Positive And Negative Effects Of Skateboarding

Are you hesitant about taking up skateboarding? Well then, it is advisable to evaluate the positive and negative effects of skateboarding. From that, you can figure out whether this sport is for you or not.

The article below will cover the most common benefits and downsides of skateboarding as well as a general analysis for each of them. Let’s dive right in!

Positive And Negative Effects Of Skateboarding

In order to decide if you are cut out for skateboarding, here are the benefits and drawbacks of skateboarding. There is a thorough explanation behind the reason that you can learn more about this sport.

Upsides Of Skateboarding

To begin with skateboarding’s positive impacts. This challenging sport not only brings about advantages in physical health but financially benefits skaters as well.

Skateboarding Is A Relatively Inexpensive Activity

The very first benefit of skateboarding is that it is a relatively inexpensive activity. Yes, you will need a board and some protective gear, but those items are not too costly. Plus, you do not have to purchase superior equipment right away. 

Spending too much money on a whole kit is not a good idea. You can easily borrow several items from a friend to see if skateboarding is right for you.

As you can see, skateboarding becomes a hobby for the wider public due to its affordability.

It Improves Your Coordination Abilities

With regular skateboarding practice, you stand a good chance of improving your general coordination abilities. Since the board is unsteady, you will need to practice coordinating and balancing to enhance your skateboarding skills.

Coordination is the key to mastering any skateboarding tricks. So only when you succeed in coordinating will you be able to perform the tricks and flips successfully.

Skateboarding Helps Boosting Your Self-Confidence

Another noticeable benefit of skateboarding is that it can help you gain a lot of confidence. Gradually, you will recognize some improvement and realize that you are capable of achieving your goals.

This will boost your self-esteem even more, which will benefit you in many areas of your life in the long term because confidence is one of the key factors that lead to success.

Skateboarding Is Regarded As A Cool Activity

In addition, skateboarding is thought to be quite fashionable among teenagers. Whether you are not the most popular student in your class or perhaps experience bullying, learning to skate may be able to help you gain popularity. 

For adults, riding with a skateboard may make you feel more energetic. With the positive vibe spreading, people around you can have a more affectionate look towards you.

You Can Befriend With Like-Minded Individuals

If you go skateboarding regularly, you can easily meet people that have common interests with you. In fact, many people consider skateboarding a part of their lifestyle.

Therefore, you can befriend skateboarders whose attitudes and thoughts are the same as yours. Thanks to this sport, you can make affable friendships with them.

You Become More Courageous

If you practice skating for a long time, you will have the opportunity to try a variety of different challenges. For example, you can try skating on bigger and rougher roads or doing flips.

However, riding on a large ramp requires courage because it may be extremely daunting. In this situation, you need to step out of your comfort zone.

Once you have accomplished that, you will realize that you can gain remarkable achievements if you put in the effort. Those invaluable experiences will considerably increase your bravery.

You Always Have The Chance To Improve

Negative Effects Of Skateboarding

Skateboarding has the advantage of never requiring you to stop learning. You can go on improving your tricks since there will always be tricks you have not yet mastered. Many say that skating will never become monotonous because there will always be new challenges to face.

Skateboarding Helps You Stay In Shape

In terms of physical health, skateboarding is a suitable exercise to get lean. In recent years, not only children but also adults do not have the habit of doing daily exercise. The sedentary lifestyle makes us so fatigued that we rather lie on the sofa than play a sport. However, this habit is detrimental because we as humans require a certain amount of exercise.

So instead of wasting your chill evening in front of the screen, head to the park for a skate and stretch your arms and legs. Have some fresh air and ride through the greenery, isn’t that great?

Skateboarding Can Relieve Your Stress And Strain

Skating can greatly reduce our anxiety because it involves a lot of physical activity. Most employees nowadays must balance dealing with their stressful workload while also looking after their energetic children.

After a while, all of this will negatively affect their mentality. Excessive pressure can, in turn, cause common mental health problems.

Skateboarding is a great way to stay away from those problems. A ride through the town can make you much more relieved afterward.

You Can Take Part In Professional Contests

Negative Effects Of Skateboarding

You will be able to compete in skateboarding tournaments if you have reached an experienced level. People mostly desire to compete with the top skateboarders at some point, and these tournaments are a great way to meet and learn from talented skateboarding athletes.

Experienced Skateboarders Can Make Money

Last but not least, if you are extremely excellent at skateboarding, you can even make a living. Being a well-known sportsman is a desirable job that many people dream of.

You can increase your income by winning championships, appearing in sports magazines, taking photoshoots for brand-name athletic companies. However, getting outstanding at something is extremely difficult, and there are likely to be many others who share your ambition.

Unless you are gifted at skating, you cannot rise to stardom within a few days of practicing. Thus, make sure you have detailed plans with various back-ups in case you do not make enough money from your skateboarding profession.

Downsides Of Skateboarding

Albeit the significant benefits of skateboarding, this sport has some certain disadvantages.

Skateboarding Is Not That Easy

First of all, skateboarding is a challenging sport. Many people find it is not a piece of cake as they expected.

In fact, learning to stabilize yourself on a skateboard requires a lot of effort, and you are likely to fall off the board from time to time in the beginning. Therefore, ensure that you are wearing protective gear while practicing skateboarding.

Riding Skateboard Can Be Tiring

Although skateboarders look quite cool, skateboarding can be a physically demanding activity, especially for newbies whose muscles have not yet been familiar with the complicated movements required for skating. In the beginning, you will frequently suffer from substantial muscle spasms.

Skateboarding can also be rather tiring if you want to level up and become a professional rider. Being a professional athlete requires steeling your body to compete in higher-level competitions.

You Can Easily Lose Your Temper

Skateboarding probably confuses many people, especially when they first start out. Since this sport is difficult to learn and people fall off the board frequently, many people are likely to become dissatisfied with it because they do not see any progress.

That said, if you have a short fuse, skating may not be the best option for you, and you can consider other interests instead.

Skateboarding Is Not A Team Sport

Another drawback of this sport is that it is not a team sport. Even while you will meet some fellows over time, you will not have the same sense of community as you would on a sports team where everyone has a role to play in order for the team to win.

Negative Effects Of Skateboarding

Skateboarding, on the other hand, is generally done alone. You have little chance to learn how to work as part of a team. However, teamwork is one of the essential social skills in many aspects of our lives, so failing to learn it can lead to major problems in the future.

There Are Few Available Skating Parks

Not every city has a skating park since skating is not a popular activity in many nations. If you live in such places, especially in rural areas, you will have certain difficulties finding a skatepark near your home. 

Getting Injuries Is Inevitable

Even if you wear protective gear or go skating on a daily basis, you are still likely to get injured sooner or later. Skateboarding is not a safe activity,  especially if you skate on large rough roads.

There is a likelihood that you will fall off at some point. Unless you wear enough protection, such as a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads, those trippings may lead to head concussion or even brain damage.

Negative Effects Of Skateboarding

Even well-experienced skaters have accidents throughout their career, amateur skateboarders are more likely to be involved in unexpected collisions due to the lack of experience.

Take Ben Schroeder, one of the most renowned skateboarders with an impressive height of 6’66’’, as an example. In 2011, he had to end his career because of a serious tibia injury when he collided with a car.

Therefore, if you still want to skate, ride with cautiousness. Keep in mind that you must be well-prepared and willing to experience several bruises and lumps before choosing this sport.

It Takes A Lot Of Time To Master

If you truly want to improve your skateboarding skills, you must make every effort. No matter how gifted you are, you need to practice as much regularly as possible because other individuals who work harder than you will eventually surpass you.

If you dream of being a professional skateboarder, it is very important that you practice for significant periods of time every week.

It Is Not A Highly-Remunerative Job

Compared to experts in other sports, professional skateboarders are not highly paid. Most professional skateboarders have to get a second job to meet their needs. So if money is what you aim at, you should consider pursuing other sports instead.

Not Many People Pursue It

Since skateboarding is such a difficult sport to master, many people are prone to giving up. It will take some time and effort to learn the fundamental abilities.

If you are easily discouraged, you may give up before making any significant progress. Hence, if you decide to attempt skating, continue with it for a long time, even if you do not see any benefits right away.

The Feelings Of Skateboarding Might Not Be Enjoyable

Many people dislike the wobbly experience they get when riding a skateboard. Some people may even become ill when standing on the board because their bodies are unable to cope with this unprecedented feeling. So if you are unable to manage the pressure on the board, you should consider switching to another hobby.


Advantages Disadvantages
Skateboarding is a relatively inexpensive activity Skateboarding is not that easy
It improves your coordination abilities Riding skateboard can be tiring
Skateboarding helps to boost your self-confidence You can easily lose your temper
Skateboarding is regarded as a cool activity Skateboarding is not a team sport
You can befriend like-minded individuals There are few available skating parks
You become more courageous Getting injuries is inevitable
You always have the chance to improve It takes a lot of time to master
Skateboarding helps you stay in shape It is not a highly remunerative job
Skateboarding can relieve your stress and strain Not many people pursue it
You can take part in professional contests The feelings of skateboarding might not be enjoyable
Experienced skateboarders can make money
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Final Words

Hopefully, this article has given you a general list of the merits and negative effects of skateboarding. Now, the biggest question is: “Should you try skateboarding?” The answer totally depends on you.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages thoroughly to make a clever decision. If you are not cut out for skating, you can try other sports instead. If skating fits you, then quickly buy a skateboard and begin your fascinating journey. Share with us your opinion about this challenging sport.


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