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Can You Choose Skateboard Wheels Tight Or Loose When Skateboarding?


What do you think is the most important part of a skateboard? The wheel is the problem that everyone needs to pay attention to. You should pay attention to skateboard wheels tight or loose. In this article, Skateboard Cast will help you answer all your questions!

Tight Wheels Overview

 Skateboard Wheels Tight Or Loose


  • The tight wheel is usually for beginners to skateboarding. 
  • It helps the first steps become more mature. 
  • You will handle many situations when tightening. 
  • The control of all postures also becomes better. When you do the tricks it is also more flexible and easier. 


  • When making the wheel tight, it will be difficult for you to perform the turning steps. 
  • Going through the alleys is also very difficult.

Loose Wheels Overview


  • Using the loosening wheel, anyone can fulfill their passion. 
  • You can wriggle through every nook and cranny with ease.
  • People also have no trouble using the tricks. Every operation becomes very professional. 


  • If you are just starting to skate, you should not choose these wheels. 
  • Loose wheels can cause you to get injured because of their very fast movement speed.  

Can You Choose Skateboard Wheels Tight Or Loose? 

A lot of people expect answers on this matter. You will not get an affirmative answer. Because the wheels are loose or tight depends on the wishes of each person. 

You can choose to loosen the wheels when you want to do a lot of rotation. If you are new to skateboarding, you should choose to tighten the wheel. 

When Should You Use A Tight Wheel?
 Skateboard Wheels Tight Or Loose

The timing of using a tight wheel depends largely on speed. If you want fast movement speed, you should not use it. Because people often tighten the wheel to reduce speed.

Tight wheels help you avoid injuries and risky situations. Skateboarders who are afraid of not controlling the speed also choose to tighten. As introduced it is for beginners. When encountering steep, bumpy, dangerous roads, consider tightening the wheels.

If you do not have experience playing it will be very dangerous. When you play with friends there are often a lot of collisions. It will be like a break when you want to stop suddenly. Using a loose wheel will affect the body. Many painful falls occur frequently.

You should also rethink your skateboarding skills. You have mastered all operations, not afraid of anything. Then do not choose the tightening wheel.

In terms of appearance, they are more fashionable than loose wheel. When injured people will recover sooner because it does not have a strong effect. You just need to consider your own needs before choosing to tighten the wheel!

When Should You Use Loose Wheels?

You can see the loose wheel filling as opposed to the tight wheels. These two types correct for each other’s disadvantages. The advantages of the tight wheel will be the disadvantage of the loose wheel and vice versa.

In any moving situation, the loose wheel will not be a hindrance. The ability to overcome obstacles is also easier. 

Professional skaters will choose the loose wheel. Rubbing it helps them meet their passion. It helps to deliver eye-catching performances. People often loosen their wheels to overcome obstacles. This tight wheel will not be able to pass.

You need to consider that loose wheels do not help you land on the starting line. But it will be a bit off track. Not everyone can control the loose wheel well.

Only professionals take the initiative to do well when stopping. You should be extra careful when using the loosening wheel. Choose favorable positions when skateboarding. 

Is Tight Or Loose Wheels The Perfect Choice?

As mentioned, it is not possible to recommend that people choose to lean towards a tight or loose wheel. But they can completely support each other.

In the first stage, when you are new to skating. You choose the tightening wheel to practice. This is the foundation for having the basics in skateboarding.

The tightness or looseness of the wheels has a lot of influence on the skateboarding process. You can shape any direction, overcome any barrier thanks to it.

After a while, when you’ve mastered it, loosen it up a bit. When you want to be a professional skater, relax to the right level.

Everyone loves to play with loose wheels. Because it brings many benefits. It helps you create many beautiful moving situations.

Practice regularly from basic steps to advanced difficulty. Once you’ve reached the pro level, you can loosen the wheel to play.

When you play with the wheel loose, you will feel very excited. Everyone who has reached this level does not need a tight wheel. 

     You choose the tightening wheel to practice

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I tighten the skateboard wheel myself?

Yes, you can. You can use some necessary tools to tighten. Specifically, you can also use a wrench to work.

2. What to do when the skateboard wheel is too tight?

If you feel it is too tight, loosen it. The procedure is the same as when tightening. You should use a wrench to remove and loosen the wheel.

3. Should new skaters loosen the wheel?

The answer is it shouldn’t. Because it is very dangerous. Skateboard beginners can’t control the movement speed. But the loose wheel moves very fast. They do not control in time, causing injury. If you are new to this game, choose the tight wheel.

4. Should you screw the wheel too tight or too loose?

You shouldn’t do that. Everything should have a degree of conformity. If it is too twisted, it will be difficult to move.

5. When performing tricks in skateboarding, should you choose a tight or loose wheel?

People often choose the loose wheel to do the trick. Because it is very easy to move. Loose wheels can thread through every nook and cranny of obstacles.

Choose the most suitable wheel

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The information shared above helps you have a lot of knowledge about tension and loose skateboard wheels. If you want to become a professional skater, don’t miss it.

Choose the right wheels for you right now!



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