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How to cut tenons on longboards at home?


Maybe you want a little change to your longboard. Creating tenon on longboards and mounting trucks over them is fun. It will help lower the deck height and increase stability for the longboard. They reduce the distance between the ground and the longboard deck to increase thrust. 

How to cut tenons on longboards at home? We will share with you the simplest steps in this article!

How to cut a tenon on longboards at home?

You can cut a tenon on longboards at home simply with five steps:

  • Locate tenon on the longboard
  • Fixed longboard
  • Cut tenons
  • Remove the excess, shape the tenons
  • Install the truck

There are many different styles of tenons. A longboard with tenon is a drop-through longboard. It has two holes at the ends of the skateboard. 

The builder installs the base plate and truck through that hole. This helps to reduce the height of the longboard. It will also make the long game more stable and save propulsion for the player.

How to cut tenons on longboards at home?

Tenon will help lower the deck height and increase stability for the longboard

There are many types of longboards available in the market with tenons. However, if your longboard doesn’t have previous tenons. You can cut it yourself at home. This job requires meticulousness and patience. Follow the steps below for detailed implementation.


  • Hole saw for tenons
  • Wood drilling machine
  • An angle grinder
  • A file
  • Sandpaper
  • Several drill bits have different small sizes

1. Locate tenon on the longboard

To create the correct tenons on the longboard, you need to determine their exact position. Usually, people put them on the protruding part of the deckhead. You should place it in the center position on top of the deck. 

Longboards with tenon are usually dropping through longboard, drop deck, or double drop longboard. You can see at the protruding ends of the deck; the tenon will be in the center.

Find the right tenons sizes and print them out. You should draw the dimensions of the tenon in advance on the deck surface. This will make the cutting process more precise. You also don’t have to bother attaching the template to the longboard.

How to cut tenons on longboards at home?

To create the correct tenon on the longboard, you need to determine their exact position

You can use many different ways to get a tenon pattern. If you do not want to draw directly on the deck. You can use routing templates or paper templates glued to the deck. As long as, they stay firmly on the deck during the cutting process.

Accurately measure tenon at both ends of the long deck for balance. This alignment is quite important. If there is a difference, it will significantly affect the use of longboards.

Most tenons have guides and center locators available. So you can easily manipulate them.

2. Fixed longboard

After determining the position of the tenon on the longboard, you should fix the longboard. During the drilling and cutting process, there will be many vibrations occurring. Fixing the longboard helps to minimize unnecessary mistakes.

In addition, fixing the deck will keep it safe. It reduces their chances of cracking or breaking when force is applied.

3. Cut tenons

This is the most critical step, you should do it slowly and carefully. You should avoid applying strong force to them. Which can easily cause cracking or breaking the deck.

How to cut tenons on longboards at home?

To drill a hole equal in diameter to the width of the tenons

1. Step

First, use a hole drill to drill a hole equal in diameter to the width of the tenons. Your longboard can have a lot of different layers. It would be best if you worked slowly with each layer from the first to the last. Do not rush, and you may make mistakes.

Use the angle grinder to cut along the lines drawn on the deck. Move it gently and slowly. If cutting near the lines makes you afraid to cut out. Let’s cut the juice inside and do it little by little.

You should cut each layer of the deck to make it easier. The closer you cut to the strokes, the less arduous your future sharpening will be. But an angle grinder works with large capacity and is difficult to control. You can cut inside the pattern line.

How to cut tenons on longboards at home?

You should cut close to the line inside the pattern or cut the inside of the line

Another way is to use a hand saw with a thin and small blade. Pass them through the hole you just made and start sawing slowly along the drawn line. This method takes a lot of time and effort. You also don’t have to edit it much in the future. But it’s the best way to get perfect longboard tenons.

2. Step

You should cut close to the line inside the pattern or cut the inside of the line. Do not cut over tenons pattern strokes. It will affect the size of the tenons.

A steady hand and high concentration will help you cut tenons more perfectly. If you feel like you can’t concentrate and do it. You can ask someone with a steady hand. The vibration of a drill or angle grinder is actually quite challenging to control.

4. Remove the excess, shape the tenons

After removing most of the material, you can use a file to remove excess material. It would help if you were patient and slowly wear away the excess. Too much force can easily lead to wrong strokes. This step will be quite time-consuming if there is a lot of leftover material.

How to cut tenons on longboards at home?

Use a file to remove excess material

After removing all the excess material, use sandpaper to make the cut surface of the tenons smoother.

Do the same cut of tenons with the top of the rest of the deck. Note that you must align the exact positions of both tenons with each other.

5. Install the truck

After completing the perfect tenons. You can proceed to add truck holes to your deck. A standard truck hole drill will have a 3/16 bit size. However, you can also increase the size a bit. It makes the bolt through easier.

Then proceed to install the truck and base plate into the deck via tenons. After completing the screws and screws. You can use your longboard.

The pros and cons that tenons make for longboard

There are many types of skateboards available today. The tenon on a longboard is a prime example. That has a special structure to create outstanding advantages. The appearance of tenons helps to reduce the center of gravity of the deck lower, thereby making many changes.

How to cut tenons on longboards at home?

The tenon on longboards are special structure to create outstanding advantages

Pros of tenons make for longboard

  • The tenon on the deck help reduces the center of gravity of the long game. This helps the longboard to be more stable when moving at high speed. It also reduces stress on the driver, helping them to move more efficiently and comfortably.
  • Easily control the thrust speed and thrust according to your requirements. Because the deck is close to the ground, it is easier for us to push or a brake.
  • Tenons will be the connection point between the truck and the base plate, so the longboard has great flexibility. Suitable for most long skate techniques.
  • Perfect for racers and high-speed cruising style skaters.
  • Create unique texture, attract longboard lovers.

Cons of tenons make for longboard

Besides the advantages, tenons also bring disadvantages to longboards.

  • Due to the flexible alignment of the trucks through the tenons, they have very little grip on the road when we corner.
  • Can’t make many quick turns due to the low longboard deck close to the ground.
  • Unstable on various rough surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a router to cut a tenon on longboards?

Yes! It is a good tool for cutting tenons on longboards. You do not need to use many other tools such as a hole drill or a sander.

It has a very influential effect. You need to pinpoint the exact position of the tenons and start cutting. The steps are similar to our previous method.

If you can’t cut through layers of longboard deck in one go. Let’s do this with each layer in turn.

We did not mention this machine in the article because not every family has a router.

2. Am I required to sand the cross-section of the tenons?

Are not! You don’t need sanding if you don’t want to. Just filing is enough to get your tenons working properly. 

However, sanding will make the cut smoother and more beautiful. Depending on the size of the tenons and trucks, you may not be able to cover the cross-section completely. It will make your longboard worse to look at.

3. What do I have to do to fix the tenons pattern on the longboard deck?

This is very simple! If you do not draw directly on the deck longboard but want to attach the templates.

With paper tenons, you can use glue or tape to secure them. Please make sure they are firm and cannot move them.

With tenons with thin pieces of wood or hard plastic, you can fix them with screws. Don’t worry about leaving screw holes. Please drill the screw holes to install the truck first. Use those holes to screw the template on the deck. Once done, remove them and you can still use them.

See more:

Cutting tenon on a longboard is not an easy job. You need to locate carefully and meticulously carry out the work. Many types of longboard have tenons available with purchase. 

But if you want to add tenons to your skateboard at home, you can also make your own. We have shared with you how to cut tenons on longboards. Hopefully, you can renovate your longboard successfully!



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