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Do you enjoy going skateboarding? What is the best brand, and what is the finest skateboard? You can learn about several popular skateboards manufactured with high-quality materials from these Krown Skateboard Reviews.

It is pretty usual to purchase a skateboard from a Krown shop or website. However, before purchasing, it is recommended that you read the reviews, verify the product, and decide. Let’s get started!

Krown Skateboard Review and Overview 

“Perfect for a rookie. My 8-year-old daughter loved it. What a great skateboard battle…….”

Product highlights:

  • Canadian Maple construction
  • 7.5-Inch x 31-Inch deck
  • 52mm urethane Krown graphic wheels
  • 5.0-inch aluminum trucks
  • Black grip tape

The Krown Rookie Skateboard comes with several unique features and improvements. Its appealing appearance, as well as the comfortable and relaxing ride it provides at the skateboard park, will provide you with a unique experience. 

It comes entirely built, so you may ride right away after opening the box. The highest quality trucks, decks, bearings, and wheels set it apart, and every piece of machinery is of the highest quality and durability, as may be unavoidable. 

This brand is demonstrated by its 20 years of manufacturing experience and ability to produce high-quality skates on a budget. It’s also fantastic to hear that skateboarding offers certain health advantages.

You will make the right option if you have opted to get a Krown rookie skateboard. Read the entire post if you would like to learn more about it. We’ll go through all of its features one by one. Then, let’s find out what’s next.


When you’re out skating on a skateboard, the layout may not make you feel pleased. In that regard, this board has distinctively saturated the skateboard industry for a long time, thanks to its original design. 

They come with a variety of color stickers, making them even more appealing. In addition, this has a length of 31.5 inches and 7.5 inches, making it ideal for beginners. 

There are numerous designs on this Krown Rookie Complete. You are free to select any of your options. This beautiful it with various patterns will surely provide you with a fantastic ride.

You may even execute some incredible tricks with this product, thanks to its design!


Krown Skateboard Review

This deck is composed of Canadian maple wood. This material is more resilient than others and has a lovely appearance. Its concave form is enjoyable to ride on and aids in quickly mastering skateboarding techniques. 

It is incredibly light and straightforward to carry, weighing only 4.8 pounds. You may transport it when stopping at a coffee house, or other rest stops along the way. 

Another positive feature is the black grip tape of the most OK deck, which aids in body balance while skating at a quicker speed. The grip is composed of high-quality material to keep your body balanced when riding.

It would be best if you were sure of the deck’s quality before purchasing full boards. Skateboards with low-quality decks are never going to be the perfect ones. It has a load capacity of around 220 pounds and is suited for both beginner and experienced users.


The best truck you’ve bought has to be of the same high quality since it’s reliant on the motion of your board’s wheels and the numerous required turns. Those vehicles can provide you with long-term service provided they are of high quality. 

From that perspective, you can be confident that this product will function similarly to your thinking. It would be best if you tightened the vehicles following the rules and your requirements. 

It has a 5-inch truck length, the optimum ratio for a 6.5-inch broad. Because these trucks are composed of metal, these complete skates endure a long time.

It will never shatter or scrape when rubbed against the edges of sidewalks or the skate park since it is made of metal.

Wheels and Bearings

Krown Skateboard Review

Wheels And Bearings

The Krown Rookie skateboard’s wheels are 52mm wide and soft, making your skating more pleasurable. While skating on bumpy or smooth streets, you can adjust the wheels as necessary. 

They were made more appealing by the stunning graphical pattern on the wheels. It also has fully advanced bearings. As a result, it received a five-star rating from ABEC. 

This board will be a long-term friend for everyone, whether novice or seasoned. You can, however, change the bearings after quite a set amount of time to maintain the performance.


This medium-sized product is light in weight. It’s what you’d call a typical product. However, it is lightweight and portable. For novices, this product is the best option. 

Grip Tape

The black grip tape wrapping on this deck wolf keeps your body in balance. This feature will prevent you from slipping and falling while riding.  

Since the legs are locked in the grip, you can fully control them. However, some customers have reported that the grip is easily broken.

Likes & Dislikes Of The Krown

Krown Skateboard Review

Pros And Cons

Although this Krown brand is a perfect choice for most skateboarders, there are a few disadvantages that some may not like.

Pros & Cons

What I Like About It
  • Robust deck
  • Steady and comfortable riding experience
  • Affordable price tag
  • Lightweight and simple to carry
What I Did Not Like
  • Not ideal for advanced skaters
  • The wheels and bearings aren’t up to standard

General User Experience

Many customers said that this Krown brand is unquestionably a fantastic product for a low budget. Even though it has numerous flaws, they cannot ask for more on a tight budget. Therefore, beginners also favor this one.  

They can customize it to make it become a pretty great product. Everything is good. However, the style with animal graphics did not appeal to some retro users. 


We have covered all of the features of this product for your convenience. Its sophisticated equipment is one of the reasons for its popularity.

At the very moment, you’ll be able to determine which type is best for you. Indeed, these Krown skateboard review will assist you in making the best selection possible when purchasing a skateboard.

Thanks for reading!

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