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How Many Calories Does Longboarding Burn?


Excess calories in the body are a concern of many people. They hope to burn them off with exercise. But it seems that the old sports lessons are too dull. A lot of people decide to go longboarding to burn calories. 

However, how many calories does longboarding burn? Read Skateboard Cast’s comments below for answers!

How Many Calories Does Longboarding Burn?

Longboard will burn an average of 5 to 7 calories per minute and the equivalent of 300 to 400 calories per hour.

However, this quantity can vary depending upon the type of board and the intensity of your longboard. Bodyweight is also an essential factor.

Each person will have different body weight, length, intensity, and length of a longboard. It is these various factors that make it more challenging to determine the exact amount of calories.

However, the answer is longboard can effectively burn calories in your body. You can even lose weight if you persevere in daily longboarding.

Longboard can effectively burn calories in your body

According to a Harvard University study, a longboard helps people weighing between 125 and 185 pounds burn 300 – 400 calories. It’s even more efficient than cycling.

We can see that the duration and intensity of the activity have a significant effect on the number of calories burned.

When you skate continuously for an hour, the calories burned will be more than when you have a break. The equivalent of that is that the longer you longboard, the more calories you burn.

The type of longboard will also affect calorie burning. It means that with longer boards, you will have to use more force to create thrust. From there, you expend a lot of energy and burn calories in the body.

If you want to burn more calories, you can increase the intensity and duration of skating. You can lose several thousand calories per day.

Why Can Longboard Burn Calories?

If you’re wondering why longboard burns calories, the following analysis will make it clear.

Longboarding is a Sport

Many people see longboard as relaxing and having fun, but longboard can do much more in reality. It is a genuine sport.

A longboard is like other sports like skating, surfing

A longboard is like other sports like skating, surfing, or cycling. Its participants also have to work the muscles and practice to get better skills.

It also expands a lot of the player’s energy and burns their calories.

Muscles Work A Lot When Longboarding 

To longboard, players need to have technique and use a lot of strength. Legs will work a lot when creating thrusts for the longboard to move. Several other types of muscles work, like shoulder muscles, arm muscles, back muscles, etc.

The muscles must work continuously while you are longboarding. They will expend energy and burn unnecessary calories. You can see this when the muscles in your legs and back get tired after a long time of longboarding.

It’s confusing that when you go longboarding with the wrong technique or lack of skill, the calories burned will increase. In return, you will suffer from painful cramps in your feet.

Our best advice is that you should still do the exercises gently and gradually increase them.

Use A Lot Of Strength For Longboarding

Your strength is directly related to the number of calories in your body. When you expend energy, the calories in your body are also burning.

The faster the longboard speed, the more calories you will burn

As you know, you have to constantly use your feet to push them away for the longboard to move. Doing this takes a lot of effort when creating thrusts in the legs.

The longer and wider the board, the more thrust you put out. Continuous use of strength to maintain the speed of the longboard will help you burn calories in your body.

The bigger the longboard and the faster the longboard speed, the more calories you will burn. While they can be very effective for weight loss, I don’t recommend doing so often.

It would help if you didn’t expend too much energy over a long period. The trick is that you should stop when you feel tired and start again when your body is better.

Can Longboarding Help You Lose Weight?

You can lose weight if you go longboarding regularly or every day. Calories are the amount of fat stored for energy in the body. They are the beginning of fat, so when you burn calories, you will also burn fat.

Longboarding can burn an average of 300 to 400 calories in an hour make excess fat disappear. If you persist in exercising for a long time, you can lose weight. Perhaps the weight loss effect is better than what we listed.

Longboarding is also quite interesting. If you feel bored with the exercises at the gym, this is not the wrong choice. Although the muscles will appear sore at first, they will quickly get used to the regular activity.

Not only good weight loss, but longboarding also has many other benefits that are good for the human body.

What Benefits Can Longboarding Bring?

Many people play longboarding because they are interested in it. Maybe it’s because it’s like surfing that they don’t get the chance to go to the sea. However, long-winding can bring many good benefits to the human body.

Longboarding Burns Calories

As mentioned above, longboarding burns calories and helps the body get rid of excess fat. After a long period of regular longboarding, you can lose weight. It enables you to reduce extra calories in the body and avoid obesity.

Longboarding Strengthens Muscles

When you longboard, there are a lot of muscles in your body that have to work. The longer you longboard, the more muscles have to work.

The muscles in the legs will have to work at the highest intensity. Several other muscles work as hip, back, and abdominal muscles. Even the muscles in your arms and shoulders work as you perform the tricks.

After a long time of longboarding, these muscles also become toned and more muscular. They work flexibly and help you do a lot of heavy lifting.

Increase Body Strength and Health

It is quite surprising that long-winding can improve your heart condition. It is a great cardio workout.

Both the heart and lungs of longboarding work better and more stably

According to research, both the heart and lungs of longboarding work better and more stably. It also helps to increase the body’s endurance when increasing the duration of longboarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does longboarding work on abs?

Yes! Longboarding works on your abs and helps your abs to be firmer.

It is necessary to stop and sit up when longboarding slightly. Players need to do this to keep their balance. It is this position that helps the abdominal muscles work and become firmer.

2. Does long-distance skateboarding burn more calories than skateboarding?

Yes! Long-distance skateboarding will burn more calories than skateboarding. Because skateboards are smaller in size than longboards, the energy required to operate them is also less.

When you do not expend a lot of energy, the number of calories burned will also decrease.

3. Can I longboarding practice increase body flexibility?

Dances often accompany longboards. Thanks to the relatively wide surface structure, you can see the ability to move on it.

When you practice longboard dances, you can increase your body’s flexibility. You can even do some complex bending techniques.

In addition, you also learn the ability to keep a perfect balance.

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Through the information that Skateboard Cast shared above, you can see that longboarding burns calories very well. Longboarding burns more calories than cycling. If you are attending to lose weight or lose excess calories, try longboarding now!

Thanks for reading!

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