime land of skateboarding in Chino, CA. At that time, western time was the exciting place for this game, and then it quickly spread throughout the country. As business acumen, the founders here cannot miss this golden opportunity.

They quickly plan and expand the market. Yocaher Drop Down Longboard was the first product to be launched and quickly became a favorite among beginners because of its low price and outstanding quality.


This first success helped the manufacturer switch to producing longboards for newcomers, choosing to launch cheap and mostly easy-to-use product lines.

Their skateboards are mostly wide enough for players to stand comfortably. Moreover, the board has a certain concavity to keep you steady when going on steep slopes or high speeds.

The reason the Yocaher board is best for newbies is that the wheels are made of large polyurethane, so it has good balance and high stability to move. You can go on cracked or bumpy roads without much difference. High balance is essential for beginners.

The company’s next success can be mentioned as Yocaher Professional Speed ​​Drop Down Complete, a 9-layer board that is not afraid of cracking when dropped or bumped into obstacles. Large wheels help increase the contact area, so it is difficult to fall. This is essential for those who are just starting to get into this sport.

But don’t encapsulate this brand in too simple boards because they also have products that perform high techniques. 

To talk about style like Yocaher Beach Series Complete, Lowrider Skateboard is the perfect suggestion. It features the brand’s ruggedness combined with the flexibility to take on tough maneuvers. In particular, it is very cheap.

Looking at the popularity and popularity of the Yocaher name, you can see how well this company is doing. More importantly, the products here are quality for players to recommend to novices.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • High Quality
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Wheels are hard


Earthing began in 1998 in Brooklyn, New York, featuring designs for streets, parks, and steep hills. This brand is the go-to source for high-achieving players.

Earthwing is considered the best of the small brands. Since they are not the leading companies, the product can’t be ubiquitous. However, these products are well known in small communities where the average player finds cheap skateboards with affordable quality.


Referring to cheap brands, you must immediately remember Earthwing. The products here are really cheap but the quality surpasses the price. It will be a good choice for newbies and casual-level players.

This brand truly did not disappoint searchers as their longboards were just under 100 degrees. With the slogan “You deserve more than that,” the manufacturer has created great skates for you to try out for long distances.

The products here are quite light because the deck is bamboo, and the truck is aluminum. It can not be as good as other big brands in terms of long-term durability, but initial accessibility is easy. Because it is convenient for beginners and the price is low.

The Osprey Complete Twin Tip Longboard Skateboard is a design with such characteristics. The outer shape is quite simple. The two ends are almost the same as well as allow deep carving to avoid being bitten by the wheel. Moreover, it is also quite convenient to play without distinguishing the ends.

Another design is the Earthwing Skateboards Longboard Deck Payback Lobster made of solid maple with a classic shape. This product is perfect for free-flying maneuvers.

The products here are mostly suitable for beginners or casual players that do not require too difficult techniques. If you’re a newbie who wants to try, you may choose this brand.

Pros & Cons

  • Cheap products
  • Outstanding quality
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Not suitable for difficult characters


Bustin began operations in 2001 with the original purpose of providing skating rinks in New York. Then the founders relied on the need to get over the hills more simply. They have worked hard day and night and succeeded in creating their branded longboards.

The skateboards here are made with high technology with sharp and delicate lines. They offer a wide range of products so you can find just about any skate you want.


In particular, Bustin has a line of electric boards controlled by Samsung batteries. Like traditional skateboards, electric skateboards have a deck made of solid layers of wood, large rubber wheels, and a solid metal truck. 

The highlights here are the use of internal electronics to operate. You can change the external image using the controls. Coface Hybrid V3 is considered the best product representing this line.

After 20 years of operation, Bustin is no longer just a company specializing in providing longboards, but now they provide everything related to this skateboard. Their wheels and trucks are finished products and are worth owning.

You can try the Paris V2 Bustin Matt Black, which is the perfect all-terrain truck. The pure aluminum die-cast base should be a solid block and also quite light to not cause difficulties when moving. 

The shaft is made of steel, so no matter how strong it is, it won’t break. If you want to create flexibility for your old board, you can buy this shaft instead. Your board’ll be as good as new from the store.

Pros & Cons

  • Products that combine high technology
  • Affordable price
  • Good quality
  • Not found


Starting with the Motion Boardshop project with a carbon floor, the people here inspire and motivate to create longboards, wooden boards for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

With constant efforts, the products here are warmly received, leading to the first results. A clear proof of this is that they have moved their workplace from a small space at the back of the Motion Boardshop to a 9000ft wide area. Here, their board production facility began to operate professionally.


The common design feature of this brand is great creativity with youthful and enthusiastic products. Therefore, you will find the latest, most modern products at affordable prices at this brand.

A mid-range brand aimed at people who do not have too much money but still want to own quality long wooden boards. You can choose the Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser, a plank that stands out with lines like a work of art.

The product uses epoxy glue with 8 layers of maple wood, so bumps are not a big concern when you use it. The skateboard uses ABEC 9 bearings, so it moves quite smoothly, perfect for starting skating right away.

These characteristics are also the hallmarks of the Omen brand. Based on this, you can understand why we should choose products from this manufacturer. The quality is extremely great that there is a wide variety to choose from, especially cheap to start practicing.

The first trips will certainly have many stumbles. So if you do damage a board like the Volador 46inch Maple Dancing Longboard, you won’t have any regrets. It’s a nice, smooth board and costs less than $60, so it’s great for beginners.

Pros & Cons

  • Modern products
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Not suitable for players in difficult terrain

FAQs For Best Longboard Brands

What is the number one longboard brand?

When it comes to longboard brands, there isn’t necessarily a clear number one. Different brands excel in different areas and cater to different styles of riding. However, some of the most reputable and well-known longboard brands include Sector 9, Loaded Boards, Landyachtz, and Arbor Collective. These brands have built a strong reputation for producing high-quality longboards that are loved by riders all over the world.

What to look for when buying a longboard skateboard?

When buying a longboard skateboard, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Deck Size and Shape: The size and shape of the deck will determine how the longboard performs. Longer decks provide more stability, while shorter decks offer greater maneuverability. Additionally, the concave shape of the deck can affect how your feet grip the board.
  2. Truck Width: The width of the trucks should match the width of the deck to ensure stability and control. Wider trucks are generally more stable, while narrower trucks are more responsive.
  3. Wheel Size and Durometer: Wheel size and durometer (hardness) play a crucial role in determining how smooth your ride will be. Larger wheels provide more speed and roll over cracks and bumps more easily. Softer wheels offer better grip and a smoother ride, while harder wheels are more durable and slide more easily.
  4. Bearings: Bearings determine how smoothly your wheels spin. Look for high-quality bearings with a high ABEC rating for optimal performance.
  5. Riding Style: Consider your riding style and the terrain you’ll be riding on. Different longboards are designed for cruising, downhill racing, freestyle tricks, or commuting. Choose a board that suits your specific needs.

Why are longboards so expensive?

Longboards can be more expensive than regular skateboards due to their larger size and specialized construction. Quality longboards are often made from premium materials, such as bamboo or maple, which can drive up the cost. Additionally, longboards may have specialized components, such as high-performance trucks and wheels, which can also contribute to the overall price.

Where is longboarding most popular?

Longboarding is popular all around the world, but it has particularly strong followings in certain regions. Some of the most popular destinations for longboarding include California in the United States (specifically, cities like San Diego and Los Angeles), Vancouver in Canada, Barcelona in Spain, and Sydney in Australia.

Why do people buy longboards?

People buy longboards for various reasons. Some ride them for transportation purposes, as they offer a smooth and efficient way to get around town. Others see longboarding as a recreational activity or a way to connect with nature while cruising through scenic areas. Longboarding can also be a competitive sport, with riders participating in downhill races or freestyle competitions.

What is a beginner longboard?

A beginner longboard is a board that is specifically designed for novice riders who are just starting their longboarding journey. These boards typically have a larger deck size for increased stability and wider trucks for better control. Beginner longboards often have softer wheels for a smoother ride and a more forgiving learning experience.

Are Santa Cruz longboards any good?

Santa Cruz is a well-established skateboard brand that also produces longboards. They have a reputation for manufacturing high-quality boards that cater to both beginners and experienced riders. Santa Cruz longboards are known for their durability, performance, and eye-catching designs. Many riders consider Santa Cruz to be a reliable and trusted brand in the longboarding community.

Which type of longboard is easiest to ride?

For beginners, a pintail-shaped longboard is often recommended as it offers stability and ease of control. Pintail boards have a classic surfboard-like shape with a tapered tail and nose. This design allows for smooth turns and prevents wheel bite (when the wheels rub against the deck). Pintail longboards are great for cruising and commuting on flat terrain.

How do I buy my first longboard?

When buying your first longboard, it’s important to consider your riding style, skill level, and personal preferences. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Research: Learn about different types of longboards, their components, and their intended use.
  2. Determine Your Riding Style: Decide whether you’ll be using the board for cruising, freestyle tricks, downhill racing, or commuting.
  3. Visit Local Skate Shops: Visit local skate shops to see different options in person and get expert advice from knowledgeable staff.
  4. Read Reviews: Read customer reviews online to get an idea of the quality and performance of different longboards.
  5. Consider Your Budget: Set a budget that aligns with your needs and expectations.
  6. Try Before You Buy: If possible, test ride different longboards to see which one feels most comfortable and suits your riding style.
  7. Purchase with Confidence: Once you’ve done your research and found the perfect board, make your purchase with confidence.

How can you tell if a skateboard is good quality?

To determine if a skateboard is of good quality, consider the following factors:

  1. Construction Materials: Look for skateboards made from high-quality materials such as maple or bamboo. These materials offer durability and flexibility.
  2. Deck Strength: Check if the deck has multiple layers of wood pressed together, as this indicates better strength and resilience.
  3. Truck Quality: Examine the trucks for solid construction, smooth movement, and high-quality bushings.
  4. Wheel Durability: Inspect the wheels for signs of wear or damage. High-quality wheels should be made from durable materials that can withstand various terrains.
  5. Bearing Performance: Spin the wheels to check if they rotate smoothly. High-quality bearings should provide minimal friction and allow for efficient rolling.
  6. Brand Reputation: Research the brand’s reputation in the skateboarding community and read reviews from other riders.

By considering these factors, you can ensure that you’re purchasing a skateboard of good quality that will provide an enjoyable riding experience.

Are expensive longboards worth it?

Expensive longboards can often be worth the investment if you’re an experienced rider looking for high-performance features or specific design elements. Premium longboards are typically made from top-quality materials and offer superior craftsmanship, resulting in enhanced durability, stability, and overall performance. However, if you’re just starting out or have limited experience, there are plenty of affordable options available that can still provide an enjoyable riding experience.

Are longboards hard to learn?

Learning to ride a longboard can be challenging at first, especially if you’re new to skateboarding or similar sports. However, with practice and dedication, most people can become proficient riders relatively quickly. The learning curve will depend on various factors such as your athletic ability, balance, previous experience with other board sports, and the time you dedicate to practicing your skills.

Are longboards harder to ride?

Compared to traditional skateboards, longboards are generally considered easier to ride due to their larger size and more stable nature. Longboards offer increased stability at higher speeds, making them suitable for cruising longer distances or downhill riding. However, certain styles of riding or advanced tricks may require more skill and practice regardless of the type of board being used.

In conclusion, choosing the right longboard brand and board style is crucial when it comes to finding the perfect ride for your needs. By considering factors such as deck size, truck width, wheel size, riding style, and budget, you can make an informed decision that suits your preferences and skill level. Remember to always prioritize safety by wearing appropriate protective gear when riding your longboard. Happy riding!


Every brand has its own unique approach, resulting in products that bear distinct characteristics. Some establishments opt to offer products of superior craftsmanship at premium prices, while others prioritize eco-friendly boards.

There are also companies going in the direction of popularity with cheap models of average quality. But overall, they all have great and well-loved skates on the market.

It’s hard to choose the best longboard brand if you’re just a viewer. But if you are a player and are looking for a skateboard, you must have selected a brand to accompany you. Please share with us about the longboard you will buy.

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